LCS EU Teams at the LoL World Championship 2013

LCS EU Winner of Summer Split Season 3: Team Lemondogs all five members

Winner of the European LCS: Team Lemondogs

The stage is set for the world to know who is the League of Legends champion in the World Championships this coming September 2013. 14 Teams from all over the world including the Europe region will fly down to Los Angeles to duke it out with teams from Korea, SEA, China, North America, and other regions. The Group Stage will take place on September 15th to be followed by the Quarter Finals and then the Semi-Finals and lastly, the Championship Round. (More on the League of Legends World Championship 2013) For Europe, it has been an uphill battle for the Region Champions, Team Fnatic after placing at the middle of the pack in the Spring Split of Season 3. Unlike last year when they dominated the scene, Team Fnatic was on their toes with the new teams such as Lemondogs and Team Alternate. But, they soon proved to be a formidable foe as they stomped through most professional teams in the Europe scene and dominated their way to the finals to become the champions of the region.

League of Legends Team Gambit Gaming shwoing all 5 members

Moscow based Team Gambit Gaming

Lemondogs and Gambit Gaming have inched their way with two spots for the Group stage. Lemondogs have been the frontrunner in the Spring Split and only lost a couple of times during the split. They have dominated the scene early on but teams soon caught up with their strategy and rode it all the way to the finals. Gambit Gaming, formerly known as Moscow 5, was also in the middle of the pack alongside Fnatic and Evil Geniuses but they soon realized that they need to step up their game in order to get things done and find a spot for the World Championships. EG took the fall and Gambit Gaming rose to the challenge. Now, they take the final spot after Lemondogs and Fnatic.

Stepping Up To The Challenge: EU Teams Brace Themselves For The Coming Battles

Esports Pro Team Fnatic all 5 members

Fnatic from the UK

While the rest of the world brace themselves for the upcoming battles, teams from the EU region will have to step up to the plate in order to beat fan favorites like Samsung Galaxy Ozone, formerly MVP Ozone, and teams from the North American server such as Cloud 9. Gambit Gaming will have to learn new tricks in order to beat frontrunners such as C9 while Lemondogs and Fnatic should not be complacent of their own strategy. Early game dominance is the key as well as objective-based strategy is the key to winning games with the current meta but there is still a lot of factors that make or break the EU teams in the World Championships.

eSports enthusiasts will find it difficult to place bets on which team will make it through to the World Finals. All three teams have aces hidden up their sleeve and will most likely use them when the right time comes especially with their matchups being announced within this week. Now, the time has come for the EU region to really put their A-game on and secure the spot as the World Champions for League of Legends in Season 3 2013.

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