LCS EU |Season 4| 2014 – Week 4 Preview

And what a week it has been. Week Three showed us how the mighty can fall and how the teams in the middle spot showed some signs of brilliance. Fnatic finally had their first loss and to none other than their famous rivals – Gambit Gaming. It was a fitting end to a very good week full of comebacks and close games. Roccat made another splash in Week 3 as they have proven themselves to be one of the contenders for the top spot of the LCS Spring Split. SK also surprised everyone with their aggressive early game and snowballed the game to delete their opponents. Meanwhile, Supa Hot Crew finally gained their momentum as they were able to defeat Copenhagen Wolves using their go-to champions like MrRalleZ's Caitlyn but this time, he was supported by none other than Morgana. Week Four will likely be another breathtaking week for the teams. Let's break it down.

LCS EU Season 4 Week 4 Facts

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  • 02/06 – 02/07 2014
  • 8 Matches
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Schedule and Odds EU Week 4

Like every normal LCS week, week 4 has 8 matches which are played on two match days. You can take a look at the schedule and betting odds provided by eSports bookmakers eSportsventure and Pinnacle Sports. You can find estimated starting times of the LCS matches by looking at our detailed preview and predictions for each match.

schedule LCS EU week 4 with betting odds

schedule LCS EU week 4 with betting odds - Pinnacle

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Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 4 Day 1

FNC vs ALL (February 6 10:00PST/ 19:00CET)

The first game of the week might be the standard one as of yet. Fnatic looks like they can get away with another win considering Alliance has been on the downside of the matches. Alliance has always been favored as a strong team but their recent outing is just not meeting everyone's expectation. Look for good pick and ban phase for both teams but Alliance will suffer from heavy map pressure and objective control from Fnatic. Watch out for xPeke and Froggen in lane as they have been going at it since the days of Season 2.

Prediction: Fnatic secures another win and regains their momentum after suffering their first loss in this split.

MIL vs ROC (February 6 11:00PST/ 20:00CET)

Fresh from their win in IEM Sao Paolo, Millenium had missed all the fun from last week's matches but if they have learned something from their time away from the LCS Studios then now is the time to use it. Millenium has always done good especially with last split when they were called Team Alternate. Something along the way, the team lost their drive to really get into the game hence they are seen floundering around the bottom half of the standings. Roccat on the other hand is the exact opposite of Millenium. The new team promises to show even more precise teamwork and great champion mechanics. Look out for both junglers Aranaea from Millenium and Jankos from Roccat to trade blows in the jungle as they try to contain each other before one snowballs the game.

Prediction: Roccat has the makings of winning this match but Millenium can steal this game if they get into the game with their new perspective coming from IEM Sao Paolo.

CW vs GMB (February 6 12:00PST/ 21:00CET)

Copenhagen Wolves started off strong this split but as the weeks passed, they begin to show signs of exhaustion and lack of good gameplay. Yes, you can define cowTard's Kayle as a fantastic mid lane pick against players that like assassin champions like Alex Ich but Alex Ich is also known to play mage champions as well. If Alex Ich can play Kha'Zix the same way as his previous match against Kayle then he can own that lane and provide pressure from different sides of the map. But, cowTard is a strong Kayle user hence Alex Ich should be wary.

Prediction: If the Wolves can gain new insights on their mistakes then they stand a chance against a well-rounded team like Gambit who commits less mistakes than they do.

SHC vs MIL (February 6 13:00PST/ 22:00CET)

These two teams will surely fight it out to the end if they do not want to join Alliance at the bottom of the list. Both teams have what it takes to get the job done. Jree is a good support but his lack of champions that are currently strong in the meta hurts him. Sure, he can take Nami into the game but with other supports such as Annie and Leona faceplanting everyone at the bottom lane right now Jree needs to pick it up if he wants to carry the bottom lane on his back. Meanwhile, SHC star player MrRalleZ needs to pick it up as well if the other team's support is planning on winning the game.

Prediction: A fair fight for both teams but one mistake can cost them the win.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 4 Day 2

SK vs CW (February 7 10:00PST/ 19:00CET)

Another match up that will likely decide who stays at the bottom and who rises to the middle of the pack. SK and Copenhagen Wolves suffered from defeats in the past weeks but SK has bounced back by securing several wins but the Wolves have still yet to make a comeback. Each game will be important from here on out if they want to get into the top spot in the coming weeks. Teams should not rely on the final matches in order to prove themselves they need to be in the LCS. Now is the time that the Wolves should step up and face SK.

Prediction: Can go both ways but the edge will still be on SK and their amazing team fight capabilities.

SHC vs GMB (February 6 11:00PST/ 20:00CET)

Gambit has shown that they are still one of the top notch teams in the LCS. Darien has earned a respect ban against Warwick which was a good counter to the heavy sustain tank meta at the top lane. Warwick can hold his own against some of the top champions. As the meta slowly changes to debuff champions like Trundle, Darien needs to follow suit. Diamondprox has showed as that with the recent nerfs to Evelynn, he can still provide a sense of terror all across the map. What SHC needs to do is to avoid early team fights that can snowball the game in favor of Gambit. They need to shut down all the lanes and then take control of the objectives which is very difficult to do if you are up against a team that does not play by the book.

Prediction: Gambit wins this match.


LCS EU Team FnaticLCS EU Team RoccatFNC vs ROC

(February 7 12:00PST/ 21:00CET)

The top and the third team will duke it out once again in the top game of the week. Fnatic has maintained their lead in this split after learning the hard lesson of climbing back at the top last split. Roccat on the other hand is trying to prove to Europe and soon all over the world that they are indeed LCS material. Late last year, Fnatic nearly did not make it to the World Championships if not for their uncanny ability to win even in a losing battle. They have proven themselves that they can still compete especially after taking fourth place in the Championships. Now, they have learned their lesson and decided to not let every opportunity pass by. The same goes with Roccat. They have taken Fnatic's mantra this season and have played to the best of their ability.

This time, it will be a battle of the old school versus the new and upcoming team. Fnatic has the wisdom of an old team but Roccat has the aggression and the talent to take their spot in this split. Will wisdom and experience in the game topple ambition and the drive to win games? This is one of the few questions that Roccat wants to answer in this match. Roccat knows how to play the game but the edge goes to Fnatic by having played more professional games than Roccat. But, that is not to say that Roccat should just lie down and give them the win. Roccat needs to focus their energy and funnel them into committing to less mistakes and build more team synergy and mechanics. It may or may not happen in this matchup but surely, the next time Fnatic and Roccat meet up Fnatic will surely be surprised. Either way, this game is bound to be one of the most exciting games of the week. Expect a lot of back and forth as well as tower sieges in this match.

Prediction: For now, Fnatic takes the win but without a few hiccups along the way.

ALL vs MIL (February 7 13:00PST/ 22:00CET)

And the last game of the week will all sizzle down to this match with Alliance facing against Millenium. Millenium has a lot in their hands. After winning IEM Sao Paolo, they need to prove that they do deserve such spot and they can do that by methodical destroy Alliance which has its own struggles as a team. In the end, both teams will secure a point but which team will get the winning point and which team will get the losing point?

Prediction: I'll bet on Alliance this time.

Standings EU (before week 4)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Fnatic 8 7 1
2 Gambit Gaming 8 6 2
3 ROCCAT 8 5 3
4 SK Gaming 9 4 5
5 Supa Hot Crew 8 3 5
6 Copenhagen Wolves 8 3 5
7 Millenium 7 2 5
8 Alliance 8 2 6

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