LCS EU S4 | Super Week #3| (Week 11) – Preview

Week 10 of the LCS EU further cemented Alliance to be the European powerhouse team that everyone was clamoring for since the start of the split. Shook's play with Evelynn was by far the best the team has done since they picked up the player. Now, as the teams are deadlocked into first and second place leaving behind Copenhagen Wolves, Supa Hot Crew, and Millenium at the relegation danger zone. Other teams are becoming steadily tense as they begin their quest to take the top spot now that the last week of the split is fast approaching. Hold on to your seatbelts Summoners! This week is going to be rollercoaster ride for all the teams as upsets and landslide defeats are going to happen for sure when it gets decided who will get a spot in the upcoming  LCS EU Spring Playoffs 2014 and who not! Welcome to the final Week of the European LCS Spring Split 2014!
Note: There will be an exhibition match at the first day of the Superweek.

EU Season 4 Week 11 (Super Week) Facts

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  • 04/01 – 04/03 – 2014
  • Start Time: 08:00PST / 17:00 CEST
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Schedule and Odds – EU Week 11*

Pinnacle Sports has already all lines online for the 16 matches of the last Week in the LCS EU Spring Split. At the moment eSportsventure has odds available for the first day while Bet365 and Datbet will release their LCS betting odds soon. You can check their websites by following the links below as we do not update the screenshots regularly to see if Bet365 and Datbet already have the odds live. Please be aware that the odds showed here may have changed in the meantime.

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Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 11 Day 1

TOP Game of Super Week  Day 1

LCS EU Team Fnatic: all 5 membersLCS EU Team AllianceFNC vs. ALL

(April 1st –  8:00 PST/ 17:00 CEST)

Fnatic has slowly taken back their old prestige after winning a few more games during the last few weeks. xPeke has seemingly returned to his old self after picking up Zed last week. His KDA is slowly rising back up to his former glory and now Fnatic is also following suit. With their current standing of 14 wins and 10 losses, they are tied with SK Gaming and Alliance. Will Fnatic be the first team in the LCS to regain the top spot? In fact, they have what it takes to get the top spot but Alliance will have something to say about it.

Alliance's journey to the top of the pack, on the other hand, is a slow one. During the first few weeks of the split, everyone was disappointed by their performance but little do we know, they were just warming up and now they have finally had both feet on the ground and have snagged the top spot just in time for the last week of the split. Alliance knows they are at the top and they will make sure that by the end of the split, they will make it a point to represent the region for the All Stars in Paris. As to who will come out on top in this match, only time will tell. The first would have to be how Alliance can protect their objectives away from the aggressive Fnatic. If Alliance can secure more dragons and buffs then they can slowly cripple both Cyanide and xPeke, two of Fnatic's best players. This leaves Rekkless, soAz, and Yellowstar to carry the team for them. This mean that three against five is a better way to go for Alliance.

Prediction: Alliance continue to ride out their momentum knowing that they are far superior in skill now than Fnatic.

ROC vs SHC (April 1st –  9:00 PST/ 18:00 CEST)

Prediction: Roccat takes another point away from the Crew.

SK vs FNC  (April 1st –  10:00 PST/ 19:00 CEST)

Fnatic will have a hard time in the first day of the Super Week. If they would ever lose to Alliance in their first match of the day, then they would have to find it within themselves to move on from their loss to avoid tilting. SK Gaming will also have to prove to themselves that they can regain the top spot and this would be the best opportunity for them. At the end of the day, Fnatic's new found morale will keep them afloat no matter the result of the first match of the day. This will be a great tool for them to win more matches in the following days.

Prediction: Fnatic gets a point off from SK Gaming.

MIL vs SHC (April 1st –  11:00 PST/ 20:00 CEST)

This match will be the battle for both teams to stay alive. Supa Hot Crew will have to risk everything in this match if they want to stay in the game. The Crew will have to get things done by this week if they want to get out of the relegation danger zone. If not, they will have to spoil a lot of games in order to bring down teams and get themselves back up in the standings. Millenium on the other hand is hopeless. It will take a miracle for them to get out of relegation. Millenium's only chance is to spoil several matches so that other teams will have to suffer as well.

Prediction: Supa Hot Crew gains another point.

CW vs GMB (April 1st –  12:00 PST/ 21:00 CEST)

Prediction: Gambit goes on to take a win from the Wolves.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 11 Day 2

ALL vs MIL (April 2nd –  8:00 PST/ 17:00 CEST)

Prediction: Alliance continues their winning streak.

GMB vs ROC (April 2nd –  9:00 PST/ 18:00 CEST)

Gambit's losing streak's timing is a very unfortunate one. Just as when wins are the most important thing to achieve, they lose. Gambit is in a tight spot right now. A few more losses on their part and a few more wins from other teams and they will surely find themselves on the relegation zone. Together with Roccat, they are deadlocked in fourth and fifth spot with 13 wins and 11 losses. Will Gambit regain their form just in time before the Super Week ends? It will definitely be a thing to watch out for. Roccat, meanwhile, are also in a tight spot. In fact, the same spot as Gambit. But, there will only be one team that will come out victorious in this match and the team with a more promising future in the LCS is…

Prediction: Gambit Gaming. The team has had more experience in coming back from behind than Roccat.

