Fantasy LCS for the 2017 LCS Spring Split

The new, 2017 LCS Spring Split is already here and it’s safe to expect a season filled with excitement and great battles. Like always, we’re going to see some famous players and witness the “birth” of brand new talents. The excitement doesn’t stop there for loyal fandom, once again you’ll get to play daily Fantasy LCS with your friends. This post will inform you about everything you should know.

League of Legends Icon Where do I play?

In order to create or join a team and play, you’ll have to visit the official website. Bear in mind that the website is only supported on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Make sure you have one of these browsers installed prior to joining the website and building a league.
Fantasy LCS Menu

How to create a league?

By registering and clicking on Create a League option, you’ll get to build a league featuring 4, 6, or 8 teams. Once you’re done, you can send invitations to your friends. Before you create your very own league you should keep in mind that you won’t be able to start drafting until all invitations are accepted. Therefore, choose the number of teams wisely and send invites only to those who’re sure to accept. To coordinate a scheduled draft time with your friends, you can use the league message board.

Joining a league

Joining a league is easy, all you have to do is to click on the invite link that someone sent and accept it. Then, all you have to do is to wait for the league owner to start the draft.


Once all invites are accepted, the draft commences and you have the opportunity to build your team comprised of LCS starts. Of course, you and the competitors in the league will take turns picking the players for your team. As a reminder, you’ll be picking players for the following positions:

  • 7 starters
    • Top – 1
    • Jungler – 1
    • Mid – 1
    • AD Carry – 1
    • Support – 1
    • Flex player (an extra starter, any position) – 1
    • Team – 1
  • 3 alternate players i.e. substitutions

Fantasy LCS PlayersIt’s important to put a lot of thought into your selection and choose players wisely. You can select maximum two players for a single position. You’ll get points according to how your starters do during battles. That’s why you should choose players based on their quality, not according to your feelings about them, and so on.


Each week you will be able to change the starting lineup for your roster before matches start for that specific region. Once they start, the team will be locked and you won’t get to make your changes. Then next week, rosters will unlock and you’ll have time to make changes again, until next battles start, you get the idea.

New players are added on this schedule:

  • NA: Thursday at 12 PM PST | 21:00 CET
  • EU: Tuesday at 12 PM PST | 21:00 CET

How does scoring work?

Since it’s a league, although fantasy, your team will be matched up against another team in the league each week. As mentioned above, based on how starters do, you’ll earn points. Keep in mind that substitutes or alternate players don’t earn points.

Here’s how LCS players are scored:

Activity Points
Kill 2
Death -0.5
Assist 1.5
Creep kill 0.01
Triple kill 2
Quadra kill 5
Penta kill 10
Attaining 10 or more assists/kills per game 2

And here’s how LCS teams are scored

Activity Points
Win 2
Baron Nasher killed 2
Dragon 1
First blood earned 2
Tower destroyed 1
Winning in 30 minutes or less 2

When does Fantasy LCS end?

Fantasy LCS ends at Week 9 on the Spring Split.

League of Legends Icon Bottom line

Fantasy leagues aren’t just for football, baseball, basketball, and soccer; they’re also incredibly popular among LoL fans. This season, Fantasy LCS is back, and you have the opportunity to build or join a league, draft your team and have fun with your friends. To find out more about the league and the rules, visit the website’s How to Play section.

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