LCS 2016 – Off Season Roster Changes

After a few underwhelming performances from North American teams on the World Championship stage along with a few concerning performances during the LCS a lot of the teams have opted into roster changes to attempt improvement for the upcoming 2016 LCS season. This isn’t only directed towards North America as European teams have also decided to make a few changes of their own to better their chances at reaching for the ultimate goal, the 2016 Summoner’s Cup. Besides the team and roster changes there have been big changes to the gameplay as well (read more about the 2016 gameplay changes here).

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2016 EU LCS Roster Changes

LCS EU Logo Season 6 | 2016Once the 2015 Season had ended for the region a lot of the European teams started to look for new talent as their Championship teams, Gamers 2 and Dignitas EU, made it into the LCS through the promotion tournament and are looking to be formidable opponents. A lot of the teams have opted to open up try-outs for a lot of their positions so we’re going to break it all down and let you know what teams are changing their players.

Fnatic, Origen, H2k, Giants and the newly qualified teams are all sticking to their current roster as far as anyone is aware, nothing has been said or become news to suggest otherwise, this however leaves a lot of teams open to change.

All EU LCS rosters have finally been announced:
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Team Vitality (Previously Gambit Gaming)

Vitality - EU LCS team LogoLogo of LCS EU Team Gambit GamingAfter their summer split where they ended up nearing the bottom of the board they’ve made a few changes to their roster, although their new players haven’t been defined yet they’ve not renewed their contract for their top-laner and have been holding try-outs for a few positions. Update November, 29th: In a recent interview with former Gambit Analyst Moo it was said that Gambit are currently negotiating to sell there LCS spot – the interview (just available in russian) is posted below. Update December, 10th: The LCS spot of Gambit Gaming was acquired by french organisation Team Vitality. The first player signed is Kasing. Update December, 14th: Team Vitality shows his current roster along Kévin “Shaunz” Ghanbarzadeh as the new head coach for the team.

  • Top Lane – Cabochard
  • Jungle – Shook
  • Mid Lane – Nukeduck
  • Marksman – Hjärnan
  • Support – Kasing

Forg1ven losing his starting position – read the official statement here

Post by Gambit regarding the sale of the LCS spot:

Team Vitality is entering the EU LCS:,1#vitality_acquires_lcs_spot

Team Vitality new roster and head coach:

Unicorns Of Love

Logo of LCS EU Team Unicorns of LoveAfter their acceptable and comfortable 9:9 summer split the Unicorns are looking to make a few improvements of their own and there are more than just rumours going around, they’ve been holding try-outs for 2 of their positions and there’s a lot of speculation as to why, there hasn’t been an official statement about their jungler tryouts and a lot of people are confused as to why. Update November, 5th: According to a recent statement on Facebook only Hylissang and Vizicsacsi will play in the 2016 LCS Season. PowerOfEvil is leaving the Unicorns to find another team while H0r0 will stay in Korea due to personal issues. Update December, 16th: Unicorns of Love announced his full roster for the 6th Season LCS 2016

  • Top Lane – Vizicsacsi
  • Jungle – Diamondprox
  • Mid Lane – Fox
  • Marksman – Steeelback
  • Support – Hylissang

ADC Tryouts statement –

Expecting major changes –

Update post from November 5th:

Update post from December 16th:


Logo of LCS EU Team RoccatA mediocre summer split left Roccat in 5th place, they didn’t look bad and ended in a comfortable position but a few of their players had enough, the system has taken its toll on them and they’ve decided to leave. No mention of retirement could be found so they could be picked up by different teams but Steve and MrRallez are no longer on the team. Update November, 15th: Cabochard appears to be joining Roccat – notifications of him joining the ranked team appeared while he was streaming on twitch. Update December, 14th: Jankos and Vander decided to leave Roccat, leaving the team without players

  • Top Lane – Freddy122
  • Jungle – Airwaks
  • Mid Lane – Betsy
  • Marksman – Safir
  • Support – Edward

Jankos and Vander leave Roccat:

Statement about their top lane options:

Cabochard twitch stream showing notification:

Official roster announcement by Roccat:


Elements - EU LCS Team LogoThis team was originally built to be a superstar team but their underperformance during the summer split has left 2 of their positions open to tryouts, Jwaow and Nyph are no longer on the team and as far as anyone is concerned they’ve left of their own accord. There was previously a statement saying that Nyph was going to stay on the team as part of the analyst staff as his knowledge of the game is extensive and useful but their current roster consists of:

  • Top Lane – Steve
  • Jungle – Gilius
  • Mid Lane – Eika
  • Marksman – MrRallez
  • Support – Sprattel

Splyce ( Previously Follow eSports)

Follow eSports (fe pro) - EU LCS team LogoTeam Dignitas EU - EU LCS team LogoFollow eSports has acquired the EU LCS team of Dignitas EU. According to Riot's rules Dignitas had to sell one of their two pro-teams. The team is currently looking for a Jungler, Head Coach and Analyst as reported on their website. Update November, 16th: Fe Pro signs for Jonas ‘Trashy' Andersen for the Jungler position. Update December, 2nd: Fe Pro changes his name to Splyce. The roster for the 2016 LCS Season is as follows:

  • Top Lane – Wunderwear
  • Jungle – Trashy
  • Mid Lane – Sencux
  • Marksman – Kobbe
  • Support – Nisbeth

Read the statement of follow eSports here:

The statement of Team Dignitas can be found here:

Follow eSports becomes Splyce:


Origen - EU LCS Team LogoUpdate November, 9th: It has recently been reported that Midlaner xPeke is stepping down. It seems very likely that PowerOfEvil, former Midlaner of the Unicorns of Love will take his place starting with the League of Legends tournament at IEM San Jose 2015. Update November, 13th: It has been confirmed that PowerOfEvil has joined Origen and will play at IEM San Jose. xPeke will however remain in the team and announced that he still will play in LCS Season 6. Their current roster for the LCS 2016:

  • Top Lane – Soaz
  • Jungle – Amazing
  • Mid Lane – PowerOfEvil / xPeke
  • Marksman – Zven (Niels changed his name to Zven)
  • Support – Mithy

xPeke's statement regarding the current situation of Origen (13/11/2015)


H2K Gaming - LCS EU Team LogoH2K was the third EU LCS team at Worlds 2015 but unlike the other two teams did not make it out of the Group Stage. On November 3rd Loulex (position: Jungle) confirmed that he will be parting ways with H2K. Currently Loulex is looking for a new team in North America or Europe. You can read the full statement here:    Update December 23rd: Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou joined H2K as starting ADC.

  • Top Lane – Odoamne
  • Jungle – Jankos
  • Mid Lane – Ryu
  • Marksman – FORG1VEN
  • Support – Vander

FORG1VEN joins H2K:


Logo of LCS EU Team FnaticUpdate November 23rd: Fnatic announced, that Huni (Top Lane) and Reignover (Jungle) will leave the Fnatic organisation to play in another region. Currently it is not clear where the two will play in the 2016 Season and who will take their positions for Fnatic. We will keep you updated. Update November, 27th: Febiven extends his contract with Fnatic for another year. Update December, 1st: YellOwStaR is leaving Fnatic leaving only Febiven and Rekkles in the current roster. Update December, 6th: Fnatic signs for Gamsu in the top lane, Spirit for the jungle and NoXiAK as support.

  • Top Lane – Gamsu
  • Jungle – Spirit
  • Mid Lane – Febiven
  • Marksman – Rekkles
  • Support – NopXiAK

Post on Fnatic Website:

Febiven's post about the new contract:

YellOwStaR leaving:

Spirit and Gamsu joins Fnatic:

Few statements have been released regarding the European teams roster changes and official statements are currently amiss however their current position changes are not rumoured and are definite. The changes listed have been mentioned but the release of the players has been non-descript. There could have been issues with a few of the players like Gambit had with Forg1ven but the organisations are avoiding being vocal about the issues as are the players.

