LCS EU Spring Split Week 2 Preview

Crowd in the LCS Studio in CologneLCS Super week #1 proved to be one of the most anticipated week for League of Legends fans and summoners alike. It has been a while since tournaments as large and popular as the LCS has been played and summoners were itching for some League of Legends action. The Fans are not disappointed with the action-packed first week of the European League of Legends Championship Series.

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LCS EU Season 4 Week 2 Facts

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  • 01/23 – 01/24
  • 8 Matches
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Expectations were made and most of them ended in disappointment especially for Alliance. Alliance was dubbed as the dark horse of the tournament as they have truly discovered the talent they need for them to conquer the LCS and make their way to the World Championships. Unfortunately, the hype was all but a facade as Alliance came tumbling down with a 0-4 standing. They currently sit at the bottom of the list. Meanwhile, Fnatic and Gambit continue their dominance while newer teams showed great promise especially Team Roccat who went 3-1 during Super week. Millenium, formerly known as Team Alternate further slipped through with 1-3 standings while crowd favorite Copenhagen Wolves struggle to find their spot. SK Gaming and SUPA HOT CREW round out the teams.

Odds and Schedule EU Week 2

We have listed the odds for the Matches of the second week of the European LCS provided by eSports betting Site eSportsventure. Find out more about eSportsventure in our review. Please notice that the League of Legends bets on this page may have changed in the meantime! You can find the aproximate start time of all matches in the detailed preview of each match!

Schedule and Odds for LCS EU Week 2 - 8 League of Legends Matches

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 2 Day 1

Millenium vs Alliance (January 23, 1900 CET/1000 PST)

After a dismal Week 1 for Alliance, they need to step up their game in order to beat one of the stronger teams this split – Millenium. The former Team Alternate roster who have switched to Team Millenium should not be too complacent as well since Alliance is now out for blood after the hype for their team. In order for Alliance to gain the momentum they need to fully take the game into their lead, they need to find a good rhythm when it comes to lane rotations. Froggen has had a difficult week especially with his Gragas plays. Not only does his Gragas been invisible, almost all of his ultimates have had no impact in the games that he played. It may be time for Froggen to come up with new picks or go back to his specialty – Anivia if he wants to carry the team on his shoulder. For Alliance's botlane, Tabzz have played too aggressive while Nyph has had a few misses with his skillshots especially with Thresh's hook. It may come down to nerves but considering Nyph has already played in the LCS, it may be time to reconsider his champion pool as well. All in all, if Alliance cannot improve on their strategy, they will continue their downward spiral in this split.

Prediction: Millenium will win this match.

Roccat vs SUPA HOT CREW (January 23, 2000 CET/1100 PST)

After taking the spot from Ninjas in Pyjamas during the Promotion Tournament, Roccat proved to be the dark horse of the entire competition as they rose to take the second spot in the current standings of the EU LCS. Now, they will be facing off with one of the new teams in the LCS, SUPA HOT CREW. This will be the second time that Roccat will face SHC this split. During the first week, SHC got the short end of the stick when Roccat pulled out an unconventional pick with Pantheon mid and a Malphite top that resulted in a complete wombo combo destruction for SUPA HOT CREW. If SHC is smart enough, they will anticipate more odd picks from Roccat this round as they have proven that SHC is not prepared for such unconventional picks. Needless to say, if Roccat does go with the current meta, SHC will also need to deal with Xaxus as he has been unkillable at the top lane as well as Overpow with his Kayle pick.

Prediction: Roccat continues to dominate SHC and is well on their way to becoming the dark horse of this split.

Copenhagen Wolves vs Millenium (January 23, 2100 CET/1200 PST)

Kayle has seen a lot of play in the LCS. With the current meta favoring longer games, Kayle has the ability to quickly destroy a team with her late game scaling abilities and a game changing ultimate. This is why Cowtard favors Kayle. Millenium on the other hand plays well with the current meta but does not always come out on top. It is most likely that Copenhagen Wolves will take this game from Millenium and further slip them down the standings. If the Wolves take this game, they will inch closer to the top four spot that is if SK Gaming fails to win their game.

Prediction: Copenhagen Wolves wins this match.


Gambit Gaming vs SK Gaming (January 23 2200 CET/1300 PST)

LCS Team Gambit Gaming

Gambit Gaming

LCS Team SK Gaming

SK Gaming


Gambit Gaming played solidly against Fnatic during the first match of the split. Gambit Gaming is known to serve a good counterplay against teams that try to topple them down. This was evident during the Summer Split in Season 3 when they were able to use Fnatic's own strategy against them. This week, Gambit Gaming will face with one of the oldest teams in Europe – SK Gaming. Although the revamped SK Gaming has had new faces, their playstyle is still the same. Both teams loved to play unconventional champions and take their opponents by surprise so it will be very interesting to see what type of champions are going to be in play with this match up.

Edward has hinted that he likes to play unconventional supports and displayed a good showing with his support Kennen and Amumu. But, SK Gaming also proved to be able to use unconventional picks very well with nRated's Galio support pick which proved to be pivotal against their match up with Supa Hot Crew. But, if both teams stick to the current meta, Gambit will come out on top and it is up to SK to resolve to picking unconventional yet viable picks to counter Gambit Gaming's team composition. It all boils down to skills which still can go both ways.

Prediction: Can go both ways if both teams go for conventional and unconventional picks.

LCS EU Week 2 Day 2 Preview

Alliance vs Copenhagen Wolves (January 24, 1900 CET/1000 PST)

Alliance will need to step up their game if they want to prove their spot in the LCS. With that, Copenhagen Wolves need to spoil Alliance's climb to the top by playing solidly.

Prediction: Copenhagen Wolves will take a bite out of Alliance.

Roccat vs Gambit Gaming (January 24, 2000 CET/1100 PST)

Both teams are standing at the second and third spot in the LCS and are trying to claw their way to the top to take Fnatic's spot. Both teams will come out as desperate and this can come down to which team has the most experience with tournaments and live audience. With that, the current atmosphere can favor Gambit Gaming with their years of experience but you can never take Roccat out of the spotlight just yet knowing that they are also a group of experienced players but not as much as Gambit Gaming. In fact, Roccat resemble the early days of Gambit Gaming.

Prediction: In theory, Gambit Gaming takes the win but Roccat can come from behind.

Fnatic vs SUPA HOT CREW (January 24, 2100 CET/1200 PST)

Fnatic has a great run with their games and it is already given that they will come out on top based from the fact that Rekkles and Yellowstar have great synergy at the bot lane. xPeke is also known to be one of the best midlaners in the world and can carry his team all on his own. SHC will have to give it all in order to put a dent on the top EU team.

Prediction: Fnatic without a doubt.

Millenium vs SK Gaming (January 24, 2200 CET/1300 PST)

SK Gaming loves to play a both unconventional and conventional lineup which is Millenium’s overall weakness. If SK can continue to pull weird picks during the pick and ban phase, they can take Millenium by surprise.

Prediction: SK Gaming is the stronger team and can take a win for this week if they fall against Gambit.

Standings before Week 2:

Fnatic 4 Wins – 0 Losses

Roccat 3 Wins – 1 Loss

Gambit Gaming 3 Wins – 1 Loss

SK Gaming 2 Wins – 2 Losses

Copenhagen Wolves 2 Wins – 2 Losses

Millenium 1 Win – 3 Losses

Supa Hot Crew 1 Win – 3 Losses

Alliance 0 Wins – 4 Losses

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