LCS EU |Season 4| 2014 – Week 5 Preview

Week 4 of the European LCS was a rollercoaster of surprises for most of the teams. Top teams such as Fnatic surprised the crowd with a surrender while Alliance dominated their games for this week. The top game of the week came from Roccat and Fnatic as they once again face each other off in the Rift. This time though, Roccat came prepared and with last week's preview Roccat was able to learn from their previous encounter and decided to put their strategy to the test. Their strategy paid off and they were able to dominate the game. Meanwhile, Gambit Gaming has had an interesting lineup with their midlaner Alex Ich playing as Lulu. The supposed support champion was played to perfection in his match against SK Gaming but was decent during their other match. The Glitterlance snipes against Kayle during their matchup against SK was played to perfection.

LCS EU Season 4 Week 5 Facts

  • 02/13 – 02/14 2014
  • Earlier start time on Friday!!!
  • 8 Matches
  • Live stream for all matches
  • Betting Odds for all matches available
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In fact, the teams have stepped up and now there are 3 teams vying for the top spot and another set of teams vying for the fourth spot. This makes the competition in the EU LCS even more dynamic and unpredictable as the teams are slowly learning with what works against a certain team and composition and what does not work against certain teams. Week 5 will surely be a whirlwind of surprises again.

Note that the games on the second day of the EU LCS will start earlier in order to accommodate the Finals for the Coke Zero Challenger Series for the EU teams.important-signal-icon

Schedule and Odds EU Week 5

The schedule of the LCS EU Week 5 holds 8 matches. Due to the Finals for the Challenger Series the start time on Friday, 02. 14. 2014  is two hours earlier than normal! We have listed you the betting odds for Week 5 of the online eSports betting Sites Datbet, eSportsventure and Pinnacle Sports. Please take notice that the odds may have changed in the meantime! You can take a look at the current LoL betting odds by following the links below! The aproximate start time of each match can be found in our detailed betting tips and predictions below!

schedule LCS EU week 5 with betting odds

schedule LCS EU week 5 with betting odds - Pinnacle

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schedule LCS EU week 5 with betting odds - Datbet

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 5 Day 1

SK vs FNC (February 13 11:00PST/ 20:00CET)

Fnatic struggled during their match against Roccat. That match alone should be watched by other teams in order to gain information on how to beat the top team of the split. SK has what it takes to take a point away from Fnatic if they are able to spot the weak link of Fnatic. During that match, it was xPeke's Ziggs that got camped in mid lane. It was then that the match tilted from Fnatic's favor to Roccat and after trying to secure a lead at both Dragon and Baron Fnatic clearly did not have the edge and forced a surrender on their part. SK needs to find their groove and maintain it as much as possible so that they can beat Fnatic even at their best.

Prediction: If Fnatic continues to struggle, SK can turn it around but they need to extend the lead so far that Fnatic cannot bounce back.

CW vs SHC (February 13 12:00PST/ 21:00CET)

The Wolves are in hibernation lately. They need to wake up and smell the fresh meat that is presented to them as Supa Hot Crew. The fourth and fifth place team are both hit or miss team. Supa Hot Crew's Mr RalleZ got decimated with his Caitlyn in their match against Millennium as he got 0 kills and 7 deaths on that match but on his next game, he finished 4-0 on Lucian. Mr RalleZ needs to solidify his gameplay as the AD carry of SHC in order to bring cohesion to his team. The Wolves on the other hand need to try and choose oddball picks in order to surprise enemies and what better way to do it than when they are against SHC.

Prediction: If the Wolves can blindside the Crew with several oddball champions then they can sweep the game but do not expect the Crew to accept defeat. This will be a match to watch.

ROC vs ALL (February 13 13:00PST/ 22:00CET)

Another hit or miss team is Alliance. At the start of the season, everyone expected Alliance to be the best European team but as the split progressed we were slowly coming into terms that this might not happen until last week happened. Both Tabzz and Froggen led their team as carries to a sweet 2-0 victory this week with Tabzz not even getting a single death in both matches. The unstable gameplay of Alliance makes it hard to predict them as a team and it also makes it hard to root for them or bet for them. On the other hand, Roccat has been stable and consistent with their games and now they have reach the top spot as one of the three teams in the number one spot for this week.

