EU LCS Summer Split Teams 2014

The LCS Spring Split ended with a huge explosion. Fnatic, who dominated the first few weeks of the split suddenly went into a slump but ultimately got their team together to destroy all enemy teams that were lined up against them. They took the prize as the top team in Europe by the end of the split. Teams like Gambit Gaming and Roccat were solid teams during the Spring Split but ended up being the fifth and fourth placers and secured their spot in the summer split 2014. Alliance, whose performance was lackluster during the early weeks but later found their footing near the end of the split, claim the upper echelon of the standings while SK trailed behind Fnatic. In the end, the Copenhagen Wolves, SUPA HOT CREW and Millenium failed to make it to the top spot and were facing relegation.

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For the Summer Split, teams from the Challenger Series rose to challenge the relegated teams. Teams like the crowd favorite Ninjas in Pyjamas were hyped to win and regain their spot in the LCS while Cloud 9 Tempest and Denial eSports were ready to battle it out with the relegated teams but at the end of the day all 3 LCS teams stood their ground and were able to secure their spot in the LCS Summer Split 2014.

The eight teams in the EU LCS Summer Split 2014 are:


Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Fnaticfantic all 5 membersIt was a bumpy ride for Fnatic during the Spring Split where they have to deal with a losing streak. Everyone was doubting Fnatic could ever get back on their feet but as the finals weeks of the split closed in, they began to show signs of life and blindsided everyone with a sweeping victory and took the top spot in the LCS Spring Split Payoffs and the ticket to the LoL All-Stars. This proved to people that Fnatic may seem to be down but you can never count them out just yet. Fnatic will continue to play in the LCS this Summer Split and may well be on their way back to the World Championships Stage to represent the EU Region once more.

SK Gaming

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team SK GamingSK Gaming all 5 membersAfter a few roster changes within the team, SK Gaming had a few bumps in the road early on. They were able to finally find their way into the game around Week 4 and from then on, dominated the split taking games left and right until they were able to get to the top spot. Soon after, teams like Fnatic, Alliance, Roccat, and Gambit Gaming were fighting for the top spot as each week another team rose to take the first place. SK held on to the title for a couple of weeks before being taken down but they weren't out just yet as they were able to secure a spot in the Finals of the Spring Split and only missed the mark by a few games against Fnatic. SK Gaming will continue their dominance in the LCS this Summer Split.


Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team AllianceAlliance 4 memembers of the LoL Pro-TeamAlliance was set to become the Super Team of the European Region. They were handpicked from the top players in both Solo Queue and professional play. But, during the early weeks of the Spring Split, Alliance proved to the world that gathering top players does not equally result to being the top team. The split soon became too harsh for Alliance as they were losing games on odd weeks and win games on even weeks. They were able to get their groove back around the first Superweek and finally got their chance to be on the top spot. Soon after, another team rose to challenge them and they were unable to remain at the top. It goes to show that Alliance are indeed on their way to becoming what they were destined to become. They only needed time to warm up. Alliance will remain in the LCS.


Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team roccatRoccat all 5 membersEveryone was surprised at how Roccat became the team to watch out for. No one knew what they brought to the table and when they finally showed what they were capable of, opposing teams scrambled to find a way to stop their rise to power. Roccat is a solid team and it goes to show with how well they play. Roccat will continue to blast their way in the Summer Split. Will they be able to compete at the World Championships this year? Only time will tell.

Gambit Gaming

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Gambit GamingGambit Gaming all 5 membersGambit Gaming almost fell apart when they landed the fifth spot. They were somehow off during their match in the Playoffs but fortunately, they were able to hang on by a thread to avoid relegation. Although they would still be able to beat the teams from the Challenger Series, Gambit Gaming should take this situation as a rude awakening for them. As a result long time midlaner Alex Ich left Gambit Gaming, according to his statement for varios reasons. (See the whole statement here) This is the right time for Gambit to really go through everything and see what they have done wrong in the last split and get a new setup together for summer split 2014!

Lastly, the three teams to join/rejoin the LCS are none other than: Copenhagen Wolves, SUPA HOT CREW, and Millenium. Undoubtedly, the last three teams in the EU LCS were able to hold on to their spots against tough Challenger teams like Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Copenhagen Wolves

Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Copenhagen WolvesCopenhagen Wolves all 5 membersThe Wolves showed dominance over their match against Denial eSports. It was clear who was the more experienced team during their matches. Denial eSports tried to rotate their lanes but the Wolves have learned their lesson during their time in the LCS stage and took to heart what they need to do in order to win games. The Wolves were able to counter every lane swap and were able to close the game immediately.


Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team Supa hot crewSHC all 5 membersAnother great revelation was SUPA HOT CREW. They were able to beat Cloud 9 Tempest in a very straightforward manner. C9T tried to make some plays but failed to do so everytime as Migxa's Leona was everywhere. When C9T was aggressive, the Crew turned up the heat and even went more aggressive hence the rookie team fell under pressure and the Crew won the decisive series and stayed in the LCS.


Logo of LCS EU Summer Split Team MilleniumMillenium all 5 membersMillenium has had problems all Spring Split long. They were matched  in the relegation match against the crowd favorite Ninjas in Pyjamas who were staples in the LCS stage. This time though, Millenium showed them that they more LCS-caliber than the Ninjas. The Ninjas were able to show dominance over the first games but Millenium took it as a challenge and somehow they were able to come up with a plan against Ninjas in Pyjamas. The Ninjas soon realized what Millenium was planning on doing after winning their second game with Ziggs and Ryze. They banned both champions during their last match of the series. It seemed that Millenium had nowhere to go since their go-to champions were banned out. But, just as it seems that Millenium was down on their luck, they surprised everyone with just how Millenium was able to surprise their enemy with solid picks and good counterplay against Ninjas in Pyjamas. This earned them their spot back into the LCS thus completing the eight teams in the Summer Split.


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Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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