LCS EU Summer Split 2014 – Week 8 Preview

The midsplit SuperWeek saw the standings of Fnatic, Millenium, and Roccat reach different heights. As the games became intense, more and more teams are rising to the challenge to get to the top spot. Fnatic was the big winner of the second super week by winning all four games (seems like the new coach Araneae is helping the team getting back to old strength) followed by a rejuvenated Roccat. Meanwhile, powerhouse Alliance and SK Gaming still continue to gain the lead but SK is now tied with Fnatic. How will Fnatic's resurgence affect the entire teams of the split and will Millenium ever bounce back from their losses and get back to the top spot? Find out on this week's EU LCS preview.

LCS EU Season 4 Summer Split Week 8 Facts:

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Standings and Stats LCS EU before Summer Split Week 8

Team Wins Losses Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
Alliance 14 4 4.93 1698.89
Fnatic 11 7 5.50 1701.48
SK Gaming 11 7 3.99 1695.60
Supa Hot Crew 10 8 3.62 1638.96
Millenium 9 9 3.64 1620.29
ROCCAT 8 10 3.06 1566.52
Gambit Gaming 5 13 1.98 1502.92
Copenhagen Wolves 4 14 2.31 1525.70

Schedule and Betting Odds – LCS EU Season 4 Summer Split Week 8*

EU LCS Week 8 brings another 8 League of Legends matches. The eighth week of the European LCS Summer Split takes place on Thursday, July 10th,  and Friday July 11th. The Live stream starts at 18:00 CEST.  To get a better overview about the favorites and underdogs take a look at the betting odds and compare for yourself. If you want to know more a certain esports betting site, take a look at our betting sites reviews.
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Preview and Predictions LCS EU LCS EU Week 8 Day 1

ROC vs SK ( July 10 9:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST)
(Head to Head Record during Season 4 Summer Split: ROC 0-2 against SK)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team roccatLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK GamingSK Gaming got destroyed by Alliance last week and Roccat will have to fight with similar firepower. Roccat has been the underdog this split and the time may have come for the team to rise back up to where they were last split. Roccat won three out of four games last week against Millenium, Copenhagen Wolves, and Gambit Gaming but these three teams had clear weaknesses and two of the three have faced tough competition the entire split. If this is any indication, Roccat will have to furthermore tighten their grip into the game especially now that they are going to face a tougher team in SK Gaming. What Roccat needs to do is to consider picking yet another pick composition with Elise and Ryze. Their single target pick composition allowed them to snatch one person at a time while maintaining a very safe distance especially with Morgana and Ryze. If Roccat can play like their game against Millenium, then they have a good chance that they can put a dent on SK Gaming's standings.

Prediction: Roccat needs to do lane swaps to catch people out in the jungle. Once that happens, they can snowball the game in their favor.

TOP Game LCS EU Week 8

LCS EU Team Supa Hot CrewLCS EU Team Fnatic: all 5 membersSHC vs FNC

(July 10 10:00 PDT/ 13:00 EDT/ 19:00 CEST)
(Head to Head: FNC 0-2 vs. SHC)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Supa Hot Crew vs. Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Fnatic

10 Wins 11
3.62 KDA 5.50
1639 GpM 1701

Supa Hot Crew rose to the challenge this split and became the team they needed to be in order to avoid relegation. From seventh place last split, they are currently at the fifth spot but it is still not enough for the young Crew. This week, they will face the revitalized Fnatic who have scored four wins last week. Both teams are the top two when it comes to KDA with Fnatic having 8.39 and Supa Hot Crew with 5.63. Supa Hot Crew may be the next generation's Fnatic as they are clearly following the steps of Fnatic all across the statistics board. Wherever Fnatic goes, Supa Hot Crew follows and this will be an interesting game this week as the younger Crew tries to beat the older much experienced team. And this is also where their strengths lie. Fnatic relies on the late game where they play solidly while Supa Hot Crew are still struggling with decision making during the late game.

With that, it is easy to tell who can win this game but Supa Hot Crew is steadily becoming a beast in the late game as well especially with SELFIE and MrRalleZ. SELFIE has always been at the top of the pack when it comes to farming up gold and translate them to items. However, their gold does not always mean that they have the items to win them the game. There are instances during their match against Alliance that Mimer was tanking the Baron and everyone was moving away when Mimer's Shyvanna initiated on the enemy and yet flashed out since no one was able to follow-up. This led to their demise. This is where Supa Hot Crew's weakness lie and they need to patch it up before the Playoffs begin.

Lane matchup to watch: SELFIE vs xPeke. SELFIE constantly earns the top spot for gold earners with this week at 408 gold per minute and an 18k gold average per game. SELFIE's Lulu and Kassadin has been a breakthrough for him especially now that Ziggs has been constantly banned against him. It will be a delight to watch as both midlaners shove each other's lanes to farm up gold and gank.

Prediction: However, experience is the name of the game and Fnatic's years of experience will help them outwit the younger team.

