Quarter-finals | EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2016

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After the regular season has ended with ten astounding games in LCS week 9 there are still six elitist teams qualified for the LCS Summer Split 2016 playoffs kicking off with the Quarter-finals on August 13th. With the LCS Spring Promotion tournament already concluded we have to say goodbye to FC Schalke 04 after losing to Misfits in a crucial match on Sunday. But the German sports club still declared growing interest on investing in an eSports team so there is a high chance that we will see players wearing royal blue on Summoner’s Rift next season. While G2 Esports and Splyce have the possibility to watch their future enemies for the Semi-finals the LCS teams ending the regular season between 3rd and 6th places are fighting to advance into the next round. With the participation in the Season 6 LoL World Championship in view all the teams will bring their A-game to the playoffs to fight for honour, money and Championship points. So don’t miss turning in on Saturday when Europe’s top teams will crash in a battle of the best.

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LCS EU Summer Playoffs – Quarterfinals | Facts:

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  • Date: 08/13/2016 and 08/16/2016 (new date!!!)
  • Start Time: 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST
  • Format: 2 matches | One best of five match per day
  • Location: EU LCS Studio / Arena – Berlin, Germany
  • Patch: LoL 6.15
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Schedule and Results – EU LCS Summer Quarter-finals

Almost nobody expected the Giants team to participate in the playoffs at the beginning of the season but the formidable results in the last weeks of the Summer Split speak for themselves. Now they are fighting with the Unicorns of Love for a spot in the Semi-finals. The second Quarter-final represents a clash between the European bedrocks Fnatic and H2K. While Fnatic had to part ways with ace coach Deilor last week AD carry FORG1VEN is again part of the starting line-up of H2K. With patch 6.15 as backing he will try to drag his team over the finishing line but Fnatic always had the tendency to perform very well in playoffs.

Quarterfinals – EU LCS Summer Split Playoffs 2016

Quarter-Final #1: Giants - LCS EU Team Logo Giants vs. Unicorns of Love - LCS EU Team Logo Unicorns of Love     1   3   
Start Time: August 13th, 08:00 AM PDT / 11:00 AM EDT / 17:00 CEST

Quarter-Final #2: H2K Gaming EU LCS Team Logo LoL H2k vs. Fnatic - LCS EU Team Logo Fnatic     3   0   
New date due to technical issues!!!
Start Time: August 16th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

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Preview and Predictions | EU LCS Summer Quarter-Finals

League of Legends Icon EU LCS Summer Split Playoffs – Quarterfinals #2:

Quarterfinals #2: H2K Gaming EU LCS Team Logo LoL H2k vs. Fnatic - LCS EU Team Logo Fnatic

Start Time: August 14th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST
Head to head record: H2K Gaming 2:1 Fnatic

H2k have brought back their ex-marksman Forg1vengre and they’ve definitely looked stronger because of it. They were able to take commanding victories as the end of the summer split came and clawed 4th place. They’ll be going against Fnatic who frantically fell into 5th place after a series of losses struck them, they’ll need to take hold of their playoff potential if they want history from previous playoffs to repeat.

H2k look to be at an advantage here, Fnatic looked like a fantastically strong team for the majority of the summer split but fell at the end when times got tough. They were tied in the head to head with Fnatic and then when the time came to show up they took a dominating win over Fnatic. This along with their string of dominating and consistent performances as of late would show that they’re the more reliable team.

