Semi-finals | NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2016

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Big steps have been taken; teams are proceeding to the NA LCS 2016 Summer Semi-Finals so now we’ll find ourselves staring at Immortals vs. Cloud9 along with Team Solo Mid vs. Counter Logic Gaming. Rivals will be going head to head once again to try and push for the top but one of them will be taken down on the way and one will continue the battle for a ticket to the LoL World Championship 2016; all the while Immortals will be proving their value and strength. Make sure you catch the semi-finals as they kick off on Saturday, August 20th, and continue for the weekend! More information about the Semi-Finals like predictions, roster changes and LoL betting information will be added soon.

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LCS NA – Summer Playoffs 2016 – Semifinals | Facts:

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  • Date: 08/20/2016 – 08/21/2016
  • Start Time: 12:00 PM PDT/ 03:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST
  • Format: 2 matches | One best of five match per day
  • Location: NA LCS Studio – Toronto (Canada)
  • Patch: LoL 6.15
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Schedule and Results – NA LCS Summer Semi-finals

NA LCS Semi-Finals of the League of Legends Summer Split Playoffs 2016 take place on Saturday 08/20/2016 and Sunday 08/21/2016. Again 2 exciting best-of-five matches await in the Semifinals of the North American LCS Playoffs. The semi-finals will be played at patch 6.15 like the rest of the LCS 2016 Summer Playoffs. .

Semifinals – NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs 2016

Semi-Final #1: Immortals NA LCS Team Logo LoL Immortals vs. Cloud9 - LCS NA Team Logo Cloud9    2  3  
Start Time: August 20th, 12:00 PM PDT / 15:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CEST

Semi-Final #2: TSM LoL LCS NA Team Logo small Team SoloMid vs. CLG NA LCS Team Logo LoL CLG    3   0  
Start Time: August 21th, 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST

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Preview and Predictions | NA LCS Summer Semi-Finals

League of Legends Icon NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs – Semifinals #2:

TeamSoloMid vs Counter Logic Gaming NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs Semifinals 2016Semifinals #2: TSM LoL LCS NA Team Logo small Team SoloMid vs. CLG NA LCS Team Logo LoL CLG

Start Time: August 21th, 12:00 PM PDT / 15:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CEST

We’re about to encounter a big battle, the rivalry continues as both of these teams are trying to take the summer split crown and claim their rule. Team Solo Mid have had fantastic performances for the entirety of the summer split, minus the rise of the phoenix, and they’ll be facing off against the ever improving Counter Logic Gaming. Make sure you catch the series on Sunday, August 21st, as it’s the ending of the semi-finals and the beginning of the end!

Team Solo Mid look to be at an advantage, with their outstanding record and match history throughout the summer split it was damn near impossible for any team to take them down. I expect the same amount of power heading into the semi-finals but Counter Logic Gaming have discussed team dynamic and strategic changes which could be their smoking gun coming into this series.

Logo of LCS NA Team TSMTeam Solo Mid are likely to fall into their comfort zones, it worked extremely well during the summer split and there’s no need to shift around their champions when they’ve been working so well. I expect to see Gnar and Shen appearances in the top lane; I would however like to see some aggressive picks for their top lane during this series to counter CLG’s split-pushing style that often takes over later stages of the game. Their middle lane has worked extremely well with Cassiopeia, which I would like to see them bring to this stage, but having Viktor and Vladimir as fall-back options could do them wonders; especially because Viktor is a comfort pick for their opponents. These solo lanes will be assisted by a Reksai or Hecarim which will be able to pressure the earlier stages of the game along with bringing a lot of control to later stage team fights. The TSM duo lane has often been potent and has been able to cause fights that have opened up victories for the team, this can be done easily with a combination such as Ashe and Taric or when pairing utility skills on Sivir and Karma; I expect to see these combinations show up with some aggression during this series. When they’ve loaded into the rift they’re going to want to set up some aggressive vision on the top side of the map, they’ll need to spend some time on that side of the map during the earlier stages of the game to keep the solo lanes of CLG in check. If they can keep those lanes on equal levels they’ll be able to rotate some of their pressure tools to the bottom lane to start making tempo-plays and gaining a lead. This will give them options for controlling the middle stages of the game but even with a lead they’ll need to keep their eyes on the side lanes, CLG can get hectic around the middle and later stages with their strategies and TSM is going to need to use their tempo and tools of aggression to find engagements and come out on top. Doing this will set them up to rule over the objectives and the later stages of the game if they manage their vision properly; this will let them get ahead in the series after taking a victory.

Logo of LCS NA Team CLGCounter Logic Gaming have changed things around and their performances at the start of the playoffs go to show that they’re not relying on single strategies anymore. They’ve shown that their team fighting and shot-calling are formidable and something to be feared. Heading into this series I expect them to pick Gnar in the top lane with considerable priority, this will be assisted by a Gragas, Olaf or Reksai in the jungle as all of those options can out-put significant amounts of early pressure as well as giving CLG tools for the later stages. Their middle lane has shown competence on Aurelion Sol and it could do some serious damage to the line-up of TSM, Viktor will be a comfortable option if they shake things up. The duo lane of CLG is going to be important and they’ve shown great strength when combining Sivir with Bard, I expect this combination to continue making appearances throughout the playoffs. Once CLG have loaded into the game they’re going to want to set up some easily adaptable vision, after spending time on the top side of the map during the earlier stages of the game they’re going to want to start creating skirmishes and opportunities where they’ll capitalise on slower rotations or reactions from their opponent. This will give CLG the opportunity to control objectives and build new situations in which they will be able to rule over the state of the map from the middle stages of the game. CLG’s team fighting will start off slow paced and through calculation can erupt into situations of extreme advantage, TSM will be watching out for flanks and teleports so CLG’s going to need to work on denying as much vision as possible. Through denial of vision, control of side lanes and patience around team fights Counter Logic Gaming could pull ahead as the later stages of the game comes up, this will give them an advantage when sieging into the base of TSM. This is how they’ll be able to walk away with a victory and work their way through the series.