MIL vs ALL ( July 10 11:00 PDT/ 14:00 EDT/ 20:00 CEST)
(ALL 2-0 against MIL)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team MilleniumLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team AllianceMillenium fell at an all time low this split in the standings with one win and three losses last week. Although Millenium played by their strengths in lane and in pick compositions during their matches, they were still outsmarted with better picks especially during their match against Supa Hot Crew. The Crew had better lockdown potential than Millenium hence they were able to catch people left and right. Alliance on the other hand rarely take pick compositions and instead go for the straight out brawler champions that excel in teamfights like Braum, Nami, Lucian, Shyvana, and Orianna. Although Alliance already has two wins against Millenium, Millenium has the advantage at this point. They can easily pick off players from Alliance before they go to teamfighting. Alliance needs to stop this from happening by grouping together and warding better in order to avoid picks. Millenium will surely want a lane swap on this matchup in order to catch people out in the jungle during their rotations so Alliance needs better warding this time.

Prediction: If Alliance can prevent ganks and picks from Millenium, they can take the game to late game and dominate there.

CW vs GMB (July 10 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(CW 1-1 against GMB)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Copenhagen WolvesLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Gambit GamingBoth these teams have tried their best to surpass their current standing and for both teams, only one has the potential to avoid relegation this split. And it is the Copenhagen Wolves. Sorry to say, Gambit Gaming has lost it this split. They start out strong especially with Diamond on Evelynn but later on they get caught out especially with Darien making questionable choices and Edward getting picked off when he is out of position. Copenhagen Wolves on the other hand has a better potential in escaping relegation especially during their match against Alliance where they dominated the top team. It was quite a surprise that the Wolves played so well against the top team in the EU LCS. They closed the game with only one death on their side but racked up a lot of kills from Alliance. This goes to show that if the Wolves play well and the game turns in their favor, they can easily snowball the game into a win. Gambit ended the superweek with a disappointing 1.47 KDA and zero wins on their side while the Wolves got 1.6 and a single win.

Prediction: In theory and based on previous games alone, Copenhagen Wolves has a much larger chance of defeating Gambit on this game. Update: Gambit is playing with two new players this week!

Preview and Predictions LCS EU LCS EU Week 8 Day 2

GMB vs SHC (July 11 9:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST)
(GMB 1-1 against SHC)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Gambit GamingLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Supa hot crewWith their current standings, Gambit is planning on changing their roster even at a crucial time like this. Gambit Gaming has officially announced that they are indeed looking for players in the jungle and top lane. And because of that, it will highly impact the way the team once again plays like what happened with NiQ when he joined the team. Gambit will most likely face the dangers of relegation for the first time in League of Legends. If they are not able to win most of the games from here on out.

Prediction: Supa Hot Crew once again dominates Gambit. Update: Gambit is playing with two new players this week!

FNC vs SK (July 11 10:00 PDT/ 13:00 EDT/ 19:00 CEST)
(FNC 1-1 against SK)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team FnaticLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK GamingFnatic was largely dominant last week during their match against Alliance where they were able to pick people off. Alliance and SK Gaming has almost the same weakness and that is when people come out of nowhere and destroy them in a 2v1 situation. This is why Fnatic needs to clean up their rotations and have Cyanid choose a more aggressive champion like Elise or even Evelynn. His Elise play has been phenomenal and was able to lock down important targets especially during the laning phase. It will be a challenge for Cyanide though as Svenskeren also loves to play junglers that isolate and burst down targets. But based on statistics, Cyanide is the clear winner last week with an average KDA of 4.38 against Svenskeren's 3.32. Cyanide had a 70.77 percent kill participation in all of his games and died only 5 times. In fact, the entire team deserved their wins last week when they were able to snatch 18 dragons and had dragon control almost 90 percent of the time. This week though is another story as SK Gaming will most likely want to seek revenge. But will SK get their upper hand?

Prediction: Most likely not. Fnatic is a team that rides their momentum and it is clear that the Superweek was all they need to bounce back from their losses.

CW vs MIL ( July 11 11:00 PDT/ 14:00 EDT/ 20:00 CEST)
(CW 1-1 aginst MIL)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Copenhagen WolvesLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team MilleniumDuring their match against SK Gaming, the Copenhagen Wolves had no clue what they were during the entire time. It was like they were playing as individuals and not as a team. When they were up against Alliance however, they packed the punch that knocked Alliance and sent them back to reality that the Wolves are still LCS caliber. It was a clean sweep from them. If the Wolves continue to play hit or miss, it will be very difficult for the audience to predict what they are going to do and how their games will turn out. Millenium on the other hand knows their laning phase and if something goes wrong they know that the game they are playing is not in their favor. One team has the awareness while the other doesn't have and this game will favor the team who has that.

Prediction: Millenium will take another win against Copenhagen Wolves.

ALL vs ROC (July 11 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team AllianceLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team roccatBoth teams showed their level of dominance last week. Alliance took down SK Gaming in a matter of 20 minutes while Roccat got back on their feet and methodically disposed their opponents left and right like they did in the Spring Split. But, it seems that Alliance has the better statistics between the two. Alliance has a 4.93 KDA against Roccat's 3.06 with 13 champions killed per game on average against Roccat's 9.83. Still, Roccat is the team to watch out for the rest of the split as they are bound to find their way back up to the top.

Prediction: But for this game, it is Alliance's game to win.

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