LCS EU S4 | Super Week #2| (Week 8) – Preview

LCS Super Week No 2 is starting this Tuesday and this brings a lot of pressure to some of the teams in the European LCS.  This time, teams will have to really make it a point to win every game if they want to land the coveted top 5 spot and avoid relegation. Will Fnatic finally get off from their losing streak or was that win from last week just a fluke? Will Roccat retain their leading spot against powerhouses like Gambit and SK Gaming who have recently found their groove? Will Alliance ever redeem themselves from that disappointing start of the season? And will newcomer Supa Hot Crew XD ever see the light of day come Summer Split? Super Week starts off 2 hours earlier to accommodate five to six games from the LCS as well as the Challenger Series matches. Welcome to the LCS Super Week #2!

EU Season 4 Week 8 (Super Week) Facts

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Schedule and Odds – EU Week 8*

Get ready for the Super Week No2 (LCS Week 8). The schedule holds 16 matches in 3 days. LCS Super Week starts with 5 matches on Tuesday and another 6 on Wednesday and Thursday. We made screenshots of the schedules including the betting odds of the betting site eSportsventure. Unfortunately none of the other eSports betting Sites had lines online when we created the article. You can check the other betting Sites below. Please keep in mind that the odds may have changed in the meantime!

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Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 8 Day 1

CW vs FNC (March 4 8:00PST/ 17:00CET)

Fnatic's win from last week should boost their confidence coming in the Super Week. The win was what they needed in order to get their morale up and running and if that was an indication of how Fnatic really play then the Copenhagen Wolves should tremble as Fnatic's rise back to the top will surely be coming.

Prediction: Fnatic has the edge with their boosted morale coming in this Super Week.

TOP Game of Super Week  Day 1

LCS EU Team RoccatGambit Gaming - LCS EU TeamROC vs GMB

(March 4 9:00PST/ 18:00CET)

Roccat has been on a roll in the first half of the Spring Split. No one knew who they were when they entered the EU LCS but come Week 2 when they defeated Gambit in Week 2 they were the force to be reckoned with. Roccat has instigated the counters of the top 3 supports in the meta namely Leona, Annie, and Thresh with one simple pick – Morgana. Morgana has all the makings of countering the aggressive playstyle of the current popular support picks which most teams have not yet began to fathom. This is why Roccat has been able to win teamfights after teamfights because of the strong follow up and counter ganks during their laning phase. By the time a teamfight blows up, you can easily see all five of the team helping each other out while the enemy team tries to pick them off one by one to no avail. Watch out for Vander and his Morgana plays as they are matched once again against Gambit Gaming.

Gambit, on the other hand, knows the game inside out. They have tried to put Kennen and Amumu in the support role and even went with Warwick top in the first few weeks of the split. This time however, Gambit needs to pick carefully as there are other teams that have caught up with their shenanigans. SK Gaming is slowly rising to the top while Fnatic has finally got their groove. This is not the time for them to relax. And with them against Roccat, it is time to put the game face on and pull an upset against Roccat. Look for Alex Ich and the threw to provide amazing teamfights and skirmishes in the dragon pit or simply steal objectives from under Roccat's noses.

Prediction: This would not be called Game of the Day if the match up was not this close. 50-50 for both teams.

SK vs MIL (March 4 10:00PST/ 19:00CET)

Prediction: SK Gaming takes another point.

SHC vs ALL (March 4 11:00PST/ 20:00CET)

Alliance will need to hit the accelerator if they want to earn a spot in the top five and avoid relegation. Wickd needs to be able to farm up well in order to tank for the team and avoid risky items like Trinity Force with Malphite. For Supa Hot Crew, learning a few new champions won't hurt them as well. If they are banned out, you can see different members struggle in the laning phase that spill over into the mid and late game if it comes to that.

Prediction: If Alliance is able to properly ban out certain champions against SHC, then they stand a chance to win.

ROC vs MIL (March 4 12:00PST/ 21:00CET)

Prediction: Roccat all the way.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 8 Day 2

TOP Game of Super Week Day 2

LCS EU Team SK GamingGambit Gaming - LCS EU TeamGMB vs SK

(March 5 8:00PST/ 17:00CET)

SK is currently on a roll. Jesiz, CandyPanda, and nRated have all done an amazing job with the team. If they continue the same amount of work they do during the Super Week chances are they might even get to the top three in the standings. But, their ultimate hurdle would be Gambit Gaming before they can take on Roccat. SK loves to play unconventional champions and if they surprise Gambit once again with another oddball pick then they throw off Gambit's game and provide a window of opportunity to really push their advantage to its maximum potential and win the game.

