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With the end of the League of Legends Season 6 World Championship we’ve slowly got the start of LCS 2017 Season 7 creeping in. As is the same with previous years teams often undergo many changes during the preseason and space between seasons, these changes most often come in the form of roster changes and this year there have been many that we’ll need to keep updated! There have already been many new players introduced to teams, some of which we may not recognise! There’s been constant fighting for the best available players and unlike during the previous break there are a lot of recognisable and phenomenal players willing to change things up, surprisingly a lot of the players that have been looked into by many of well-known teams are new talent and rising players that could well be the veterans of tomorrow. With the 2016 All-Stars Tournament popping up in early December and Season 7 kicking off around January 2017 all of the organisations are working with limited time to look for the best and to build an organised team to propel their organisations up the ladder.

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Latest confirmed Roster Changes

EU LCSEU LCS 2017 Logo


  • Team Logo Unicorns of Love EU LCS 2017 The Unicorns of Love swap their AD carry – Samux replaces Veritas: Source


  • Team Logo ROCCAT EU LCS 2017 Hjarnan and Wadid find themselves in Team ROCCAT's players list according to Riot's contract database: Source


  • Team Logo Origen EU LCS 2017 xPeke announces the full Origen roster: Source


  • Team Logo Giants EU LCS 2017 AD-Carry Upset surprisingly leaves Giants: Source

NA LCSNA LCS 2017 Logo


  • Team Logo Echo Fox NA LCS 2017 Akaadian and Gate join Team Echo Fox as their new jungler and support: Source


  • Team Logo Envy NA LCS 2017 LirA and Apollo join Team EnVyUs to finalize the roster: Source


  • Dignitas HWC team logo small Team Dignitas finalizes roster for 2017: Source


  • Team Cloud9 Logo - LoL Worlds Cloud9 announces roster for the upcoming Spring Split: Source

Overview – EU LCS Roster Changes

Team  Toplane Jungle Midlane Marksman Support
Team Logo G2 Esports EU LCS 2017  Expect  Trick  PerkZ  Zven  mithy
Team Splyce Logo - LoL Worlds  Wunder  Trashy  Sencux  Kobbe  Mikyx
Team Logo Fnatic EU LCS 2017  sOAZ  Amazing  Caps  Rekkles  Jesiz
Team Logo H2K Gaming EU LCS 2017  Odoamne  Jankos  Febiven  Nuclear  Chei
Team Logo ROCCAT EU LCS 2017  Phaxi  Maxlore  Betsy  Hjarnan  Wadid
Team Logo Unicorns of Love EU LCS 2017  Vizicsacsi  Xerxe  Exileh  Samux  Hylissang
Team Logo Giants EU LCS 2017  Flaxxish  Memento  NighT  HeaQ  Hustlin
Team Logo Vitality EU LCS 2017  Cabochard  GBM/Djoko  Nukeduck  Steeelback  Hachani
Team Logo Origen EU LCS 2017  Satorius  Wisdom  NaeHyun  Tabzz  Hivva
Team Logo Misfits EU LCS 2017  Alphari  KaKao  PowerOfEvil  Hans sama  IgNar
  • Players in bold are confirmed for the EU LCS Spring Split 2017.
  • Players in regular font were part of the team last split.
  • TBA means “to be announced”.
  • Players in italic are rumors and NOT confirmed yet.
  • Players in red count as imports from other regions.

Overview – NA LCS Roster Changes

Team  Toplane Jungle Midlane Marksman Support
Team Logo TSM NA LCS 2017  Hauntzer  Svenskeren  Bjergsen  WildTurtle  Biofrost
Team CLG Logo - LoL Worlds  Darshan  Xmithie  HuHi  Stixxay  aphromoo
Team Cloud9 Logo - LoL Worlds  Impact  Contractz  Jensen  Sneaky  Smoothie
Team Logo Immortals NA LCS 2017  Flame  Dardoch  Pobelter  Cody Sun  Olleh
Team Logo Envy NA LCS 2017  Seraph  LirA  Ninja  Apollo  Hakuho
Team Logo Liquid NA LCS 2017  Lourlo  Reignover  Goldenglue / Link  Piglet  Matt
Team Logo Echo Fox NA LCS 2017  Looper  Akaadian  Froggen  Keith  Gate
Dignitas HWC team logo small  Ssumday  Chaser  Keane  LOD  Xpecial
FlyQuest NA LCS 2017 - Logo  Balls  Moon  Hai  Altec  LemonNation
Team Logo Phoenix1 NA LCS 2017  zig  Inori  Ryu  Arrow  Adrian
  • Players in bold are confirmed for the NA LCS Spring Split 2017.
  • Players in regular font were part of the team last split.
  • TBA means “to be announced”.
  • Players in italic are rumors and NOT confirmed yet.
  • Players in red count as imports from other regions.