H2K Gaming EU LCS Team Logo LoLH2K Gaming have shown some extreme comfort on their bottom lane champion picks, picking up Tristana on a regular basis and pairing it with a tank support such as Braum or Taric. This is likely to be a high impact lane that will be assisted by a Reksai or Hecarim throughout the game, their jungler will also be assisting a comfortable middle lane champion such as LeBlanc or Vladimir. The top lane of H2k has shown an extremely deep champion pool but I’d like to see them pick up more Malzahar and Shen, they’ve had strong performances on these champions and I think they’ll be able to make the most of them during this best-of-5 series. Once they’ve loaded into the rift they’re going to want to spend a small amount of time applying pressure to the top side of the map, balancing out that lane and making sure it stays that way. After this they’ll want to spread vision around the bottom side of the map in an adaptable manner, making sure it can be easily changed after they start skirmishes. They’re going to want to create regular skirmishes around the bottom side of the map where they’ll be able to quickly rotate and capitalise on them with global advantages. These advantages will be extremely useful as they head into the middle stages of the game and start picking fights. H2k have proven time and time again to be reliable in team fights, they should be able to rely on strong positioning and their built advantages to come out on top of these fights; even if it only means taking more small advantages. This could be quite a slow match but H2k have shown that they can take complete control of a game to come out on top of it and that’s exactly what I think they’ll aim to do here. After utilizing their team strengths and building advantages they will siege relentlessly and force their opponent’s into fights, creating more situations for them to break thought the Fnatic base and take a win.

Fnatic EU LCS Team Logo LoLFnatic have run into a lot of trouble lately, losing the tie-breaker with H2k and being on a downfall when times got tough. To break through this they should aim to pick up some comfortable champions and fall into old but reliable habits. I’ll be looking for some Sivir in the bottom lane, when paired with a Karma or Braum it can create huge advantages in team fights which is exactly what they’ll need when facing off against H2k. The middle lane of Fnatic is likely to pick a later scaling champion such as Vladimir or Ryze but I think they’ll swap this up with some control mages such as Viktor. The Fnatic jungler is going to need to pick up something that can impact the early and middle stages of the game in a significant way, this can be achieved with a champion such as Olaf who holds a lot of early game power but Gragas is also able to achieve something similar. Their jungler is likely to be assisting a tank in the top lane such as Shen or Gnar, both of these champions can throw the balance of a team fight quickly which will work extremely well for them. Once they’ve work their way onto the rift I think they should get some defensive vision across the map with a few aggressive pieces around the middle, close to their opponent’s jungle entrances so they can keep an eye on any unexpected rotations. They’re going to want to try and apply some pressure to the bottom side of the map, doing this as soon as possible should give them a small advantage. Their bottom lane should be able to gain a small lead if they’ve got a lot of jungle pressure backing them up, this will give them a safety net for early skirmishes and when contesting objectives. Team fights are likely to kick off at an earlier stage than usual as both teams will be trying to apply early pressure, Fnatic are going to need to be extremely careful when picking their fights but should be able to come out on top of they throw off their opponent’s positioning. That’s their most reliable tool in team fights and Fnatic will have the tools to break it. Once they’ve built a pattern for team fighting they’re going to want to get a reliable amount of vision around their opponent’s jungle, they’ll need to rotate around their opponents to find advantageous team fights and when they’re not able to find them they’ll need to try and use a tempo lead to siege. Only acting when they can find an advantage is how they’ll work their way into a strong position and after they’ve got control they’ll be able to force their own fights and take objectives; eventually sieging and slowly making their way through the base of their opponents. This will be extremely slow and will practice patience but Fnatic will need to avoid mistakes and work strategically to come out on top and get their foot in the door to take the series.

Prediction: H2k Victory. Fnatic have been fairly unreliable and as much as I believe they’ll be able to repeat history and work their way through the playoffs H2k have proven to be an extremely dominating team recently. They’re actually ahead in the head to head after winning the tie-breaker and they did so in a dominating fashion. Because of this along with their recent winning record I think they’ll pull ahead in the series.

EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2016 Quarterfinals H2K Gaming vs. Fnatic

League of Legends Icon EU LCS Summer Split Playoffs – Quarterfinals #1:

There were a lot of odd occurrences throughout the EU LCS Summer split but it made for a lot of excitement, this excitement is sure to continue through to the playoffs where each match played will be a best-of-5 series. There can only be one team to come out on top and we’ll be kicking off with Giants vs. Unicorns of Love on Saturday, August 13th. Make sure you catch the games as they’re going live, each match counts!

