Semi-finals | EU LCS Spring Playoffs 2016

From April 09th to April 10th the EU LCS Spring Split Playoffs will continue with the Semi-Finals. On both semifinal days one „best of five“ match will decide the winner of the second playoff round and which teams will advance to the Grand Final. Find the match schedule, starting times, live-stream and betting odds below. Preview and predictions will be added soon.

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LCS EU Spring Playoffs Semi-Finals | Facts:

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  • Date: 04/09/ – 04/10/2016
  • Start Time: 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST
  • 2 matches | One best of five match per day
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Patch: LoL 6.6 patch
  • Tickets: Ticket info – Spring Playoffs
  • Live stream for all matches
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  • Predictions and Betting Tips: Day 1 | Day 2
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Schedule and Results – EU LCS Spring Semi-finals

Semifinals – EU LCS Spring Split Playoffs 2016

Semi-Final #1: H2K Gaming LCS EU Team Logo  H2K vs. Origen - LCS EU Team Logo Origen    2   3  
Start Time: April 9th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

Semi-Final #2: G2 Esports LCS EU Team Logo  G2 eSports vs. Fnatic - LCS EU Team Logo Fnatic    3  1  
Start Time: April 10th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

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Preview and Predictions | Semifinals Spring Playoffs 2016

Semi-Final #1: H2K Gaming LCS EU Team Logo  H2K vs. Origen - LCS EU Team Logo Origen

Start Time: April 9th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

EU LCS Spring Playoffs 2016 Semi Final H2K vs Origen

A spectacle is upon us as H2k, who are a top standing EU LCS team, face off against Origen, who are known to perform significantly better when under pressure with the ‘playoffs buff’ and their ability to swap middle lane players throughout the game. This best of 5 series is sure to bring us excitement and thrills with both teams having phenomenal improvements made. Don’t forget to tune in on April 9th to catch the games live!

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team OrigenOrigen have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with, if you read my previous article on the Origen vs. Unicorns of Love game you’d know that I expected a few close games but Origen came through with some outstanding and dominating victories. They pulled off great rotations, applied pressure fairly precisely and truly gained control of the entire game. H2k are going to need to watch out as Origen is showing that they are ready to contest the playoffs.

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team H2K GamingH2k are yet to show the improvements they’ve made but I’m sure they’ve made plenty, the practice they must have endured over the weeks where they’ve not been competing should have done them a world of good. They’ve had the additional time to analyse the games from other competing teams and this gives them an edge. They’ll need to watch out for the middle lane player swapping but they’re in a good position to prove their strength here.

Origen are going to want to stick to their guns, they’ve shown that they can pull off assassination compositions by picking off their opponents and they’ve also shown that they can pull off strong performances with utility based champions and strong team fighting. I think they’re going to want to focus on picking up Poppy, Ekko or Maokai in the top lane paired with a Lee Sin, Gragas or Kindred in the jungle. This gives them a strong front line and great team fighting potential. Their middle lane is going to want to pick LeBlanc if the time is fitting and if it’s not they can fall back onto a Varus or Orianna however I’d like to see Lissandra make an appearance. Their marksman should aim for the Sivir or Lucian paired with a damage soaking tank such as Alistar or Trundle. After their draft I think they should aim for standard lanes, this should cover any trouble they might run into in the earlier stages of the game, if they end up missing it they’re going to want roaming to punish the solo lane of H2k. If they can get through the earlier stages of the game I think their improved rotations and vision control could help them in the later stages of the game to pick off opponents and gain objective control, this will help them push structures and take a hold of the game. If they can consistently pull off something similar in each game, with a few changes to avoid H2k building against them, they should be able to contest the series but they’re going to need to stay level headed and in control as much as they possibly can.

H2k are yet to show their strongest champions on the current patch so we’re going to need to work off of the current best. Their top laner should aim for Ekko as a priority with Maokai and Rammus as fall back picks. Their jungler is likely to aim for Nidalee if it’s available and if it’s not I expect a Gragas or Elise to show up for them. Their middle lane is going to contest the Azir pick but can also play a strong Lissandra or Leblanc to contest picks with Origen. Their bottom lane could pick up the Kalista for objective control and pair it with a Braum or Alistar but Lucian and especially Sivir should be considered. Once they’re on the rift they’re going to want to aim for the lane swap and they’re going to want to punish the solo lanes of Origen as much as they possibly can with jungle pressure. If they can deny vision in the middle stages of the game they should be able to take objective control, this opens up their options on split pushing and controlling lanes to rotate and make picks on their opponents or to engage favourable fights. If they can pick favourable fights they should be able to easily take the objectives they choose and then pressure structures. Following a similar style of play to deny Origen should be consistent throughout the series if possible but adapting to the changing middle laner could be a problem for them.