SHC vs SK (April 2nd –  10:00 PST/ 19:00 CEST)

Prediction: SK Gaming gets another point.

MIL vs ROC (April 2nd –  11:00 PST/ 20:00 CEST)

Prediction: Roccat won't let Millenium spoil a game.

SK vs CW (April 2nd –  12:00 PST/ 21:00 CET)

SK's second game of the day will be far more difficult than their first one. The Wolves may be in danger of being relegated but it does not mean they will easily lie down and let SK run them over. The Wolves are a great team but what they need is cohesion. Cohesion in terms of objective control and team rotation. SK on the other hand share the same problem but are far more able to control their objective with Svenskeren. Team rotation should be the key to winning this match. Whoever has the ability to perfectly timing each and every rotation will have the advantage in winning this game.

Prediction: With a far more superior skill in objective control, SK Gaming gets another point.

TOP Game of Super Week  Day 2

Gambit Gaming - LCS EU TeamLCS EU Team Fnatic: all 5 membersGMB vs. FNC

(April 2nd –  13:00 PST/ 22:00 CEST)

Gambit's game against Supa Hot Crew showed them that when Diamondprox's Lee Sin and Evelynn was out of the picture, Gambit cannot exert pressure in lanes hence they were more focused on taking objectives left and right. With that, the lanes snowballed out of control even though Gambit was much better with objective control. Objectives can only do so much but in late game, only the Baron and a bit of Dragon can win games. In the end, the Crew were able to come back with the use of late game champions like Ryze and Kayle. This should be a lesson learned for Gambit. They should not let these champions in the hands of a far more formidable team like Fnatic and stick with the early to mid game power spiking champions like Lee Sin and Kha'zix.

Fnatic on the other hand has the key to winning this game. Fnatic loves dragging the game to late game where they can have map control and surprise their opponents with 5 man ganks at unconventional places in the map. If Gambit can ban out late game meta picks like Kayle and Ryze then Fnatic will have to resort to playing the mid game where they can be a bit shaky. Should Gambit choose to pick late game comps against Fnatic, they will have a hard time against the team.

Prediction: Too hard to tell as both teams are well-suited against each other. It will all go down during Champ Select and what type of composition will both teams want to go with.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 11 Day 3

MIL vs SK (April 3rd –  8:00 PST/ 17:00 CEST)

Prediction: SK gets their final win before the end of the week.

CW vs SHC (April 3rd –  9:00 PST/ 18:00 CET)

The Copenhagen Wolves and Supa Hot Crew will duke it out this time to see who can spoil the team's chances of getting out of the relegation zone. Will the Wolves eek out a win and let the Crew retain their spot at the relegation danger zone? By this time, the Wolves will finally get the chance to regain their lead from the Crew but it won't be enough to get themselves out of the danger of once again be relegated.

Prediction: Copenhagen Wolves spoils Supa Hot Crew's chances.

TOP Game of Super Week  Day 3

Gambit Gaming - LCS EU TeamALL vs. GMB

(April 3rd –  9:00 PST/ 18:00 CET)

Probably the most anticipated game of the day will be the match between Alliance against Gambit Gaming. Both teams are veterans when it comes to professional gaming. They have been duking it out since the first ever season when Alliance was still CLG.EU and then became Evil Geniuses while Gambit Gaming was formerly known as Moscow Five. With that, Alliance have gone far and beyond to sustain their abilities especially with this split. They have surprised a lot of analysts and game experts with their sudden resurgence to power. Will they be able to beat out Gambit and finally seal the deal with being the top European team? Or will Gambit spoil Alliance's chances?

Only one thing comes to mind – how Alliance plays off Gambit. Alliance has shown great objective control with Shook's Evelynn but Gambit's Diamondprox will always be there to counter any strategy from the enemy jungler. Both teams are also on the same level when it comes to bot lane, mid lane, and top lane. It will surely be a fun game to watch knowing that both teams are now equal when it comes to playstyle and experience in playing the game. Weeks ago, it would have been a lot easier to tell who will win this match but today, it will be a very difficult thing to predict.

Prediction: Can go both ways.

FNC vs ROC (April 3rd –  11:00 PST/ 20:00 CEST)

The battle to stay relevant. Fnatic and Roccat have reached the top spot some time in this split and have slowly drifted off near the relegation zone. Now, both teams will have to battle it out to stay relevant this split and be able to continue playing in the Summer Split. But, will Roccat finally get their groove back or will Fnatic regain their winning streak one final time?

Prediction: Fnatic has proven time and time again that they know how to come back from a loss. Fnatic is synonymous to the word comeback.

ALL vs CW (April 3rd –  12:00 PST/ 21:00 CET)

Prediction: Alliance gets back in shape with one last win before the Playoffs.

Standings EU (before week 11)

Position Team Matches Played Wins Losses
1 Alliance 24 14 10
2 SK Gaming 24 14 10
3 Fnatic 24 14 10
4 ROCCAT 24 13 11
5 Gambit Gaming 24 13 11
6 Copenhagen Wolves 24 11 13
7 Supa Hot Crew 24 10 14
8 Millenium 24 7 17

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