Giants vs. Unicorns of Love EU LCS Playoffs 2016 Quarterfinals

Quarterfinals #1: Giants - LCS EU Team Logo Giants vs. Unicorns of Love - LCS EU Team Logo Unicorns of Love

Start Time: August 13th, 08:00 AM PDT / 11:00 AM EDT / 17:00 CEST

Giants have been performing surprisingly well this split; they took 3rd place in the round-robin which is great in comparison to the 6th place that the Unicorns of Love fell into. Both team’s most recent performances have been fairly good, Giants came out on top of a series without much issues and Unicorns of Love managed to take down Splyce who are currently the #2 team. This could lead us into an extremely exciting series.

These teams are fairly close, Unicorns of Love have shown that they have the potential to take down teams that appear stronger than them and that’s exactly what they’ll need to do here. Giants have proven to be more consistent than the Unicorns of Love. Both teams have taken a series in their head to heads; this is where the trouble lies as either team could beat the other.

Giants - EU LCS Team LogoGiants have adapted a split-pushing strategy that adapts well into team fighting using flanking and good use of vision, I expect to see them continue to utilize this style throughout the playoffs as it’s often give them their best games. This means we could be looking at more Jax or Fiora in the top lane, maybe even some Trundle being flex-picked. A Gragas or Reksai in the jungle wouldn’t be surprising as both of those champions are favoured often; this is likely to be assisting their top lane throughout the early stages of the game along with a Cassiopeia or Vladimir in the middle lane. The Giants duo lane has favoured tank supports such as Alistar and Taric, which I would love to see more of, and when paired with a champion such as Sivir or Kog’maw they can become extremely difficult to manoeuvre around. Giants will thrive during the later stages of the game so they’re going to want to build a fairly defensive line of vision; a few scattered pieces of aggressive vision in the top lane wouldn’t hurt them though. They’re going to want to avoid too many skirmishes in the earlier stages of the game and they’ll want to aim to gain control of objectives slowly. Playing the game out slowly during the earlier stages will give them some comfort for the middle stages where they’ll be able to contest team fights. This shouldn’t be their complete plan though, they’ll want to grow their vision and split push, this will give them more advantageous fights as they’ll be able to slowly manipulate their opponent’s movements and work around their rotations. This will give them a way into the base of their opponent’s as long as they continue to play patiently and once they gain tempo they should be able to strategically take a win.

Unicorns of Love EU LCS Team Logo LoLUnicorns of Love have been slightly less predictable than Giants, they’ve used different compositions and styles so they’re more like a ‘jack of all trades’ team. This hinders them in minor ways that Giants could capitalise on but they’ll also have opportunities to thrive. I’d like to see them pick up a jungle champion such as Hecarim or Reksai and use it to propel a Vladimir or Kassadin into a lead; the scaling of those champions is tremendous and could have huge amounts of impact as the game progresses. The top lane of Unicorns of Love has found success on many different types of champions but I’d like to see more Shen from them, it’s able to kick out global pressure and can work well as a counter to split pushing. The duo lane of Unicorns of Love have found great success with Ashe as their marksman and pairing it with a tanky support like Alistar or Braum but I’d like to see them try and take the Taric pick away. Once they’re all ready and they’ve loaded into the rift they’re going to want to try and apply some early pressure to their top and middle lanes. This will come easier if they hold an adaptable line of vision which can quickly be pushed forward in an aggressive fashion. Unicorns of Love should be able to find skirmishes around the earlier and middle stages of the game in which they will be able to capitalise by pressuring objectives and sieging. For Unicorns of Love to truly come out on top they’re going to need to work around the possible split pushing of Giants, they’ll need to focus on vision denial along with controlling their side lanes. Manipulating minion waves can be difficult but they’ll need to take their time doing this before they try to force Giants into any negative positions. Doing this should set them up to take highly advantageous fights where they’ll be able to gain significant leads and open up a victory for them.

Prediction: Giants Victory. Unicorns of Love are a tough opponent here for Giants but with their lacking consistency throughout the summer split Giants should be able to pull ahead in such an extended series. Unicorns of love have shown more strategies but with Giants’ being more refined I think they’ll be able to come out on top; it will be a challenge though.

EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2016 Quarterfinals Giants vs Unicorns of Love

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