Salary and prize money overview – LCS 2016

From team member eligibility to roster rules, a set of rules governs the entirety of the League of Legends Championship series (LCS). With a new set of teams playing this Spring Split, we take a look on how teams, and players alike, are compensated. Find out more about the player salaries and prize money for the 2016 LCS (Season 6).

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Team Obligation

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) recompenses each qualified team in the 2016 season an unknown amount for their participation in accordance with the agreements of each team and Riot Games.

LCS Salaries in 2016 / Player Compensation

In accordance to the terms of the Team Agreement, each coach and starting player of a team is entitled to the Minimum Player Compensation – which is an obligatory compensation of $12,500 or €11,250, along with a fixed stipend, per split during the 2016 LCS season distributed by each team to their coaches and every starting player.

If the status of a starting player changes during the course of the split, said player is entitled to the pro rata share of the Minimum Player Compensation. This rule also applies to the salary of coaches, whenever they are replaced or absent. The pro rata share of Minimum Player Compensation is calculated as the ratio of the number of games in a regular season in which the player participated as a starting player, or the number of games in a regular season coached by the head coach, divided by the total number of games in a regular season played by the team during the split.

Players and coaches must not accept any payment lower than the Minimum Player Compensation from their teams as the rules are intended for each team to compensate their players and coaches fairly.

Prize Money for Playoffs

Prizes-button-esports-bettingAlongside the aforementioned compensations stated above, each qualified team in the Spring and Summer Playoffs has the chance to receive a substantial amount of money depending on their placement after each playoff. Both leagues (EU and NA) are playing for a total prize money of $ 100,000 each. The prize pool is distributed among the top 4 teams in the playoffs.
> Find out more about the 2016 Spring Playoffs

Placement after Playoffs Prize per team
Champion 50,000 USD
2nd place 25,000 USD
3rd place 15,000 USD
4th place 10,000 USD

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