LCS EU Summer Split 2014 – Week 9 Preview

Last week was all Fnatic needed to get back from the bottom of the pack into the second position in the standings. Meanwhile, Gambit and Copenhagen Wolves continue to struggle while Millenium and SK Gaming find themselves surpassed by a few teams. Roccat seems to be on a stride but will it continue towards the end of the split and avoid relegation matches? How will Gambit and Copenhagen Wolves bounce back from their losses to dodge impending doom? Find out in this week's EU LCS Preview.

LCS EU Season 4 Summer Split Week 9 Facts:

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Standings and Stats LCS EU before Summer Split Week 9

Team Wins Losses Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
Alliance 14 6 4.30 1674.45
Fnatic 13 7 5.87 1725.81
Supa Hot Crew 11 9 3.61 1640.90
SK Gaming 11 9 3.39 1663.61
Millenium 10 10 3.69 1618.20
ROCCAT 10 10 3.45 1583.47
Copenhagen Wolves 6 14 2.47 1551.80
Gambit Gaming 5 15 1.93 1490.37

Schedule and Betting Odds – LCS EU Season 4 Summer Split Week 9*

Week number 9 of the European LCS Summer Split brings another 8 LoL matches in Cologne (Germany). The ninth week of the European LCS Summer Split takes place on Thursday, July 17th, and Friday July 18th. The Live stream starts broadcastin at 18:00 CEST on both days. To get a better overview about the favorites and underdogs take a look at the betting odds and compare for yourself. If you want to know more a certain esports betting site, take a look at our esport setting sites reviews. As eSportsventure is not offering any eSports bets since end of June we had to cut the comparison down to 3 online betting sites. We will inform you as soon as we know more about the future of eSportsventure.
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Preview and Predictions LCS EU LCS EU Week 9 Day 1

SHC vs ROC (July 17 9:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST)
(SHC 1-1 against ROC)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Supa hot crewLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team roccatBoth teams have been on a roll lately especially Roccat. They have won five out of six games in the last two weeks of the LCS including the important Superweek. Supa Hot Crew have won 4 out of the 6 games in the past few weeks as well but no team aside from Fnatic has come out better in the past few weeks than Roccat. They have taken control of the laning phase and the champion rotations to a new level. Roccat has always excelled at rotations and they have done perfectly well last week especially with their match against SK Gaming. During that match, they have successfully blocked all vision from the map against SK and took advantage of it by picking up important kills across the map. This led them to an overall victory and sends a signal to the other teams that Roccat is back in contention.

Meanwhile, Supa Hot Crew have also made waves these past few weeks. Supa Hot Crew is better at taking less risk and playing methodically than playing a high risk high reward game. Their experience in LAN tournaments are still new especially against older more experienced team hence they should just stick to what they know best which is to play a mechanical and methodical game. Last week, Impaler tried to risk everything to turn the tides but ended up losing a dragon and getting killed instead. The same with SELFIE.

Prediction: After this week, Roccat might be up for third place with their win against SHC.

GMB vs ALL (July 17 10:00 PDT/ 13:00 EDT/ 19:00 CEST)
(GMB 1-1 against ALL)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Gambit GamingLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team AllianceThis week, Kubon from MeetYourMakers joined Gambit as well as Loulex. But, did the changes make an impact as to how Gambit would play their matches? The short answer was no. Gambit lost a lot of objectives early on and the gold flow of the game went directly to their opponents. Gambit Gaming has the least of the gold earned last week with only 92,080 gold in total. Once the gold was racking up for their opponents, there was no turning back even with a very good initiation, the team was still far behind to deal damage and end up having teamfights turning over against their favor. Gambit Gaming needs to solidify their objective control if they want to sustain their gold flow if not then they need to have a solid laning phase.

Alliance was down 2 games this week but it did not banish them from the top spot. This would most likely be the match that will break their losing streak but Gambit has had a history of beating Alliance to the ground. If Gambit can emulate that, then Alliance will topple and Fnatic will take control of the top spot. However, Gambit is on a weak state right now that Alliance can take advantage of.

Prediction: Alliance will get the win they need to turn their losing streak around.

FNC vs CW (July 17 11:00 PDT/ 14:00 EDT/ 20:00 CEST)
(FNC 2-0 against CW)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team FnaticLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Copenhagen WolvesFnatic finally got their groove on and found the strategy they needed to win games. Pick compositions and teamfighting champions are the go-to comps for Fnatic hence they have been picking Evelynn, Orianna, Shyvana, and even Vayne as of late. It seems that the addition of Araneae as their coach has led them to make new strategies involving vision. Yellowstar has been taking it up a notch when it comes to warding. You can see from their game against Supa Hot Crew that Yellowstar has warded significant spots and Fnatic has taken full advantage of it. This ability to ward has taken Fnatic to a whole new level and they have played well against their opponents.

Copenhagen Wolves need to work on their teamfighting abilities. Now that Cowtard has officially stepped down from the roster, a new midlaner will most likely bring more chaos to their already chaotic synergy. Although they have won a game against Gambit last week, it was clear that Gambit was out of it and if they are matched against better teams, the Wolves will most likely fall apart. The Wolves need a better shotcaller this time around and solidify their laning phase.