Prediction: Team Solo Mid Victory. I think there are going to be quite a few close calls between these 2 teams. TSM have shown that they’re the more dominant team of the 2 and I think they’re going to continue showing their expertise of the game through this series. After such a strong performance during the entirety of the split I don’t expect them to fall yet.

NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2016 Semifinals TeamSoloMid vs Counter Logic Gaming

League of Legends Icon NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs – Semifinals #1:

Immortals vs Cloud9 NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs Semifinals 2016Semifinals #1: Immortals NA LCS Team Logo LoL Immortals vs. Cloud9 - LCS NA Team Logo Cloud9

Start Time: August 20th, 12:00 PM PDT / 15:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CEST

Teams have been knocked out in the pursuit for the top position, there are few remaining teams and every match from this moment forward will be excruciating, exciting and riddled with phenomenal action. Immortals vs. Cloud9 is going to be intense as both teams will be crawling their way through the best of 5 series, only one team needs to prove themselves more than the other. Make sure you catch the series as it goes live on Saturday, August 20th!

I’d give the advantage to Immortals here but as we’ve not seen them perform since the summer split there’s a lot of unanswered questions. Cloud9 have proven their value and strengths as they took down Team Envy whilst only dropping a single game; during the series they showed phenomenal use of their desired champions.

Immortals NA LCS Team Logo LoLWith Immortals not having played any games recently there’s little recent information to work with as to what they’re going to play but I expect a few comfort champions to make appearances such as a Sivir in the bottom lane being paired with a Sona or Taric. Their middle lane has enjoyed the comforts of control mages and I expect that trend to continue with some Vladimir and Viktor. The jungler of Immortals has always enjoyed Reksai but taking away Gragas from Cloud9 is a fantastic option for them too. The top lane of Immortals found some success on Illaoi at the end of the Summer Split but I think we could be seeing some Gnar showing up for them too. Once they’ve loaded into the rift they’re going to want to set up an adaptive line of vision; they’ll need to work quick when facing off against Cloud9 as early skirmishes can quickly alter the pace of the game and Immortals will need to stay on top of things. They’re going to want to take a few early skirmishes to try and pull ahead but the key moments will be around the middle stages of the game. Immortals have the potential to gain a small lead but Cloud9 will be prepared for the earlier stages of the game. When team fights start to break out around the middle stages of the game Immortals are going to want to expand their vision control extremely quickly along with trying to apply pressure to the side lanes. Once they’ve done these they might have enough time to begin controlling or forcing the objectives that they’ve now got advantageous positioning over. This series could be filled with constantly changing pace and Immortals will need to be quick with their adaptions to come out on top but if they’re able to keep up they should be able to break through a few games and contest the series.

Cloud9-Team-Logo-HearthstoneCloud9 will follow suit with Immortals and fall back to a few comfortable champions but there could be some surprises showing up. I’m expecting to see some Gragas in the jungle as it’s been one of their best choices and most dominant picks; especially when paired with a Gnar in the top lane who’s able to control and dictate the outcome of many team fights. Their bottom lane could comfortably picks up Ashe or Jhin once again and pairing them with tank supports could give them exactly what they need to find fights and skirmishes. The middle lane of Cloud9 managed to pull of some phenomenal performances on Cassiopeia and LeBlanc so seeing those appearances wouldn’t be too surprising. Once they’ve worked their way onto the rift I think they should set up an aggressive line of vision, Cloud9 are more likely to thrive if they get ahead in the earlier stages of the game; especially seeing as a few of their possible choices are far less impactful later on. They’re going to want to go looking for skirmishes in the earlier stages of the game so they can build their potential, they perform more confidently when they’re able to force themselves at their opponents and their confidence is how they could push ahead; even if the lead isn’t significant. Once they’ve worked their way aggressively through the earlier stages of the game they’re going to want to try and find constant engagements around the middle stages of the game. They’ll have access to the tools needed to find those engagements but the decision making afterwards could really shake things up. They’ll have 2 options, both of which will set them up with excellent reign over the game. They could expand their vision around objectives and begin a calculated and strategic style of play in which they eventually work their way into their opponents base or they could go aggressive and keep up with constant engagements, sieging and forcing their opponents back home. I’d like to see them pick up on the second strategy and work with calculated aggression, I think it’s their best option for taking down Immortals and it could yield them great results when aiming to come out on top of the series.

Prediction: Immortals Victory. With how adaptive Immortals had proven to be through the summer split I think they’ll be able to work their magic against Cloud9 and pull ahead. I expect a few close games during this series as both teams have the potential to shine but Immortals have more going for them, especially seeing as teams haven’t been able to check in on their recent performances; they could have a few tricks up their sleeves.

NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2016 Semifinals Immortals vs Cloud9

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