LCS EU Summer Split 2014 – Week 10 Preview

Last week, Alliance got back to their original form and went 2-0 while Fnatic and Millenium continue their winning streak as well. SK and Roccat get blown up ending the week with a 0-2 while Supa Hot Crew and Copenhagen Wolves manage to get a single win before Week 9 ended. Gambit continue their losing streak now for the eighth time in a row. How will this week's standing affect their chances of getting into the Playoffs and into the Finals? Find out how in the Week 10 Preview of the European LCS.

LCS EU Season 4 Summer Split Week 10 Facts:

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Standings and Stats LCS EU before Summer Split Week 10

Team Wins Losses Avg. KDA Avg. Gold / Minute
Alliance 16 6 4.69 1691.30
Fnatic 15 7 5.90 1742.91
Millenium 12 10 3.79 1629.51
Supa Hot Crew 12 10 3.52 1641.94
SK Gaming 11 11 3.26 1655.07
ROCCAT 10 12 3.20 1568.12
Copenhagen Wolves 7 15 2.48 1559.45
Gambit Gaming 5 17 1.88 1477.67

Schedule and Betting Odds – LCS EU Season 4 Summer Split Week 10*

Week 10 of the European LCS Summer Split of Season 4 is the last normal match week before the upcoming LCS EU Playoffs and Qualifiers for the League of Legends World Championship. After this week 10 is another Super Week an that's it for the European Summer Split 2014. The tenth week of the European LCS Summer Split takes place on Thursday, July 24th, and Friday July 25th. The Live stream starts at 18:00 CEST on both match days. On each day 4 matches are played. The semi-finals of the EU Challenger Series are taking places after the matches of the LCS teams We have listed the betting odds of the online betting sites offering bets for the League of Legends Championship Series. If you want to know more a certain esports betting site, take a look at our betting sites reviews.
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Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 10 Day 1

ROC vs GMB (July 24 9:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 CEST)
Head to Head Record in Season 4 Summer Split: (ROC 3-0 against GMB)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team roccatLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Gambit GamingRoccat earlier on showed how well they play the lane rotations during their match against Supa Hot Crew but everything blew up in their face when they were not able to get the gold they needed to face the impending doom that is MrRalleZ and SELFIE. If the team was unable to secure enough gold for their own carries through lane rotations then they might as well take it to the standard laning phase. Every team fight they happened to be in suddenly turned around in favor of Supa Hot Crew. But this week, they are in luck as they will be facing Gambit once more. Gambit has been on a downward spiral and it will only continue. It is only a matter of time before Gambit will face relegation to a much stronger Challenger teams if they are not quick enough to adapt to the meta.

Gambit's gameplay has been sloppy this split. They either give up dragon control or get caught left and right. Warding has never been their greatest asset and with the rise of pick compositions, they are more in danger of getting caught out of position more than ever. Seriously though, Gambit needs a retooling.

Prediction: Even on a bad day, if Roccat is up against Gambit, Roccat still wins this match.

MIL vs CW (July 24 10:00 PDT/ 13:00 EDT/ 19:00 CEST)
(MIL 1-2 against CW)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team MilleniumLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Copenhagen WolvesLast week, Millenium made a valiant effort in making their lockdown composition work and it took them to greater heights. Kerp pulled out a Xerath while the rest got Elise and Leona all of which are able to lock down opponents for long periods of time and be able to give kills to their carries. Creaton even got a quadrakill out of their recent match because of how his teammates were able to grab hold of people. During their second game last week, Millenium demonstrated just how good they were at the laning phase. Kerp made good use of Twisted Fate and teleported all throughout the map while Jree and Kottenx had impeccable objective control. It was as if Millenium was in control of the game.

This week though, they will continue their dominating streak as they are up against Copenhagen Wolves. However, Copenhagen Wolves have acquired the services of former Complexity jungler Brokenshard and their new mid laner Soren. Brokenshard and Soren's debut in the EU LCS have earned them a win and have pushed the team to a new angle. Brokenshard and Soren were the members they need in order to get the machine fully oiled up. Brokenshard was everywhere on the map while Soren held the mid lane quite well. It is expected that Brokenshard and Soren will continue to play for the team until the end of the split now that they have a good chance of getting wins even at this late of the split.

Prediction: However, they are up against Millenium which makes it more difficult for Brokenshard and the team to really make an effort to win this game.

Feat. TOP Game LCS EU Week 10

LCS EU Team FnaticLCS EU Team Alliance all 5 membersFNC vs. ALL

(July 24 11:00 PDT/ 14:00 EDT/ 20:00 CEST)
(FNC 1-2 against ALL)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK Fnatic vs. Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Alliance

15 Wins 16
5.90 KDA 4.69
1743 GpM 1691

Last week, Fnatic soared to new heights as they showed just how well they play when they are winning. Fnatic is now on a 8 winning streak. Cyanide has been excellent at objective control especially with the dragon in fact he was able to steal not one but two dragons out of two different games thanks to Yellowstar's ability to ward and time dragon as well. Rekkles has been the star of the week for the team after being able to grab a pentakill from their match against Copenhagen Wolves which made him the MVP of the week with 24 KDA.