Transfers & Roster Changes EU LCS Teams | Spring Split 2017

If you want to take a look at the full team roster check out the Teams and Players in the EU LCS Spring Split 2017.

G2 Esports

Team Logo G2 Esports EU LCS 2017G2 Esports held their own for a very long time; they made a fantastic impression in their debut split and continue to pressure the region whilst taking hold of top spots on a regular basis. This all came crashing down when it appeared that they couldn’t compete on an international level. Even when facing difficulties internationally the regional performances of this team have been phenomenal and they’ve decided to keep their roster together.

G2 Esports announcement: Source


Team Logo H2K Gaming EU LCS 2017H2k had a pretty rough split but when push came to shove they were able to put on phenomenal performances and work their way to the 2016 World Championship. They had a bit of a rough start to the World Championship but were able to push no through to the semi-finals. Their Marksman, FORG1VEN, has stepped down and is looking to make an impact in a different region. Fans didn’t worry much because H2k have had Freeze as a substitute but he also announced his free agency, this has the organisation looking for suitable talent.

Update: H2K reveals drastical changes for the upcoming 2017 Spring Split. Ryu and Vander are leaving the team as Febiven celebrates a comeback. The new botlane for the European challengers are AD carry Nuclear and support Chei from South Korea. Meanwhile Odoamne and Jankos renewed their contracts with H2K.

Forg1ven announcement: Source
Freeze announcement: Source
Odoamne and Jankos announcement: Source
Ryu leaving: Source
Febiven joining: Source
Nuclear and Chei joining: Source

Unicorns of Love

Team Logo Unicorns of Love EU LCS 2017Unicorns of Love are a fan loved and player loved team, they had quite a few upsetting performances during the split but were able to pull their way back up to the top of the standings. They unfortunately missed out on the 2016 World Championship opportunity but had shown during the recent IEM Oakland tournament that they are a force to be reckoned with. This is one of the many reasons why the organisation decided to re-sign their entire roster and to keep the team together.

Update: Against the previous announcement the Unicorns of Love decided to change their jungler Move with the upcoming talent Xerxe.

Update: The Unicorns replace their starting AD carry Veritas with Samux.

Unicorns of Love LCS Season 7 Roster Spring Split

Unicorns of Love announcement: Source
Move leaving: Source
Xerxe joining: Source
Samux joining and Veritas leaving: Source


Team Logo Fnatic EU LCS 2017One of the most recognised European Esports organisations has made a few changes of their own. After an unsuccessful season and a tiring few events their widely known and loved veteran support player YellOwStar has retired as a professional player and has become the manager of the Paris Saint-Germain Club! Their jungler Spirit has also left the team and is in pursuit of new opportunities. Their top laner Kikis still has an on-going contract with the organisation but is open to offers, according to many rumours Fnatic are looking to make an entirely European team!

Update: Febiven and Kikis are leaving the team to meet new challenges. The new Fnatic roster was officially announced and consists of toplaner sOAZ, jungler Amazing, midlaner Caps, AD carry Rekkles and support Jesiz.

YellOwStar Retirement: Source
Spirit announcement: Source
Kikis news: Source
Febiven leaving: Source
Official roster announcement: Source


Team Logo Origen EU LCS 2017Origen are undergoing many changes, after a disappointing season a lot of the players felt badly about their own individual performances and how the team performed together. 3 players quickly left the roster, top laner SoaZ, jungler Amazing and support player Hybrid; after their leaving the organisation was left in a bit of a shambles and xPeke, along with PowerOfEvil and Toaster, are looking to pick up the pieces of this previously world class team.

Update: xPeke finally announces the full Origen roster for the upcoming Spring Split 2017. As expected by many fans Satorius, Wisdom, Tabzz and Hiiva join the team. Suprisingly the new midlaner for Origen will be NaeHyun.

