Week 10 – Jordan’s LCS Betting Strategy

The LCS Regular Season has ended for North America’s Spring Split and it ended in strong fashions the seasons top teams win their last season matches and step into Spring playoffs. In just under two weeks Pheonix 1, DIgnitas, FlyQuest and CLG will face off for the chance to win the Spring Playoffs against  NA’s usual favourites, Cloud 9 and Team SoloMid, and in turn win their ticket to MSI 2017. NA favourites closed Week 9 with a 90% match win rate and our strategy for betting on LCS Spring 2017 favourites in each match has started skyrocketing despite mid season set backs. One more week of EU LCS (where thus far, favourites have won around 80% of their matches every week) will finish off our betting for this split.

Upcoming LCS matches:

Favourites Performance last LCS week

Favourite according to betting odds won
Favourite according to betting odds lost
No favourite according to betting odds / odds too low / market not available = no bet placed

Week 9 LCS Spring Split 2017 – Results and Betting Odds
Team 1 Odds Team 2 Odds Result Bookie
Betting Group 1 SPY 1.13 VIT 5.50 2 : 0 WH
G2 1.080 GIA 8.00 2 : 0 WH
MIS 1.20 ROC 4.00 0 : 2 WH
UoL 1.08 OG 8.50 2 : 0 WH
C9 1.44 DIG 2.75 2 : 0 WH
FLY 1.62 FOX 2.20 2 : 0 WH
Betting Group 2 H2K 1.12 VIT 5.50 2 : 1 WH
FNC 1.40 GIA 2.75 2 : 1 WH
CLG 1.72 IMT 2.00 0 : 2 WH
1.20 TL
4.00 1 : 2 WH
C9 1.53 P1 2.37 2 : 0 WH
1.73 NV
2.00 2 : 1 WH
Betting Group 3 TSM 1.53 P1 2.37 2 : 0 WH
1.72 IMT
2.00 2 : 0 WH
FLY 1.66 TL 2.10 2 : 1 WH
1.30 NV
3.40 2 : 1 WH

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What did we make last week?

Results of last LCS week
Starting Investment previous Balance Performance last week Perfomance % New Balance
$200 $304.68 + $251.04 + 82,39% $555.72

Consistency is Key

Consistency finally paid off after last weekend’s round of LCS matches. North American favourites have won a consistent 80%+ of their games over the last few weeks as Europe has all season. Our current balance is pushing up to 3 times of our starting $200 balance. The weekend started with $304.68 and finished with $555.72 and with only 1 week left of only European games it is safe to say that our strategy will have successfully returned us above 3 times of what we started with at the beginning of the season – likely much better returns than a lot who bet on LCS or any sport!

Many would have quit after the big slump in Week 4 and 5. Some weeks returned much worse than others and it would have been easy to jump ship from North America completely and only have faith in the region where the who’s meant to win almost always wins! But for a lot of the season, performance normalised and over a 9 week period we can see how numbers compound and return much more than a few punts (all of which could lose) will do.

After next week’s last EU round we will have a break down of exactly how well this strategy matched up against my theory that LCS favourites win 80%+ of their matches across a season, and that the Bo3 format would support that idea. We’ll also look into how LCS teams have performed in playoffs in the past and what we can predict from the upcoming games starting April 8th.

Bets for Week 10

There are only 8 games next week as the final week of Regular Season for the EU region. That means four games in each Betting Group which increases our risk for the week, although European favourites have performed so consistently that it isn’t a week for worry. The odds are up and the bets are ready to be placed to finish of the Regular Season. As always I measure our potential by the scenario that ALL favourites win at the current odds, which in this case means $555.72 would mean we finish the season with $861.29. The bets and their groups are as below (Odds below are taken from bet365):

Betting Group 1 UOL 1.66 SPY 2.10
G2 1.12 FNC 5.50
H2K 1.062 OG 8.00
MIS 1.14 GIA 5.00
Betting Group 2 UOL 1.10 VIT 6.50
G2 1.10 ROC 6.50
H2K 1.66 SPY 2.10
MIS 1.44 FNC 2.62

Betting Group 1

EU Day 1 and Day 2

  • Unicorns of Love paying 1.66
  • G2 Esports paying 1.12
  • H2K paying 1.062
  • Misfits paying 1.14

Winning Value per Bet = 555.72/ ((1/1.66) + (1/1.12) + (1/1.062) + (1/1.14))

Winning Value per Bet = $167.69

Stakes Group 1

  • Unicorns of Love’s stake is $101.02
  • G2 Esports’ stake is $149.72
  • H2K’s stake is $157.90
  • Misfits’ stake is $147.10

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