G2 Esports

G2 Esports - EU LCS team LogoThe team recently lost Jesse “Jesiz” Le and Lennart “SmittyJ” Warkus to Team Dignitas, and has replaced then with Kim “Emperor” Jin-hyun and Kim “Trick” Kang Yoon. Additionally, with the signing of Trick as their new jungler, G2 has moved Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek to the top lane. This is their new roster for the 6th season LCS:

  • Top – Kikis
  • Jungle – Trick
  • Mid – Perkz
  • ADC – Emperor
  • Support – Hybrid

Giants Gaming

Giants - EU LCS Team LogoIn January of 2016, Giants Gaming announced the full roster of his team for the 6th season LCS. the debut of the new roster will take place 14/01/2016 against H2K Gaming.

  • Top– Atom
  • Jungle – K0u
  • Mid – xPepii
  • ADC – Adryh
  • Support – g0dfred

Giants Gaming reveals his full roster:

Giants Gaming roster video

2016 NA LCS Roster Changes

LCS-NA-Logo-2016After their performances and worlds and many teams being unhappy with their season performances the North American teams have been very welcoming to the likes of roster changes, with surprise benching of players and plenty of retirements we’re going to glance over the many changes in the teams that’ll be performing during the 2016 NA LCS.

Only a few teams have kept their roster and even Cloud9 are trying out a few new things, with the likes of Team Coast, Team Dignitas, Gravity and Team Impulse no changing their rosters there have been many players dropping out across the board. However Team Impulse is looking to sell their LCS spot to a different organisation so changes could be coming their way.

All NA LCS rosters have finally been announced:
>>> view Team and Players overview: LCS NA Spring Split 2016

Team SoloMid

Logo of LCS NA Team TSMIt’s been known for a while now that changes were going to come to TSM as their top laner Dyrus stated that this would be his last season however a few of the other changes came as a surprise. The only remaining member of TSM is Bjergsen as even WildTurtle has to contest his position in the Marksman tryouts. LustBoy retired and has become a team analyst and streamer along with Santorin leaving the team as there were issues but they ended on good terms. Update October, 31st: Doublelift signed as new marksman for TSM. Their current roster is one of the most diluted of the NA teams at the moment but it currently stands as. Update November, 10th: Rumours have it that Kasing might step in the support role. Update November, 11th: According to a tweet by headcoach TSMReginald, Svenskeren was signed as starting Jungler on November 8th. Find the tweet linked below. Update November, 14th: TSM announced the full roster for IEM –due to previous problems the team decided to have an all English speaking roster. You can watch the roster announcement video below. Update November, 11th: YelloOwStaR joins TSM for the 6th Season LCS 2016, although kaSing played in the IEM San Jose for TSM as support, they signed YellOwStaR for the support role in the upcoming season.

  • Top Lane – Hauntzer
  • Jungle – Svenskeren
  • Mid Lane – Bjergsen
  • Marksman – Doublelift
  • Support – YellOwStaR

You can read more about the TSM roster changes here:,csgo-news,hearthstone-news,smite-news,smash-news,csgo-news,hearthstone-news,smite-news,smash-news

Statement regarding Svenskeren:

In case you missed Dyrus emotional interview at Worlds 2015 you can watch it below

Doublelift joins TSM

TSM roster announcement November 14th

Doublelift is looking for his Star

Team Liquid

Team Liquid - NA LCS Team LogoTheir summer split standings were great but they didn’t manage to show up when it really mattered, they were top of the summer split but didn’t make much on an impact during the playoffs or even during the gauntlet run where they lost their chances to make it to the World Championship, due to a few internal issues with Xpecial and Piglet. Xpecial said “Piglet just doesn’t like me” and his performance was questionable so they decided look for a new Marksman and Support however only ended up changing their support player. Update November, 29th: Quas was suspended – read the post here:

  • Top Laner – Lourlo
  • Jungle – IwillDominate
  • Mid Lane – Fenix
  • Marksman – Piglet
  • Support – Smoothie