Amazing and SoaZ announcement: Source
Hybrid leaving: Source
Origen announcement:


Team Logo Giants EU LCS 2017The Giants will be giving Season 7 another shot, hopefully with improvements. They’ve already made a few changes to their roster with Maxlore, SmittyJ and S0NSTAR; all of which are now free agents and are yet to be signed to a new team. After their Season 6 performances they’re looking to make some significant changes to have more of an impact, looking to pick up a few high performances players; of which there are currently many available.

Update: The Giants roster for the upcoming Spring Split is partially fixed. Rookie Flaxxish debuts on top lane, Hustlin and NighT are staying and AD carry Upset joins the team. The jungle position is yet to be announced.

Update: Against all contract agreements AD carry Upset is leaving the team.

SmittyJ and S0NSTAR changes: Source
Maxlore leaving: Source
Hustlin announcement: Source
Flaxxish joining: Source
Upset joining: Source
Upset leaving: Source


Team Logo ROCCAT EU LCS 2017Roccat have released very little information about their team, contracts and perspective changes. Their Marksman, Steeelback, left the team and has already made a few moves on other possible teams, accepting an offer from Team Vitality. Roccat as an organisation have stayed quiet about their changes and haven’t made a public post since 30th October so we’re going to need to wait a little loner on this one.

Update: Some news about the new Roccat roster – support player Raise is leaving the team to join Jin Air Green Wings in South Korea and toplaner Phaxi and jungler Maxlore reinforce the Roccat team.

Update: According to Riot's player database AD carry Hjarnan and support Wadid are now part of Team Roccat.

Steeelback leaving: Source
Raise leaving: Source
Phaxi and Maxlore joining: Source
Hjarnan and Wadid joining: Source

Team Vitality

Team Logo Vitality EU LCS 2017Team Vitality had a strong and quite well performing roster during Season 6 but have looked to make a few changes during this break, they’ve already picked up a new marksman after Steeelback left Roccat! When paired with KasSing they’ll be looking to have a high impact bottom lane and will look to take over more of the EU LCS!

Update: Comprehensive changes in the Vitality roster are announced. Jungler Mightybear and support player kaSing are leaving the team and will be replaced by the South Korean players Hachani and most likely LirA or GBM in the jungle. Furthermore Nukeduck renews his contract with the team.

Steeelback joining: Source
MightyBear leaving: Source
Hachani joining: Source
Nukeduck announcement: Source


Team Logo Misfits EU LCS 2017There has been a lot of talk about Misfits making roster changes or looking to pick up talent during this break before Season 7. There are a lot of expectations following this team’s previous performance and after their Korean bootcamp they’ll be looking to make an impact as soon as Season 7 starts. They’re a conglomeration of talent, following the disbanding of Renegades Banditos, and have held a constant 1st place so make sure you keep an eye on them. They could very well have the same impact that Origen had when they first burst through from the EUCS.

Update: Midlaner Selfie officially leaves the team and got replaced by the German Ex-Origen midlaner PowerOfEvil. Furthermore the South Korean superstar KaKao is the new jungler in the Misfits team.

Hans joining: Source
Ignar remains: Source
Wisdom announces free agency: Source
Selfie leaving: Source
PowerOfEvil joining: Source
KaKao joining:

Transfers & Roster Changes – NA LCS Teams | Spring Split 2017

If you want to take a look at the full team roster check out the Teams and Players in the NA LCS Spring Split 2017.

Team SoloMid

Team Logo TSM NA LCS 2017Even the internationally heralded Team SoloMid couldn't convince their fans at this year's World Championship and missed the playoff stage. Nevertheless the North American bedrock dominated the last NA LCS season and will be a hot contender for the 2017 Spring Split. AD carry Doublelift will take a break from competitive League of Legends next season and got replaced by his predecessor WildTurtle who left the Immortal's team. All off his teammates however renewed their contracts with Team SoloMid for the upcoming season.

Doublelift announcement:

WildTurtle joining:

Counter Logic Gaming

Team Logo CLG NA LCS 2017For the upcoming Spring Split 2017 of the LCS season 7 there is still no announcement about potential changes in the roster of Counter Logic Gaming. After the successful qualification for the 2016 World Championship team owner and LoL legend HotShotGG continues to rely on Darshan in the toplane, Xmithie in the jungle, HuHi in the midlane and Stixxay paired with aphromoo as AD carry and support player.