Alliance on the other hand has also risen back to what they once were after a disappointing Week 8. Alliance has attempted to bring Riven into the game but not as a top lane fighter but a more active role as the jungler. In fact, it has made an impression so much that Shook took Riven out in their second game as well. Shook had great objective control which will surely clash with Cyanide's skills come this match. Xerath has also made his way to the Rift this week and Froggen made good use of his poke and siege playstyle. In fact, after their first match more and more LCS players are taking Xerath seriously now that his potential as a good poke champion as well as his ability to lock down opponents with two crowd control spells has been effective so far.

Lane matchup to watch out for: Jungle. Cyanide versus Shook. On initial thought, Cyanide has the edge over Shook after his recent outing as the jungler for Fnatic. Cyanide has a 4.62 KDA against Shook's 3.6 when both are being compared on average. Although they are dead even on their gold income per minute, their ability to gank lanes are more in favor of Cyanide with 2.27 average champions killed per game while Shook only has 2.05. Whether or not Shook has played a newer, out of meta jungler has caused this anomaly, there is still that lingering thought of how much lane pressure and teamfight presence Shook can have if he plays the standard junglers instead of Riven. Come to think of it, Cyanide's KDA ratio took a nosedive from last week 23 to this week's 2.7 while on the other hand Shook's KDA jettisoned up to the skies with a KDA of 18 from last week's 1.0. This goes to show that Shook was even more effective in the jungle this week than Cyanide as everyone thought would have been.

Prediction: In the end, the presence of their junglers mean everything to both teams and as of now, they are a dead even match.

SK vs SHC (July 24 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(SK 2-1 against SHC)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK GamingLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Supa hot crewSK Gaming has been slacking off lately after their poor outing on Week 8. In fact, it all started during the second Superweek when they were unable to grab more wins than losses. They ended the second Superweek with two wins and two losses. This result is not enough for SK to take a lead in the standings which may have affected their morale. By the time Week 8 and 9 rolled in, their gameplay became sloppier and sloppier often times giving kills out of the blue. Their ultimate test begins now as the Playoffs are just around the corner. If they are able to turn things around this week, they can ride the momentum once more towards the end of the split and may even get a chance to see the Worlds Stage at this point. But, if they are not able to get things done with their match against the Supa Hot Crew then they are in trouble.

Prediction: Supa Hot Crew might have a good shot at winning this game.

Preview and Predictions LCS EU Week 10 Day 2

SK vs ROC (July 25 9:00 PDT/ 12:00 EDT/ 18:00 cEST)
(SK 2-1 against ROC)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK GamingLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team roccatSK Gaming has been playing with a lot of difficulties lately. Their communication seem to be at fault. There was a time when Jesiz and Svenskeren were not communicating properly thus sending Jesiz in the middle of the teamfight while Svenskeren, at full health, was leaping out after seeing Jesiz into the fray. This clearly shows the lack of communication on both of them and may even be the ultimate problem of the team. If they can clear up this problem this week by playing methodically, they are clearly ahead of the game especially with Roccat down from last week's two losses.

Prediction: SK Gaming takes a win.

FNC vs MIL (July 25 10:00 PDT/ 13:00 EDT/ 19:00 CEST)
(FNC 2-1 against MIL)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team FnaticLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team MilleniumThis match would have been the game of the week had it not for Fnatic riding the momentum they needed to get back to the top. Fnatic is a momentum-based team. If they are on a losing streak, the lose hard but when they have their morale up, they win hard. This is why Millenium got the short end of the stick as they play on a per-match basis while Fnatic is on the lookout to extend their winning streak. However, this does not mean that this matchup would not be an entertaining one to watch. Lookout for Kerp and xPeke duking out in the middle lane as to who has far better laning phase.

Prediction: Fnatic continues their winning streak.

SHC vs GMB (July 25 11:00 PDT/ 14:00 EDT/ 20:00 CEST)
(SHC 2-1 against GMB)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Supa hot crewLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Gambit GamingSupa Hot Crew is playing a double edged sword. At one time, they play according to plan by picking people left and right while on another, they are the ones getting picked. They end up giving control of the dragon to the opposing teams while getting picked off in the process of running away. This can be blamed due to the lack of wards from the team. It disables them from knowing where the enemy team is and when they realize it, it is already too late for them to react and the enemy team has already collapsed on them. Impaler and Kasing needs to sort this problem out by placing more wards in key areas of the map. However, in this matchup Gambit also share the same problem but Supa Hot Crew is far better at farming and teamfighting which will allow them to get ahead of the Russian team.

Prediction: Even with Darien back on the team this week, Gambit will still continue their losing streak.

ALL vs CW (July 25 12:00 PDT/ 15:00 EDT/ 21:00 CEST)
(ALL 2-1 against CW)

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team AllianceLogo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Copenhagen WolvesEven with Brokenshard and Soren playing again for the team this week, they will still have more problems that need to be fixed. Brokenshard and Soren have fixed a few of that and the team is heading in a good direction. The results are quite good for the team especially with the addition of Brokenshard. They now have a jungler that is willing to initiate and tank for the team but synergy and shotcall is still the number one problem for the team.

Prediction: The Wolves might once again turn out having no wins this week.

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