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An exciting summer season of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2017 lies behind us and we already arrived at the semifinals of the Summer Split LCS 2017 playoffs. Only four different teams are still in the race for the title of the Summer Champion – an achievement which will guarantee a fixed spot for the group stage of this year's League of Legends World Championship. Surprisingly there where many upsets in the playoff quarterfinals, one favourite team already got eliminated from the tournament and G2 Esports also had to go over the full five game distance in their clash against Splyce. The Summer Split semifinals will even be more challenging for these teams, eventually the two best teams of the season are awaiting their opponents on Summoner's Rift. Only two more wins are separating these challengers from the title Champion of the Summer Split, an unlucky day could mean the end of the race. The EU LCS Summer Split semifinals will start on August 26th, so don't miss turning in for more League of Legends action!

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EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2017 – Semifinals | Facts:

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  • Date: 08/26/2017 – 08/27/2017
  • Start Time: see schedule below
  • Format: 2 matches | One best of five match per day
  • Location: EU LCS Studio – Berlin
  • Patch: LoL 7.16
  • Live stream for all matches
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League of Legends Icon Schedule and Results – EU LCS Summer Semifinals 2017

With pain and misery the G2 Esports squad was able to qualify for the EU LCS Summer Split semifinals – the Splyce team was able make their live a living hell with some great performances on Summoner's Rift. The Unicorns bit a little bit more than they could chew in their clash against the Misfits and tilted with a score of 0:3 from the LoL planet. Fnatic seems to be the strongest team of the season but G2 Esports could easily take back their crown and dominate the league again.

Semifinals EU LCS Summer Playoffs – Schedule and Results

Semifinals #1: Team Logo Fnatic EU LCS 2017 Fnatic vs. Misfits Team Logo Misfits EU LCS 2017     1 : 3  
Start Time: August 26th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 04:00 PM BST/ 17:00 CEST

Semifinals #2: Team H2k Logo - LoL Worlds H2K Gaming vs. G2 Esports Team Logo G2 Esports EU LCS 2017     0 : 3  
Start Time: August 27th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 04:00 PM BST/ 17:00 CEST

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Preview and Predictions | EU LCS Summer Semifinals

Fnatics vs. Misfits EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 1
Semifinals #1: Team Logo Fnatic EU LCS 2017 Fnatic vs. Misfits Team Logo Misfits EU LCS 2017

Start Time: August 26th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 04:00 PM BST/ 17:00 CEST

Misfits were able to put on some extremely dominant performances on their way to the semi-finals and were able to show strength over the Unicorns of Love. They took a clean series and have shown much improvement, they were more precise and decisive which let them capitalise more often. Fnatic could have their work cut out here but will be looking to solidify their title as the top EU team. Who will come out on top? Tune into the series when it goes live on Saturday, August 26th, to find out!

Team Logo Fnatic EU LCS 2017Fnatic – FNC found their semi-final position after having an extremely dominating summer split, they had a barbaric and dominating style of play for the first half but after being decimated by the North American teams they had to adapt and advance if they wanted to stay on top. With profound improvements they were able to stay on top, can they retain their position and take the title?

Misfits EU LCS 2017 Team LogoMisfits – MSF were coming into the playoffs as an underdog team, they had the weakest standings during the summer split in comparison to every other competing team but they were not going to let that hold them back from such a phenomenal opportunity. They rose above the Unicorns of Love with dominant performances and have shown precision that was previously missing.

Fnatic look to be at an advantage here but that’s simply based on the Summer Split statistics. FNC have had additional time to prepare and practice in comparison to the teams that were competing in the Quarterfinals and with that they’ve been able to analyse the improvements of the other teams in preparation. FNC have shown strength in all aspects of the game but MSF could quickly be on their tail. MSF are going to want to play with confidence, their precision and decision making against the Unicorns of Love was the best they’ve ever shown and if they can continue improving at this pace we could be looking at an underdogs rise.

Prediction: Fnatic Victory. I still stand by the strength of Fnatic; they’ve been ahead of every other competing team because of their slightly deeper understanding of the macro game. They’ve stayed ahead of teams such as G2, who are the previous EU LCS title holders, and I expect their strengths to place them on top of this series. If MSF can continue their strong performances they’re going to give FNC a very hard time though.

H2K Gaming vs. G2 Esports EU LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 7
Semifinals #2: Team H2k Logo - LoL Worlds H2K Gaming vs. G2 Esports Team Logo G2 Esports EU LCS 2017

Start Time: August 27th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 04:00 PM BST/ 17:00 CEST

G2 Esports were able to climb into their semi-final position but on their way they faced some troubling challenges. When playing against Splyce they were caught in an extremely close series, Splyce were the 3rd place team in Group B which pales in comparison to the 1st place that H2k took in the same group. H2k are looking to rise to the finals but we’ve not seen them play for a while, are they up to the challenge? Tune into the series when it goes live on Sunday, August 27th, to find out!

Team Logo G2 Esports EU LCS 2017G2 Esports – G2 had a rough start to the summer split but were able to claw their way into a stronger position before it reached its end. They’re still bumping into challenges but have shown great ability to adapt, assisting them in coming out on top regardless of the circumstances. Even against a team such as H2k, G2 are going to be formidable in their push to the top.

Team Logo H2K Gaming EU LCS 2017H2k – H2k have been out of the competitive light whilst we’ve been waiting for the semi-finals. They earned their position in the semi-finals by conquering the majority of the EU LCS region and taking the top position in group B of the EU LCS. This time in the shadows could work greatly in their favour.

H2k look to be at an advantage here, in light of recent events this has only been solidified. G2 Esports had some serious trouble when it came to making their way into the semi-finals; they were nearly taken down by Splyce and were only just able to scrape their way into a victory. This is cause for concern as they’re about to face off against H2k, who’re sitting at the top of Group B and have had more than enough time for preparation. H2k haven’t performed recently which means competing teams have less to analyse when facing off against them, they’ve also had more time to work against the shown strategies of teams that were performing in the quarterfinals. G2 Esports are going to need to show some serious confidence during this series if they want to work their way into the finals.

Prediction: H2k Victory. H2k have been able to rise to the top of their group with great consistency, being in the shadows has given the time to make some significant preparations. With how strong H2k appeared to be in the Summer Split, in addition to the troubles G2 have recently had, I expect they’ll find a way on top of the series.

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