LCS EU Summer Split 2014 – Week 5 Preview

Last week, we saw Copenhagen Wolves forfeit their match against Roccat bringing Roccat up to the seventh spot while the Wolves sink down to the eighth. SK Gaming showed a bit of weakness for pick compositions while Alliance continue to dominate the standings at the top. Meanwhile, Millenium surged back up to 2-0 this week but will they be able to keep the momentum up? Meanwhile, Supa Hot Crew falls back down to the fourth spot and ties with Fnatic. This week, we will be taking a break from the LCS Studio in Cologne and travel to London at the SSE Arena in Wembly for an exclusive all-weekend LCS EU. Will the teams bring their A game for the British fans? Find out which teams are most likely to snatch victories below. Make sure to check out our weekly LCS News and welcome to Week 5 of the European LCS Summer Split 2014!

LCS EU S4 Summer Split Week 5 Facts:

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Standings and Stats LCS EU before Summer Split Week 5

Team Wins Losses Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
Alliance 8 2 5.35 1693.03
SK Gaming 7 3 4.23 1710.47
Millenium 6 4 4.17 1672.64
Fnatic 5 5 5.27 1659.26
Supa Hot Crew 5 5 3.25 1602.47
Gambit Gaming 4 6 1.9 1513.35
ROCCAT 3 7 2.6 1520.28
Copenhagen Wolves 2 8 2.51 1518.35

Schedule and Odds – Season 4 | Summer Split EU Week 5*

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Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 5 Day 1

TOP Game LCS EU Week 5

SK Gaming - LCS EU TeamLCS EU Team AllianceSK vs ALL

(June 21 09:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST)
(Head to Head SS 2014: SK 0-1 against ALL)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK Gaming vs. Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Alliance

7 Wins 5
4.23 KDA 5.35
1710 GpM 1693

SK Gaming tails around Alliance in second place th entire split so far. They have showed dominance over their matches against Supa Hot Crew, Copenhagen Wolves, Millenium, and Roccat. But, during their match against Fnatic last week, they should a very convincing weakness against pick compositions. Fnatic was able to pick them off one by one with the help of Evelynn and Twisted Fate. Although the laning phase was quite balanced, it was when both Fnatic's jungler and midlaner reached level 6 when things started ramping up. In the end, Fnatic got the best of SK Gaming when they were able to catch Jesiz's Ziggs often as well as subdue CandyPanda. This clearly goes to show that SK Gaming had a few hiccups along the way as they were not able to ward well against an Evelynn. Although they have good wave clear and siege potential, SK Gaming had a very limited amount of disengage when Fnatic began to pick them off. nRated's Thresh could only save a few at a time Jesiz hardly manage to make a bleep in the current KDA ratio. He had 1-7-3 in that match.

Alliance might try to copy what Fnatic has done with SK Gaming. Wickd loves to play Irelia and has even brought her out a few couple of times before. Froggen's Anivia is also a good choice for isolating a certain champion from the rest of the team and burst the enemy down immediately. Shook's Lee Sin can be a dominating force during the laning phase especially pre-level 6 but an Evelynn or an Elise can also be a good pick. All of this will boil down to the pick and ban phase of the game. If Alliance can squeeze these champions into the game, they have far better chances of winning the game than SK Gaming does. However, if SK manages to sniff a hint of Alliance's plan then a heavy disengage composition would be a better counter. Both Nidalee and Lulu can do pretty well against a Twisted Fate or Anivia at mid lane. Froggen is far more superior in the midlane than Jesiz. He has over 9.6 KDA while Jesiz has only 4.43 when both are being compared. Jesiz meanwhile has far more gold than Froggen does since he loves to play with Ziggs. Froggen on the other hand is notably more competent in Anivia and securing kills for the team hence they are not far enough with the amount of gold earned per game.

Prediction: It all goes down to whether Alliance can sneak in a few champions with great pick potential for SK or SK can prevent that from happening by banning certain champions from Alliance.

SHC vs CW (June 21 10:00 PDT/ 13:00 EDT/ 19:00 CEST)
(CW 0-1 against SHC)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Supa hot crewLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Copenhagen WolvesCopenhagen Wolves' forfeited the game last week hence Roccat was able to grab a point without breaking any sweat. This time though, they may look for blood as they have missed an opportunity to get back from their slump. But, will the Wolves get their third win for this split against a resurging Supa Hot Crew? The last time Copenhagen Wolves faced Supa Hot Crew, MrRalleZ and the team decimated the Wolves. All in all, the Crew is still at the top of their game even if they dropped two games last week. SELFIE still has the best gold earn per game on average and is still one of the top gold earners per game. MrRalleZ is also raking gold per game with 17k gold on average. When talking about Supa Hot Crew, they have what it takes to really farm up and extend the laning phase as much as possible but the problem now is they do not have any idea what they need to do to close out the game. Woolite and MrRalleZ are far too different from each other. MrRalleZ knows that farming up would be able to get his team to late game where he can shine with champions like Lucian and formerly Jinx. This was how Supa Hot Crew was able to win games against Roccat, Copenhagen Wolves, and Gambit. In fact, Supa Hot Crew is the top gold earner of Week 4 in the EU LCS with a total of 725k against Copenhagen Wolves' 533k. That alone speaks a lot about Copenhagen Wolves' abilities to farm up well.