Prediction: If Alliance continues their consistency from last week to this week then they can beat Roccat, but Roccat has always been consistent since the first week of the split.

GMB vs MIL (February 13 14:00PST/ 23:00CET)

It seems that their time in IEM Sao Paolo a few weeks ago did not boost their confidence in the LCS. Instead, it led them to a downward spiral as the team suffered more losses and is now at the last spot. Millenium needs to find their identity as a team just like what Roccat has done. Gambit on the other hand should rest easy on this match as they know they can easily beat Millennium.

Prediction: Gambit Gaming wins this match hands down.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 5 Day 2


LCS EU Team Supa Hot CrewALL vs SHC

(February 14 9:00PST/ 18:00CET)

Other team matchups might seem to be one-sided for this week but not for the match with Alliance against Supa Hot Crew. Both teams have struggled to find their way to the top spot and both teams have showed signs of brilliance. Now is the time for them to show each other what they got and who has learned a lot from being down in games. Alliance showed us last week that they can be a very dominating team with their match against Millennium. Tabzz needs to be more consistent with his gameplay now that he is faced with a team that is equally inconsistent as his team. The bot lane is the lane to watch for this matchup. Mr RalleZ and Tabzz are both great carries but they need to step up. This also means that both Migxa and Nyph must carry the lane in the early game before they can hand over their power to the carry by late game. Nyph needs to get more games with Thresh or ditch him. Nyph has had disastrous results with Thresh having played him 4 times and lost every single game. Instead, he should switch to a more aggressive support where he has found more success like Leona.

Migxa is probably the only support player so far that has played Nami but every time he does, his lane ends up getting bullied. It is a much better matchup if he plays Thresh instead of any other support champions as he has found more wins with Thresh than any other champions he has used. For the mid lane, both teams suffered when both midlaners played Gragas. It is best that they step away from using the barrel master if they want to win this match. Froggen has not had any success especially when he plays Gragas. He either misses his ultimates or simply get bullied with far more superior champions. Moopz also suffers 3 losses against 2 wins when he played Gragas but is far more successful with Kayle and Ziggs.

Prediction: This will be a match everyone should watch as it will be a back and forth match for both teams.

FNC vs MIL (February 14 10:00PST/ 19:00CET)

Both teams had a downward spiral in the last week but they know that they need to get back up in the game. Fnatic will not have any problem bouncing back from a bad week but Millennium will face greater odds especially now that they are faced with a far superior team in Fnatic. It will be a difficult fight for Millennium to win against a more cohesive team.

Prediction: Fnatic regains their momentum with this win.

CW vs ROC (February 14 11:00PST/ 20:00CET)

The current top team will face against one of the best European teams. The Wolves are going to have a tough time with their match against Roccat who has been on a roll lately. But, it does not mean that they are not able to fend off the aggression brought by Roccat. Expect great comebacks from the Wolves if ever they fall off in the mid game but do not count Roccat to take back their lead.

Prediction: Expect an explosive match.

SK vs GMB (February 14 12:00PST/ 21:00CET)

Both teams love unconventional picks with Alex Ich playing Lulu last week and SK's nRated playing support Galio a few weeks ago as well as Darien playing Warwick at the top lane that earned him a respect ban. SK and Gambit will try to surprise each other out with these oddball picks and we will see which team has more synergy with these weird picks. Expect a great ending to Week 5 with this match.

Prediction: If SK and Gambit play unconventional champions then it will be an even match but if either team goes with the normal meta champions then Gambit takes the cake.

Standings before LCS EU Week 5

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 ROCCAT 10 7 3
2 Fnatic 10 7 3
3 Gambit Gaming 10 7 3
4 Supa Hot Crew 10 4 6
5 Copenhagen Wolves 10 4 6
6 SK Gaming 10 4 6
7 Alliance 10 4 6
8 Millenium 10 3 7

Click here for current standings


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