Team Logo Cloud9 NA LCS 2017There will be one big change for the next season regarding the roster of Cloud9: Jungler Meteos temporarily retires from professional gaming and will be replaced by former Cloud9 Challenger team jungler Contractz. In the meantime Meteos will earn his money by streaming for Cloud9 but would not rule out a comeback for the team in the future. Furthermore Cloud9 signed toplaner Ray as substitute player for Impact.

Contractz and Ray announcement: Source

Cloud9‘s full roster:


Team Logo Immortals NA LCS 2017With the changes of the preseason the Immortal's team from 2016 is altered beyond recognition, only midlaner Pobelter is still staying with the team. Especially the new toplaner Flame and support player Olleh are two big names wearing the jersey of the Immortals in the upcoming Spring Split but also jungler Dardoch is considered as outstanding talent of the North American region. The new roster is rounded off by AD carry Cody Sun alias known as Massacre. Worth to mention is former toplaner Huni who switched to the World Champion team of SK Telecom T1.

Adrian leaving: Source
Reignover leaving: Source
WildTurtle leaving: Source
Dardoch joining: Source
Huni leaving: Source
Cody Sun joining:

Flame joining:

Olleh joining: Source

Team EnVyUs

Team Logo Envy NA LCS 2017

The multigaming clan EnVyUs extended its eSports scope with a League of Legends team last season and remain successful in the North American LCS. To date, there are no roster changes announced, the team still relies on the Korean trio of Seraph, Proxcin and Ninja coupled with the botlane duo of LOD and Hakuho. We will of course keep you updated on any changes.

Update: AD carry LOD is leaving the team to join Dignitas for the upcoming split.

Update: Jungler LirA and AD carry LOD join the team, team EnVyUs finalizes the roster for the upcoming Spring Split.

Team Liquid

Team Logo Liquid NA LCS 2017The North American Team Liquid also announced some changes to break the curse of the eternal fourth place in the upcoming NA LCS Spring Season 2017. AD carry Piglet, support player Matt and toplaner Lourlo remain on the team, the most important acquisition of the team is jungler Reignover who played for the Immortals last split. The Liquid team roster is completed by the controversial midlaner Goldenglue who however showed solid performances at the Intel Extreme Masters in Gyeonggi.

Reignover joining:

Lourlo, Goldenglue and Matt announcement: Source
Piglet announcement:

Echo Fox

Team Logo Echo Fox NA LCS 2017

After some controversies and rumors in the community about unsuccessful transfers and poaching ambitions in the preseason the Echo Fox team can now announce a prominent new member: Looper from Royal Never Give Up joins the team as their new toplaner. It is also assumed that Echo Fox is about to sign contracts with jungler Akaadian and support player Gate.

Update: According to Riot's player database jungler Akaadian and support Gate are now part of Team Echo Fox.

Looper joining: Source
Akaadian and Gate join Echo Fox: Source


Team Dignitas EU - EU LCS team Logo

Another investment in the eSports scene brings back the brand “Team Dignitas” into the North American LCS. The Philadelphia 76ers acquired the licenses and rosters of Team Apex and Team Dignitas and are ready to send the Apex team back to the Spring Season 2017 under the name of Team Dignitas. There are also two impressive acquisitions to announce: Toplaner Ssumday and jungler Chaser who are both outstanding South Korean luminaries will reinforce the team.

Update: AD carry LOD will replace Apollo and Dignitas will finalize the roster with this change.

Ssumday and Chaser joining: Source
LOD joining: Source
Team Dignitas announcement:


FlyQuest NA LCS 2017 - Logo

Because of Riot's ruling by which each organisation is only allowed to own one professional team in the LCS Cloud9 had to sell the LCS spot of the Cloud9 Challenger team before the start of the new season. The NBA team Milwaukee Bucks took advantage of this opportunity and endowed the Cloud9 organisation the proud amount of 2.5 million US dollars. Furthermore the rights of the contracts of four players were secured by the NBA team: Balls, Hai, LemonNation and Altec were all absorbed into the new LoL team, great news for the eSports area in general!

Milwaukee Bucks announcement: Source


Team Logo Phoenix1 NA LCS 2017

Phoenix1 haven’t had the greatest LCS splits so far but this could all change very quickly as we head into Season 7. The team made a massive amount of roster changes and with their new and extremely talented team we could be looking at a Phoenix reborn. Former H2K midlaner Ryu and AD carry Arrow are now wearing the jersey of the North American challengers. Moreover support player Adrian of the former Immortals team switched to Phoenix1 and will complete the final roster together with Inori and zig.

Phoenix1 announcement: Source

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