LCS EU |Season 4| 2014 – Week 9 Preview

The Superweek has been one of the best week is the start of the Spring Split. Upsets and comebacks were rampant during that week that the teams at bottom are slowly making their way up. One of the most improved teams of them all is Alliance. Everyone began doubting their ability to win games as the weeks came but after the Superweek, they have proven to all of us that they do have what it takes to be at the top with their solid win streak. Alliance topped off a great week by landing on the fourth spot and breezed through ahead of the Copenhagen Wolves, Fnatic, and Supa Hot Crew. With only a few more weeks to come before the Spring Playoff and Promotions and the LoL All-Stars 2014 in Paris, all teams will begin to feel the pressure now that Millenium, Gambit Gaming, and Fnatic have come back from their amazing games from IEM Katowice. Welcome to the LCS EU Week 9!

LCS EU Season 4 Week 9 Facts

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Schedule and Odds – EU Week 9*

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Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 9 Day 1

GMB vs ALL (March 20th –  10:00 PST/ 19:00 CET)

After their amazing games in IEM Katowice against some of the best teams around the world, Gambit will look for blood once they get back to the EU LCS. Gambit will surely want to get back to being in top shape after their battle against KT Bullets who have been one of their most difficult match ups. But, the thing about it is that they will be facing one of the resurging teams in the LCS as well that are also top caliber. Alliance have been on a roll lately and it will be a great hindrance to Gambit if Alliance plays at their best. It will all be based on what the games in Katowice has done to Gambit's morale. If they took the games hard, they will have to find it within themselves to move on from the loss and start a new leaf. If not, they will be stuck in a rut and potentially end up on a losing streak.

Prediction: If Gambit can learn something from their previous games, they most likely be able to bounce back from their defeat against KT Bullets.

SHC vs MIL (March 20th –  11:00 PST/ 20:00 CET)

Another team to have suffered from bouts of defeat from the previous tournament is Millenium. Millenium have suffered a lot from the EU LCS and continued during the IEM tournament in Katowice. They will have an even steeper mountain to climb than Gambit since they are currently sitting at the bottom of the standings and there are only a couple more weeks to go before the Playoffs. If Millenium keep on losing, they will surely be relegated and would have to face some of the new and upcoming faces in the LCS.

Prediction: Millenium will more likely self-destruct after that heavy loss in Katowice.

TOP Game of Day 1

LCS EU Team RoccatLCS EU Team FnaticROC vs FNC 

(March 20th –  12:00 PST/ 21:00 CET)

Fnatic's fate in the LCS will rely heavily if they win the tournament in Katowice. Whether they win or not, Fnatic will most likely have a resurgence to their former glory especially during the start of the EU LCS Spring Split. Fnatic will also have the most problematic match up of them all when they get back to the LCS. They will be facing former frontrunner Roccat. But with their recent outing in Katowice, Fnatic has been doing great with their matchups against most of the top teams from around the world.

Roccat on the other hand has taken a full week to analyze their mistakes from Superweek and aim to resolve their issues inside the game. If they are able to do that, Fnatic will have a tougher match to beat. Roccat will also be able to analyze their gameplay from Katowice as well meaning they are able to read Fnatic's strategy if they ever want to pull a similar one. If Roccat fails to read through Fnatic's strategy then they will have a hard time with this matchup.

Prediction: Overall, Fnatic will have everything to gain if they win this match and a lot more if they lose. However, Roccat will only gain a bit if they win this match and a lot if they lose.

CW vs SK (March 20th –  13:00 PST/ 22:00 CET)

SK Gaming have dominated the charts for the last two weeks and now they are seeking to get the top spot before the end of the split. They have what it takes to be the top EU team with their powerful performance but will they fall victim of the curse? There has been a pattern with the team that takes the top spot will slowly get themselves into a losing streak. It has happened to Fnatic after gaining the momentum but entirely lost it in the second half of the split. Roccat also fell victim to such curse when they got the top spot as well. Now, Gambit has grabbed the prized position but end up with no luck during their matches in Katowice. SK will most likely get the top spot and it will be up to them to prove to everyone that there is no such thing as a curse.

