2017 NA Challenger Series Spring Qualifiers

The world of League of Legends never stands still and the loyal fandom gets to witness a wide array of tournaments and events all year round. LoL leagues like the LCS (Season 7 coming up in January) in all regions are constantly developing, new teams join and bring talented players. (Check here for the Roster changes for 2017 LCS Spring Split) All of them hope they’ll get a chance to compete with the best crews and participate in events or tournaments they used to watch via streams. That’s the spirit of Challenger Series, it gives the opportunity to relatively unknown players to step up and show what they’ve got. Details about NA CS Spring Qualifiers are released and you can see them below.

What is League of Legends NA Challenger Series?

Before you get to find out everything about 2017 NA Challenger Series Spring Qualifiers those who didn’t hear about or watch these tournaments before will get to find out more about Challenger Series. What is that? Challenger Series can be defined as a talent-building league and a ticket to the well-known LCS. This league is a birthplace for the future legends of LoL in Europe and North America. To most players, it’s the only path they have to take to be a part of the best league, play with their idols, and eventually participate in events they only dreamed of before. Since many players see CS as their ticket to LCS, the competition is fierce which only guarantees excitement to all people who watch the streams.

Why are there qualification tournaments for CS?

Since the CS is a sort of hurdle that one has to pass in a bid to end up in LCS, it’s natural to ask yourself why there are tournaments for the series of this type. Previously, Riot Games used the Ranked Team Ladder to directly pull teams from EUW, EUNE, and NA servers to the CS Qualifiers Bracket and although the system had its benefits, the new method allows both players and teams to be recruited according to the winning results of the tournament rather than Ranked Team ladder position.

NA CS Spring Qualifiers date and format

The registration for Spring Qualifiers started on November 29 and was supposed to end on December 5, 2016, but due to player feedback and high interest the deadline was extended to December 8 until 3PM PT. The matches will occur between December 5 and 12, while the Qualifier Finals are scheduled for December 14.

When it comes to format, it won’t differ from previous Qualifiers, it will comprise of a single elimination Bo3 (best of 3) tournament. The top two teams will advance to the finals against the 5th and 6th seeds from the 2016 NA CS Summer Split in Bo5 (best of 5) matches to claim their spot in 2017 NA CS Spring Split.

How to register?

You can register to the CS by creating your team at Battlegrounds. Log in and find a section to create the new team, enter the team name, and gather your teammates who are Diamond 3 or above. After making selections, finalize the registration and send the invites to the team members. You can invite eight teammates, not more than that.


The seeding is also unchanged; when you register the team, Riot Games logs each player’s current Solo/Duo Ranked tier. Based on a team’s five highest-rated players on the roster, scores are assigned wherein each Challenger Player is worth 5, while Diamond III is worth 1. Top eight teams are seeded while remaining teams aren’t. The seeded teams are randomly placed on opposite ends of the bracket while unseeded teams are distributed across the rest of the bracket, randomly.

How to watch?

You’ll be able to follow all the action on the Battlegrounds website. Riot Games won’t stream the games in the LCS Live Stream, but you can see the matches on the live server that you can access for free. The official YouTube channel of Riot Games will contain videos and current events, while you can find out more about winners by visiting the lolesports.com page.

Bottom line

The Challenger Series is incredibly exciting because players and teams are doing their best to win and earn their ticket to the LCS. You still have the opportunity to register your team, but those who won’t participate will have a lot of fun as well, watching all the action.

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