Prediction: H2k Victory. I think they’ll take the series 3:2 with some close games, Origen have shown fantastic improvements and could give H2k a hard time but I think the time H2k have had to practice and prepare shouldn’t be underestimated. They’ve had enough time to make their own improvements and I’m sure we’ll see a stronger H2k than ever before.

Preview and Predictions | Day 2 EU LCS Spring Semi-Finals

Semi-Final #2: G2 Esports LCS EU Team Logo  G2 eSports vs. Fnatic - LCS EU Team Logo Fnatic

Start Time: April 10th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

Team Roster and Statistics - EU LCS Playoffs 2016 Sem-Final G2 Esports vs Fnatic

Fnatic are a team that are known to bring out some serious improvements when it comes to matches that really mean it. They’ve had a few rough bumps but with what they’ve been able to show us recently when against Team Vitality, who were one of the favourites to win the spring split, where they managed to win the series 3:1 and they did so fairly decisively. G2 Esports are going to need to keep up and watch out as Fnatic are ready to claim their throne. Make sure you tune into the game on April 10th to watch the games roll out live!

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team FnaticFnatic hold multiple playoff victories and they’ve consistently performed better when the pressure is on. Now is a time where they want to take that throne back so they’re really stepping up, taking down VIT was no small feat and G2 should be worried. Fnatic have shown that they can adapt throughout a series and they’ve made so many improvements recently. They’re going to want to use their experience to play to the G2 style of skirmishing and fighting and they’re going to need to adapt to come out on top but it’s within their skill set.

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team G2 EsportsG2 Esports hold better statistics than Fnatic and shouldn’t run into any trouble during the laning phase of the game; any mistakes made should be on the side of Fnatic where G2 will be able to capitalise on them. G2 Esports play fast and furious, they close out games extremely quickly when they gain an advantage and they can be ruthless with it comes to taking objectives and crushing team fights and skirmishes so we’re going to need to keep an eye out for the aggression rotations and engages of them.

Fnatic are going to want to take the lane swap so they’re going to take a scaling duo lane, a Jhin paired with a Thresh or Alistar could be great but if it’s not available then we could see a Sivir show up for them. Their jungler is going to want to stick with something that can pressure early and can maintain objective control while having good team fighting potential so we could see a Gragas, Kindred or Graves picked for them and this will be paired with the common top laners such as Maokai, Ekko and Nautilus. Their middle lane player is favoured by this patch as a lot of his strong control mages are even stronger here; I expect to see a Lissandra make an appearance along with Azir and even a Kassadin. Once they’re on the rift and they’ve taken the lane swap they’re going to want to make tempo plays, coming out on top of the lane swap is going to take some risk but if they can then it’ll set them up to pressure objectives and structures. They should use their jungler to pressure objectives and structures early with the duo lane and take an early rift herald if possible. They should take this herald buff to the middle lane to pressure it quickly and not waste any time, if the middle lane doesn’t seem suitable at the time then running it with the duo lane to take a tier 2 turret is also favourable for them. I expect a lot of skirmishes to break out so Fnatic might want to itemize for earlier fighting, they should be able to use their tempo to gain a vision advantage and flank their opponents to take fights. Taking a few of these strategies into matches across the series should set them up nicely to at least contest the matches and possibly come out on top.

G2 Esports are going to want to take as many skirmishes as they can find to halt any attempt at tempo gain that Fnatic try. I expect them to take a lot of fights as their short game length average and high kill games with high % kill participation across the team reflects their play style. This will suit an Ekko or Poppy in the top lane who could get into and out of fights easily along with picking fights or disengaging. This will be paired nicely with a carry jungler such as Nidalee, Graves or Kindred who will impact early skirmishes. Their middle laner is likely to try and get a hold of Azir but can easily fall back to LeBlanc or champions such as Lissandra or even niche picks like Vel’koz. Their bottom lane is where a lot of their power comes in with a 7.9kda support, we’re going to be looking at a Lucian or Sivir paired with a Trundle, Thresh or possibly a Bard. Once they’re finally on the rift and ready to go they’re going to want to concede to the lane swap and play it out, shifting their pressure and focus onto pressuring their opponents solo laners. They should be able to rotate and pick fights with Fnatic and this is how they will thrive, if they can consistently pick strong fights where they can come out on top, even if it’s only remotely, they should be able to out-pressure Fnatic for both structures and objectives. Taking a hold of the game won’t be easy but if they manage to take regular skirmishes to slow down Fnatic I expect them to come out on top in many games and this will set them up to take the series.

Prediction: Fnatic Victory. Not only would I like to see the Origen vs. Fnatic finals for the split but Fnatic have made drastic improvements and they’re adaptable. They’re more experienced when it comes to a series of games and they should be able to mould their style to the skirmishing of G2 Esports. I think there are going to be some close games and we’re going to see all 5 games but eventually Fnatic will take the series 3:2.

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