LCS Player-team contracts to see some changes in 2016

As the fans get ready to welcome the 2016 LCS season, there are few discussions going on to perk up the pro player experience concerning their team contracts for2016 NA and EU LCS. In coming season, the fans are going to see some refreshing developments that are being discussed with the team owners.

The coming season is going to be full of surprises and suspense as many developmental plans are going to be introduced – besides all the recent LCS roster changes that are going on currently. But first, fans can expect to see certain changes that emphasize positive experience for players in their team contracts. There are additional changes that are going to be discussed later depending on LCS and Challenger set-ups in 2016 during the international events.

Proposed plans for 2016

Fans may not be surprised to know that there are many teams that have recruited pros on a long-term basis. The 10-year contract term is also seen in one of the teams outside LCS. It is true that teams are built on stable LCS rosters. However, long-term contracts may not be of much help to the market value of pros. The league is growing at a fast pace and players under long-term contracts may suffer without suitable compensation. Teams may not put the pros on active roster affecting players’ market value. There are plans to put a maximum of 3 year LCS contract in place to ensure fair compensation to the players.

The other proposed plan to improve the player experience is about subs. There are many teams that are paying their subs and have placed their subs on active roster and team contract. But across LCS it is not a standardized. The proposed plan aims at helping the subs to get their fair share in the team by asking the teams to place them on a contract that ensures active roster and suitable compensation. The idea is also to standardize a minimum but guaranteed pay per split when the subs are not playing. The compensation could be a minimum amount that is less than an LCS fresher and if the team wishes their subs can also get a bigger amount. By standardizing the pay, contract, and roster for subs, LCS is all set to become healthier for the players. These are just a few talks for helping out subs, but there are more in the pipeline for everyone in LCS whether it’s a beginner player or for subs.

More player protection

Next, the focus is on implementing few provisions to protect the players from unfair contract terms. The non-compete clause (where the players are not allowed to play in other teams when the contract gets terminated) for players affects their market value and stops them from progressing in the league. E-sports are way behind traditional sports leagues due to such reasons. Contract terms such as non-compete clause are not only unfair, but they push the player to miss out on important milestones in the league.

Aside protection from unfair contract terms, players are going to be able to end their contract if the team is terminated from LCS on the grounds of violations of rules. It is a welcome change as it is unfair for players to remain in teams that are out of LCS. The only exception to this change is a relegated team (Lemondogs in 2014 or Rich Gang in early 2015). Fans can only hope that such cases would be extremely rare.

These are just a few initial steps towards improved LCS player experience. The plans and developments are going to enhance the player experience in more meaningful ways regarding player stability and security. Fair representation of the players in their respective teams is extremely vital for a better LCS experience. Offseason is going to bring more news to LCS fans on future developments. What’s next in store? Fans, keep guessing!

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