Riot Games Introduce 10-Ban System to Pro-Play for LCS 2017

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After considering it a few months ago, Riot Games have finally confirmed that they will introduce a 10-ban system for pro-play in all leagues and events they organize. What does this mean?

What’s the purpose of these bans?

The official statement reads that the new approach will be used for semi-professional and professional leagues starting with the new seasons like EU & NA LCS 2017 Spring Split. You’re probably wondering why more bans? What’s the purpose of all this? When it comes to pro-play, pick/ban changes have a tremendous potential to lead to an increase in strategic play and champion diversity.

Offering more bans can encourage deeper champion pools with more individual champions seeing the Rift. That’s not the only benefit; the entire draft phase will be more engaging and exciting; which is something that loyal fans appreciate.

Riot Games LogoAccording to the announcement, the primary goal here is to offer each team two additional bans partway through the draft. The main idea behind the midpoint ban is to promote adaptability and reward teams who can correctly predict the strategies their opponents created then move fast to counter them.

Before they even decided to implement this change or to even announce it, Riot Games tested the idea in collaboration with pros. Now that the new change is introduced, they’ll use feedback from fans to improve the experience and quality of games and competitions.

This brand new change will have massive implications in competitive play due to the fact that teams will be able to respond to strategies put forth by the opponents in a second fan base. This way, they’re forced to rethink their attack plans. Players will have to open up their champion pools to avoid being banned out entirely. As a result, the 10-ban system will create greater champion diversity in competitive play which is particularly beneficial because the lack of diversity is the reason why LoL and Riot Games came under heavy criticism in recent years.

League of Legends Icon Bans in organized play vs. matchmade games

As always, the improvements in pick/ban system are different in organized play and matchmade games. For instance, in organized play, you have the opportunity to play with consistent groups. Here, you already know your opponents and how they play. On the other hand, in matchmade games, you have to adapt to a whole new group. It is needless to mention that you don’t have information about your oppnents.

10 Ban System LCS Spring Split 2017

So, how does organized play pick/ban look like? The first part of champ select remains the same i.e. both sides ban 3 champs then some picks. Blue picks first while red picks twice. When blue picks twice, red picks once.

The second ban phase includes two sides alternating bans back and forth, starting with red. The final pick phase entails red picking once, blue twice, and then red once.

Pick/ban changes in matchmade games will be announced later as Riot Games and pros are still assessing the style of picks and bans that makes the most sense for regular games.

It’s important to mention that switching to the 10-ban system also allows one ban per player, thus giving each person equal agency in the ban phase.

The brand new change from Riot Games already seems like a major hit as fans, absolutely, love the new 10-ban system. One fan wrote “FINALLY! I’ve been screaming this for years”, while another said “Nice! This sounds really exciting. Hopefully, it works the way its intended, I'm looking forward to seeing it in action.”

League of Legends Icon Bottom line

Riot Games introduced yet another change that will apply to all professional and semi-professional games, starting the 2017 season. The 10-ban system will improve the quality of competitions and raise the excitement of games.

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