LCS EU |Season 4| 2014 – Week 10 Preview

After a quiet week at the European LCS, the standings have once again changed. Last week, it was SK Gaming that dominated the LCS now Gambit Gaming has joined the team to be at the top spot. Roccat, Alliance, and Fnatic joins them at the second place while Copenhagen Wolves, Supa Hot Crew, and Millenium round out the list. This week, Millenium's jungler Araneae has retired and Jree, Millenium's support player has replaced him at the jungle. As soon as the news that Araneae stepped down, their coach also followed. This can be a very bleak time for Millenium knowing that they are at the bottom of the pack and are about to face relegation against some of the upcoming teams in Europe.

Meanwhile, for this week in the LCS, the action slowly comes to an end as this will be the last two weeks of the Spring Split.

LCS EU Season 4 Week 10 Facts

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  • 03/27 – 03/28 – 2014
  • Start Time: 10:00PST / 19:00 CET
  • 8 Matches
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Schedule, Odds and Betting – EU Week 10*

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Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 10 Day 1

MIL vs CW (March 27th –  10:00 PST/ 19:00 CET)

Millenium's new roster will be tested right out of the gate with the first match of the week with none other than Copenhagen Wolves. The Wolves are also in a tight spot considering they are the ones who have played in the Promotion tournament not a while ago. Last year, they also did good but failed to regain their spot in the Summer Split. With only 10 wins and 12 losses, the Wolves are in a dire need of a win and this might play out in their favor.

Prediction: Millenium's sudden roster change will hurt them further.

TOP Game of EU Week 10

SK Gaming - LCS EU TeamGambit Gaming - LCS EU TeamSK vs. GMB

March 27th – 

11:00 PST/ 20:00 CET

The battle for the true top spot. Whoever wins this match will be the true first place in the standings for this day. But with Gambit and SK Gaming going head to head, it might prove to be very difficult to predict who will come out on top. These teams have dabbled into some mysterious picks like Kayle support and ushered the onslaught of Lulu's mid picks that we see today. And that is not even mentioning the time nRated brought out Galio support and Edward with Kennen and Amumu support. SK Gaming has truly risen to the challenge in this Split coming from the bottom of the pack in the early weeks of the split and now at the top. They were barely making it back during the Promotion Tournament and now they have found themselves at the top of the pack. And what better way to give them a good challenge than to pit them against one of the best teams in Europe in the form of Gambit Gaming.

Gambit Gaming is very similar to SK Gaming. In fact, some people would think that SK Gaming is borrowing a few strategies from Gambit's gamebook. They love to play unfamiliar champions in order to surprise the enemy during Champion Select and wreck them during the game. This way of playing the game can be a double edge sword and it has hurt Gambit Gaming in the past. But, it does not mean that Gambit has resulted into cheesing in order to get ahead. They are still able to play the standard picks pretty good. Give Alex Ich Kha'zix any time of the day and he will wreck everyone's faces. Give Edward Thresh and people will truly understand why he is called the Thresh Prince. Give Darien any tanky top laner and people will know he is unkillable. Give Diamondprox Lee Sin or Evelynn and the Koreans will follow suit.

Prediction: This will be a tough match to predict knowing how unpredictable both teams can become.

ROC vs ALL (March 27th –  12:00 PST/ 21:00 CET)

Alliance has had a strong showing since the Super Week and have rode the momentum the following week. They have enjoyed a 6 win streak and is poised to be riding the momentum up until the Playoffs where they can prove to the world that they are indeed the European powerhouse team that everyone was doubting during the first few weeks of the LCS. Roccat on the other hand seemed to have lost their magic after grabbing the top spot for a couple of weeks. Now, they are slowly inching their way back up with Alliance and Fnatic hot on their tails. Will they be able to regain the top spot or will the promising Alliance hold a much tighter grip of the game?

Prediction: Given their recent showing, Alliance will be able to beat Roccat this time.

SHC vs FNC (March 27th –  13:00 PST/ 22:00 CET)

Supa Hot Crew is in trouble. There is no doubt about it. These underdogs are talented players but there seems to be no output for them. Much of their skills and talents are wasted without the proper guidance of a coach and a few analyst. And it might be too late to ring the alarms for more reinforcements. Meanwhile after their win last week, Fnatic seems to be poised at taking the top spot once again. Time and time again, Fnatic has always gotten to a point where they fall into a slump and pick themselves back up. This time, it's no different. They have always been able to get back into shape when the moment calls for it and this time they are ready to beat the Crew. Will they be able to do it or will the Crew get ahead of them this time?

Prediction: Given their recent showing, Fnatic can beat the Crew.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 10 Day 2

SK vs ALL (March 28th –  10:00 PST/ 19:00 CET)

Both teams have been on a winning streak for the past few weeks and if they have continued to do so in their games from the last day then this is the only time that one of these teams will face their first loss since their streak. It is most likely that Alliance will have their loss served on a silver plate. SK Gaming will not let any “powerhouse” team run them over now that they have come close to representing Europe in the upcoming All Star match in Paris, France. But, will Alliance continue to dominate and show the world that they are indeed the powerhouse team? The result would be…

Prediction: Alliance taking this win. They have shown more promise now than ever.

SHC vs GMB (March 28th –  11:00 PST/ 20:00 CET)

Every time the Crew faces Gambit they instantly have a bad time. Not that they are subpar but they clearly do not know what to do against an old timer. These young players do have the talent to make it to the LCS but when it comes to facing off against the old school team, they instantly go for broke. The Crew needs to have a fresh perspective on what the game has become and what the game is about to be when they face off against Gambit. Gambit loves to play mind games during the Champion Select and now they can learn a thing or two about that. If they bring out their big guns like Vi then the Crew can have at least a chance to beat Gambit.

Prediction: That is if their main champions get picked. Gambit scores another win.

FNC vs MIL (March 28th –  12:00 PST/ 21:00 CET)

Both teams have suffered a lot of defeats but only Fnatic has tasted the sweet spot of being at the top. Meanwhile, Millenium has tasted the delightful job at being the last place in every standing in the last few weeks. Will that change now that Araneae has called it quits? The first day of this week will prove that but if it indeed changes their win-loss standing, it won't change the outcome of their position in the LCS.

Prediction: There is no chance for Millenium to take the top spot anymore.

CW vs ROC (March 28th –  13:00 PST/ 22:00 CET)

The last game of the day will go to the Copenhagen Wolves against Team Roccat. These ailing teams will seal the day with another chance to duke it out before the Playoffs. This matchup will be interesting knowing that these final matches will bring out the best in each team if they do not want to join Millenium at the bottom. How much can the Wolves take a beating from Roccat? Pretty much. Roccat is a solid team with minimum mistakes. And if they do commit to some mistakes, they usually are good at hiding it or correct it in an instant. Copenhagen Wolves on the other hand are blatant makers of mistakes in game which can lead to an opening for Roccat to take advantage. This has always been an issue with the Wolves and they need to get it together fast.

Prediction: Roccat, rockets away with a win.

Standings EU (before week 10)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Gambit Gaming 22 13 9
2 SK Gaming 22 13 9
3 ROCCAT 22 12 10
4 Alliance 22 12 10
5 Fnatic 22 12 10
6 Copenhagen Wolves 22 10 12
7 Supa Hot Crew 22 9 13
8 Millenium 22 7 15

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