Prediction: If Copenhagen Wolves cannot keep up with the Crew even on the gold lead then they won't be able to keep up with the game.

MIL vs ROC (June 21 11:00 PDT/ 14:00 EDT/ 20:00 CEST)
(ROC 0-1 against MIL)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team MilleniumLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team roccatMillenium has always been a wildcard eversince last season when they were Team Alternate. At one glance, they perform very well and at times they suddenly lose out. Much like last split, they were very strong early on but fumbled by the end of the split. This split however, they have improved a lot. Their midlaner Kerp has been MVP of the week twice now and their bottom lane synergy has improved a lot. In fact, Millenium's KDA ratio is at the top four with their constant showing of aggression. Kerp has an average of 5.7 champions killed per game than Overpow's 3.1. Kerp has a much better showing of statistics than Overpow across the board. Even their support player Jree has a better KDA ratio than Vander with 3.7 against 2.33 for the Roccat player.

Prediction: Roccat needs to do something with their current strategy. It seems that their stint during the Spring split was just a fluke.

GMB vs FNC (June 21 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(FNC 0-1 against GMB)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Gambit GamingLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team FnaticGambit used to be a powerhouse team and sad to say, they have never been down this much. On top of that, four Gambit players won't be able to play for the team this weekend at the LCS stage in London. (Read more in the LCS Newsfeed) The four remaining original members of Gambit Gaming are out for this weekend and will be replaced by Cabochard at the top lane, Loulex for the jungle, NiQ will remain in the mid lane while Fury III and SWAGLORD will take the bottom lane duo.

Prediction: Fnatic takes an easy win against Gambit.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 5 Day 2

ROC vs GMB (June 22 9:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST)
(GMB 0-1 against ROC)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team roccatLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Gambit GamingWhether this matchup will come to favor Roccat is highly likely as  a completely changed Gambit (4 players cannot play due to visa issues) won't have the time to fully come up with a strategy especially for an LCS caliber team like Roccat.

Prediction: There have been histories that players substituting for the team come out as winners but in this scenario, it is highly unlikely that Gambit will get a win.

SK vs SHC (June 22 10:00 PDT/ 13:00 EDT/ 19:00 CEST)
(SHC 0-1 against SK)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK GamingLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Supa hot crewIn theory, SK Gaming would be the stronger team especially with Supa Hot Crew missing another original member from their team as Wewillfailer will be replaced by Yerrow this week. Although the team has successfully practiced with Yerrow in preparation for this week, it is still up in the air whether the Crew will stand a chance against SK Gaming. Synergy is key in the bottom lane and if SK Gaming's CandyPanda and nRated sniff out any form of disarray from Supa Hot Crew's bottom lane duo, they can easily take advantage of it. Svenskeren can easily camp out the bottom lane and snowball the game out of proportion. This is why Supa Hot Crew needs to rotate their champions effeciently to avoid ganks from the jungler and avoid having them play against a better duo lane. If they can successfully stall out the game and let MrRalleZ have all the farm he can get, they can stand a chance to win this game.

Prediction: If Supa Hot Crew gets caught out with their rotations, they're doomed.

FNC vs MIL (June 22 11:00 PDT/ 14:00 EDT/ 20:00 CEST)
(MIL 0-1 against FNC)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team FnaticLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team MilleniumMillenium's resurgence last week was due to the fact that Kerp has brought his A game with him. Svenskeren was right where Kerp needs him to be in order to pull out successful ganks for him to farm up his lane. Creaton went 7-1-8 against his match with Supa Hot Crew and 5-1-14 against his match with Gambit last week. The team was able to pull off an amazing 149k gold during the entire week which is far from what Fnatic has done with 133k. This week though, Millenium is bound to prove to the British audience why they are a good team. If Kerp gets Twisted Fate once again, he can teleport down to the bottom lane to shut down Rekkles and Yellowstar and prevent him from snowballing the game. xPeke may have been successful with Twisted Fate between their match against SK Gaming and this might prove to be a race on who gets Twisted Fate first. If the team bans out Leblanc then xPeke will be forced to play Nidalee or Ziggs while Kerp can pick up Twisted Fate. If not then Kerp can steal away Leblanc and wreck even more chaos in the midlane. The midlane is for xPeke to lose if Kerp gets the champion he needs.

Prediction: Even if Fnatic bans out certain champions, they are still unable to counter Millenium's pick composition.

ALL vs CW (June 22 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(CW 0-1 against ALL)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team AllianceLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Copenhagen WolvesCopenhagen Wolves have not shown any great promise to be in the top for this split. The EU LCS in London may have their final match of the week to be a one sided match this time.

Prediction: Alliance dominates Copenhagen Wolves right from the start.

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