Prediction: SK Gaming looks more solid than the Wolves.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 9 Day 2

GMB vs MIL (March 21st –  10:00 PST/ 19:00 CET)

Both teams have been in the IEM tournament in Katowice. While Gambit Gaming have had a slight success in the tournament with them reaching the semifinal round, Millenium continued their slump after getting beaten by different teams in both brackets. This time, Millenium returns to the LCS stage somehow with a fresh perspective on how to play the game. Gambit will also do the same with that devastating loss against KT Bullets. Now, Gambit aims to refresh their status as the best European team in the LCS.

Prediction: Gambit retains the top spot with their second win of the week.

TOP Game of Day 2

LCS EU Team RoccatLCS EU Team SK GamingROC vs. SK 

(March 21st –  11:00 PST/ 20:00 CET)

SK Gaming is currently at their topmost potential after getting the second place right after Gambit Gaming. CandyPanda and fredy122 has been on a roll with their positions in the game with CandyPanda dishing out the damage needed for the carry with impeccable positioning skills. CandyPanda has risen to the third place with a KDA of 4.8 per game and he also previously held the position of having the top gold earner per game with 392 gold per minute as well as having a record of 16k gold per game. nRated has always been one of the top tier support in Europe with his great initiates with Leona and Annie. This allows him to get a total of 143 assists so far this split. If SK continues to ride their momentum, it will be only a matter of time before they will represent Europe in the All-stars tournament by the end of the split.

Roccat on the other hand have taken the top spot only to fall back to the third position during the Superweek with a record of 11-9. They are currently in trouble with their standings as three teams are on their way up to surpass their record namely Alliance, Copenhagen Wolves, and Fnatic. Roccat still holds good stats with their great outing during the second week of the LCS. During the third week, they fell to a slump but regained momentum by the fourth and fifth week. The Superweek gave them a bit of a headsup to get back to their original form when they ended up having only one win and three losses. Overpow needs to find a more suitable champion for him now that his Ziggs and Kayle have found a hard counter in lane. Meanwhile, Celaver and VandeR can continue to dominate the bottom lane with their carry and support. If VandeR gets hold of a Morgana or Thresh then they can instantly have a boost of confidence knowing that when VandeR has the top two supports of the current meta which is also what VandeR is known for.

Prediction: SK Gaming continues to wow the audience with a strong performance.

ALL vs SHC (March 21st –  12:00 PST/ 21:00 CET)

The tale of two teams. Alliance found their footing during the Superweek and aims to continue their momentum come week 9 of the EU LCS. Meanwhile, Supa Hot Crew is currently down on their luck after losing all four games during the Superweek. It will be a rough ride for them if they want to avoid relegation. From here on out, Supa Hot Crew needs to win every match but it will be very difficult knowing that Alliance is currently in their A game.

Prediction: A difficult match for the Crew with Alliance taking the game.

FNC vs CW (March 21st –  13:00 PST/ 22:00 CET)

The last game of the week before the standings change once more, Fnatic will face off against the Copenhagen Wolves who are also tied in the fourth place with 10 wins and 10 losses. This will be the game that will define the standings for this week as Fnatic aims to win everything from here on out if they do not want to face relegation for the first time ever. The Wolves on the other hand will also want to win this match to prove their worth in the LCS. So far, the Wolves have far more luck with winning than Fnatic but if Fnatic continues to play like they do on IEM Katowice then the Wolves should tremble.

Prediction: Fnatic gets their much-needed win this time.

Standings EU (before week 9)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Gambit Gaming 20 12 8
2 SK Gaming 20 12 8
3 ROCCAT 20 11 9
4 Alliance 20 10 10
5 Copenhagen Wolves 20 10 10
6 Fnatic 20 10 10
7 Supa Hot Crew 20 8 12
8 Millenium 20 7 13

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