Gambit will need to be extra careful when dealing with SK. If they blindside the team with oddball picks, the best way to handle it is to play it safe and rely on their team synergy when it comes to teamfights. The disadvantage of playing an oddball champ is that team mates will have little information on what you can do which is why Gambit should take advantage of it during teamfights as communication and decisions are made in a split second without any time to react. And yet, this is where Gambit truly shines as a team.

Prediction: Gambit has the advantage during laning phase and mid game but if they prolong the game to late game, SK wins this match.

CW vs ALL (March 5 9:00PST/ 18:00CET)

Both of these teams have struggled all throughout the first half of the split but the past few weeks have been a great turnaround for Copenhagen Wolves as they were able to secure the fourth spot with 8-8 record. Alliance on the other hand remains at the 7th place with 6-10 record. If Copenhagen Wolves continue their streak then Alliance will never stand a chance.

Prediction: Copenhagen Wolves take another bite out of Alliance.

FNC vs SHC (March 5 10:00PST/ 19:00CET)

Fnatic's games this week will rely heavily on how they do well on the first day. If they do good, then they can ride the wave once again and lead themselves to the top, but if they revert back to their slump they will be in a very tough predicament especially against a weaker and less experienced team like Supa Hot Crew. Fnatic has a record of 8-8 while SHC has 8-9 and with one win, SHC can switch places with Fnatic depending on how well they do on the first day. But, as for this match up alone, Fnatic is in a desperate need to win.

Prediction: Fortunately, Fnatic can get over their rut and take this one.

GMB vs CW (March 5 11:00PST/ 20:00CET)

Prediction: Gambit's solid gameplay makes it hard for the Wolves to win this game.

ALL vs ROC (March 5 12:00PST/ 21:00CET)

Prediction: Roccat's dominance through and through solidifies their standing as the top team in this split.

MIL vs FNC (March 5 13:00PST/ 22:00CET)

Prediction: Even though Millennium have the ability to take a spot, if Fnatic wins their previous matches they can ride out their streak but if not, Millennium gets away with another point.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 8 Day 3

ALL vs GMB (March 6 8:00PST/ 17:00CET)

Prediction: Alliance can try to squeeze out a win especially in this even-numbered week but with Gambit, it is tough to do.

TOP Game of Super Week Day 3

LCS EU Team SK GamingLCS EU Team RoccatSK vs ROC

(March 6 9:00PST/ 18:00CET)

Any game that has Roccat in it will always be a game of the day. Although there are still inconsistencies with Roccat's game, it is far less obvious than other teams in the lower bracket of the standings. Roccat has seen the surrender button at one time in the first half of the split and would love to avoid that especially in the second half.

Coming off their heels is SK Gaming. If SK finds a few wins in the past days then this game against Roccat will surely be an explosive match. SK will surely be in their topmost game if they want to secure the top spot for this week. SK has the members to make it to the top, it's just a matter of time before they can reach it with their pool of talents.

Prediction: A slight chance ahead of Roccat that SK gets the win.

MIL vs SHC (March 6 10:00PST/ 19:00CET)

Prediction: Millennium will make it a point to be aggressive early on and win this match.

FNC vs SK (March 6 11:00PST/ 20:00CET)

Whether or not SK gets the win against their match with Roccat earlier, SK Gaming will still be trying their best to get another point before the end of the Super Week. The problem now is that they will be facing a re-envigorated Fnatic this time. The days when Fnatic was in a rut are now over, depending on their performance this week, and will most likely return to their former glory so SK better watch out.

Prediction: Fnatic wins.

SHC vs CW (March 6 12:00PST/ 21:00CET)

Two teams that are currently in the middle of the pack will have to fight it out to get themselves to the top. The Wolves will have ekked out a win from their previous matches but The Crew will highly have troubles along the way. It is best that the Crew take this as a chance to get their heads into the game and take away a point from the Wolves.

Prediction: A good chance that the Crew will take a win from this game.

Standings EU (before Super week #2)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 ROCCAT 16 10 6
2 Gambit Gaming 16 10 6
3 SK Gaming 17 10 7
4 Copenhagen Wolves 16 8 8
5 Fnatic 16 8 8
6 Supa Hot Crew 17 8 9
7 Alliance 16 6 10
8 Millenium 16 5 11

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