LCS EU Spring Split Promotion Recap

LCS EU LogoAfter a few months without League of Legends action, the time has come for the European League Championship Series or the EU LCS to come forth and start the new season with the Spring Split. Teams under relegation had to fight it out with up and coming teams from the Challenger series in order to either defend their spot in the Spring Split of the League of Legends LCS Season 4 or they will drop off from the tournament. For the EU LCS, SK Gaming, MeetYourMakers, and Ninjas in Pyjamas have fallen under relegation after a tough Summer Split in Season Three. They will face Challenger teams from all over Europe like Kiedys Mialem Team or KMT, SUPA HOT CREW XD, and Copenhagen Wolves.

Copenhagen Wolves vs MeetYourMakers

ESL Arena Cologne - the eSports arena where the matches of the LCS EU Promotion where heldThe fight between these two teams have always been back and forth. A few members of MYM have been former members of the Copenhagen Wolves and vice versa so both teams know each other pretty well. It was time for them to see who can come out on top with the first promotional match of the series. MYM took down CW in fashionable way by beating down the Wolves by picking new sets of champions including Dr. Mundo top and Evelynn jungle as well as Ziggs mid. Copenhagen Wolves was down in the first game but it did not discouraged them to put up a fight. This time, the Wolves take a more aggressive approach after feeling out the enemy team with their first game. After a double kill at the first few minutes of the game, CW's carry Forg1ven was able to farm up and led them the first victory of the series.

By the third match, CW's top laner was finally able to shine with his Renekton play and outplayed Kubon's Shyvanna. Renekton grabbed First Blood and became tanky enough to soak up damage from Makler's Sivir and Czaru's Orianna. Copenhagen Wolves took the game once again from MeetYourMakers. By the fourth match, it was a do or die situation for MYM as their spot in the LCS is now under threat. The fourth game started with a bang for CW's carry as he scored First Blood and rode the momentum. Threatened by the thought of losing their spot, MYM's nerves took the best of them and the Wolves saw this as an opportunity to finally take down the team and sweep a victory 3-1. Copenhagen Wolves returns to the LCS and MeetYourMakers is out of the series.


MYM vs CW Game 1 –

MYM vs CW Game 2 –

MYM vs CW Game 3 –


The famous question surrounding SK Gaming against SUPA HOT CREW XD was if SK Gaming is still a viable team after changing their roster. In the first game, SHC was at their best by taking objectives left and right and beating their former team mates in SK Gaming. It looked grim for SK Gaming by the second match when they were down in both kills, turrets, and gold as SHC rode their advantage and came out as victor. It was a hard time for SK Gaming and the players were in serious threat and are slowly giving in to tilt. But, there was always hope for the team who tried to forget their losses and started a new perspective in the game. The third match would soon start and SK always had the potential to break SHC's game. This time, SK seemed to have found the enemy team's weakness and gambled on it. SHC's Impaler was nullified in the early and mid game and became a liability during the later stages of the game. This brought new hope and energy to the down and beaten SK team. The team finally saw a window of opportunity as they were able to start teamfights left and right knowing that a member of the opposing team has been neutralized. This snowballed the game and led SK Gaming their first victory and raised their morale.

After their amazing clutch win against SHC, SK Gaming was back in the game. This time they were able to take advantage of their new found hope and strategy in order to solidify their lineup with a full tank Dr. Mundo and jungle Shyvanna. SK was able to initiate fights with either Shyvanna's Dragon's Descent or Annie's Tibbers. Mundo would simply tank all the damage while Ziggs and Jinx would do all the damage for the team. This was too much for SHC's quite squishy lineup of Elise, Orianna, Ezreal, and Zyra with only Renekton to soak up the damage and SK Gaming took the victory tying up the series 2-2.

Now, you can easily feel the tension as both casters and the audience were excited of this best of 5 match on who gets the spot for the LCS. Ultimately, it was SK Gaming that came out victorious over their last match against SUPA HOT CREW XD. This was by far one of the most exciting match ups in recent LCS history and SK Gaming took a sigh of relief after their tango with death.


SK vs SHC Game 1 –

SK vs SHC Game 2 –

SK vs SHC Game 3 –

SK vs SHC Game 4 –

SK vs SHC Game 5 –

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs Kiedys Mialem Team

The first match of the series started off very passive with no deaths in the first 15 minutes of the game. But, as the teams started farming up, teams were anticipating a huge blowup in the mid game and explosion happened left and right. NiP tried to take control of Dragon but KMT was able to subdue two of them in an instant. From that time on, KMT was able to control the game and took a point for winning the first match. The second match saw how KMT was able to respond to threat when they were down an inner turret in the bot lane by taking the inner mid lane turret against NiP. NiP was able to take down a splitpushing Jax while KMT was busy doing Dragon. This however led NiP to take Baron but ultimately failed to push the lanes when KMT respawned at the right moment to counter each and every engagement that NiP created. After a fight, KMT was able to take down NiP and took Baron as well as an inhibitor against NiP. With that, they were able to push to the Nexus and secured another victory.

Things were slowly getting grim for NiP in the third match of the series. NiP tried to play a methodical game but KMT was far more superior in the methodical aspect of the game. They were able to secure Dragon. After a very good initiation from Janko's Vi, KMT was able to followup on taking down NiP's AD and AP carry and absolutely destroyed the team. This led KMT to destroy mid lane, secured Baron, destroyed NiP one last time, and grabbed the victory 3-0 from Ninjas in Pyjamas. KMT enters the EU LCS.


KMT vs NiP Game 1 –

KMT vs NiP Game 2 –

KMT vs NiP Game 3 –

Now, Kiedys Mialem Team, Copenhagen Wolves, and SK Gaming will join Fnatic, Gambit Gaming, Lemondogs, Team Alternate, and former Evil Geniuses team Alliance in the Spring Split of the European LCS.

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