Prediction: Fnatic takes another point.

Feat. TOP Game LCS EU Week 9

SK Gaming - LCS EU TeamLCS EU Team MilleniumSK vs MIL

(July 17 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(SK 1-1 against MIL)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK Gaming vs. Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Millenium

11 Wins 10
3.39 KDA 3.69
1664 GpM 1618

Both of these teams are on a free fall lately after their matches in the Superweek. But, there is only one of the two teams that will surely break the ice. Will Millenium retain their reputation for starting out strong and explode later in the split or will SK finally lose control of their strong grip in the top three and slip down to fourth place? Find out here in our featured Game of the Week.

SK's behavior from week to week has been eratic. At one point in the split, they were racking up kills left and right that sealed the deal for them becoming the top team early on. Once the second Superweek wound up, their KDA ratio on weekly basis plunged to abysmal proportions with 0.67 from Week 3's 15.14. As to how it came to that can be blamed by the team's lack of vision. nRated has been hard on making the team's laning phase better but he sacrificed vision for a stronger laning phase and in a meta where pick compositions are on the rise, it is best that SK Gaming need to ward offensively or defensively depending on the situation. Wards are far better in protecting the team from getting picked off especially if their opponents are planning on swapping lanes. Svenskeren also needs to help with the vision control especially with their objectives. During their time against Roccat last week, the team had difficulty picking up kills since they are not able to point out which champions were around them with the lack of vision. This deficit also proved to be fatal for the team hence they were always going in blind when it comes to objective control. Once they are able to regain control with the vision game, they can start laning more easily and get back into the game.

Millenium is the better laning team than SK and they are also far better at teamfighting especially during their matches last week. Jree's Blitzcrank was able to pull in important targets while Creaton was at the backline and cleaning up enemies. Millenium's losses in the Superweek can be attributed to gold income. They have lost objectives left and right and if they want to sustain their matches that lead to teamfights, they need to provide better coverage with the objectives of the game. It all boils down to Kottenx providing vision for the team while Jree babysit their ticking timebomb that is Creaton. When compared to SK Gaming, Millenium fares better with KDA as the team has 3.69 on average against SK's 3.39 with 15.7 champions killed on average for Millenium against SK's 12.45. While both teams are equal on gold income, Millenium can get ahead by placing more emphasis on vision control against SK. They need to prioritize taking vision away from SK in order to make their pick composition work for them.

Lane matchup to watch: Svenskeren versus Kottenx. It is up to the jungler to remove vision from the game and make it a priority to make the vision control in their favor especially in the early and mid game. SK Gaming knows that their weakness has been revealed and Millenium wants to take advantage of it. Therefore, it will be fun to watch as both junglers try to deny vision especially in objectives such as Dragons and Barons hence teamfights will be inevitable when the mid game begins.

Prediction: Millenium has no problems with vision control and with better teamfighting prowess, they can pick up kills to snowball the game in their favor.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU LCS EU Week 9 Day 2

CW vs SK (July 18 9:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST)
(CW 0-3 against SK)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Copenhagen WolvesLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK GamingWith a possible loss on the first day, SK will most likely want to bounce back from it with their match against Copenhagen Wolves. Now that the Wolves are in a much weaker state now more than ever, SK will most likely take advantage of this.

Prediction: SK Gaming goes 1-1 this week.

MIL vs ROC (July 18 10:00 PDT/ 13:00 EDT/ 19:00 CEST)
(MIL 1-2 against ROC)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team MilleniumLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team roccatRoccat has a lot going on for them this week. Most possibly a win against Supa Hot Crew from the first day, Roccat will try to ride out this week with another victory against Millenium. Roccat's excellence in champion rotation and warding will help them have a better vision over Millenium but when it comes to teamfight, Millenium beats Roccat by a mile so it would be best that Roccat gets ahead of the game by rotations and picking their opponents when the right time comes.

Prediction: Roccat manages to win another game this week.

SHC vs ALL (July 18 11:00 PDT/ 14:00 EDT/ 20:00 CEST)
(SHC 1-2 against ALL)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Supa hot crewLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team AllianceAlliance will fly high with their win against Gambit on Day 1 but will most likely have a difficult time with Supa Hot Crew on the second day. If Alliance continues to get picked off due to positioning errors, then Supa Hot Crew might have a better chance at getting a win for this week. Alliance needs to correct their positioning errors and pick teamfights they are most comfortable at instead of forcing it just because they have the right items.

Prediction: Good thing for Alliance, Supa Hot Crew would much rather farm up than start a fight.

GMB vs FNC (July 18 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(GMB 1-2 against FNC)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Gambit GamingLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team FnaticGambit will probably be in danger of relegation once this week is over now that Fnatic has found their groove back. Will Gambit be able to turn things around this split? Highly unlikely for the Russian squad to get into the top five and if they want to retain their position in the EU LCS then they better prepare against the up and coming Challenger teams.

Prediction: Fnatic seals the deal for Gambit.

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