Xpecial’s Statement

Smoothie’s Introduction

Counter Logic Gaming

Logo of LCS NA Team CLGAs far as they were concerned they’d performed well, not as well as they’d have likely but their reach this season was far greater than any season they had previously performed in. They made it to the 2015 World Championship which was fresh for them after a few difficult seasons; they also won the summer split playoffs which once again came new for them. However they’d like to perform even better and very hastily benched their mid-laner Pobelter in favour of their substitute player HuHi. Besides this, Head Coach Chris Ehrenreich was released recently. Update October 31st: CLG Fans appear furious after the veteran face of CLG has been dropped, Doublelift was well known throughout League of Legends as a constant top performing Marksman in North America and CLG fans are not approving of a lot of CLG's recent actions. After the loss of a well performing Mid Laner, Pobelter, and suddenly releasing their praised coach and AD a lot of fans feel lost as to what has happened

  • Top Lane – Darshan
  • Jungle – Xmithie
  • Mid Lane – HuHi
  • Marksman – Stixxay
  • Support – Aphromoo

Read more about the Mid lane change here:

Statement about the release of head coach Chris Ehrenreich:

Statment about Doublelift leaving CLG:

Cloud 9

Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9Their performance was much better than expected, a true ‘Cinderella’ story. They managed to claw their way back from relegations and made it to the World Championship 2015 where they came ever so close to making it out of the group stages. Their support player “LemonNation” has been feeling the stresses of the game a while and decided to step down, looking to retire and at the same time the team has been holding tryouts to replace their Jungler “Hai” who is still on the team but has been looking transition his role to support. Update November, 19th: Bunny FuFuu and Rush are joining Cloud 9 – Watch the videos below for the official announcements.

  • Top Lane – Balls
  • Jungle – Rush
  • Mid Lane – Jensen
  • Marksman – Sneaky
  • Support – Hai/Bunny FuFu

Read more about the tryouts here:

Cloud 9 welcomes Bunny FuFuu

Cloud 9 welcomes Rush

Team Immortals (Previously Team8)

Logo of LCS NA Season 6 Spring Split Team Team 8In October 2015 the roster of Team 8 was acquired by a consortium of tech, gaming, and media investors and rebranded to Immortals. Ending in 8th position during the Summer Split left the team in a bad position but they’re working things out and have been actively looking for a new top-laner and support player. Their support player “Dodo” has become part of the team staff and Calitrlolz has retired. Update November, 15th: Goldenglue and Porpoise have left Team Immortals to become free agents. Update December, 8th: Immortals announced the full roster for the upcoming LCS Season 2016. You can watch the roster announcement below.

  • Top Lane – Huni
  • Jungle – Reignover
  • Mid Lane – Pobelter
  • Marksman – WildTurtle
  • Support – Adrian

Find out more about the “new” team here:

Tweet by Goldenglue:

Immortals roster announcement December 8th

LA Renegades

Renegades - NA LCS team LogoAfter fighting their way through the challenger series and earning their place in the LCS their Marksman “Maplestreet” has decided to retire. However their hopes are high as there have been rumours that “Freeze” a well-known European marksman has flown to North America to try-out for the team however with other teams wanting Marksmen he might be difficult to acquire.

  • Top Lane – RF Legendary
  • Jungle – Crumbzz
  • Mid Lane – Alex Ich
  • Marksman – Freeze
  • Support – Remi

Read more about the Renegades here:

NRG Gaming (Previously Team Coast)

NRG Gaming - NA LCS team LogoTeam Coast - NA LCS Team LogoOn November 16th, Team Coast officials announced on Facebook that their 2016 LCS license along the player contracts were sold to a group lead by Andy Miller, one of the owners of the NBA team Sacramento Kings, and Mark S. Mastrov, the founder of 24 Hour Fitness. The team is now called NRG Gaming. Introducing NRG! With high hopes and a lot of “energy” their well formed team of highly skilled multi-cultural players will be guided by extremely experienced coaching staff and are looking to take the NA LCS by storm after acquiring Coast's position. Their current roster is listed below and as you can see not a lot of the players from the old team coast roster are featured. Not long after the new roster had been announced on the website of NRG the Facebook post by Team Coast was deleted.

  • Top Lane – Impact
  • Jungle – Moon
  • Mid Lane – GBM
  • Support – Altec
  • Marksman – KonWon

Post by Team Coast: The Facebook post has been deleted

Website of NRG Gaming:

Echo Fox (Previously Gravity)

Echo Fox - NA LCS team LogoGravity - NA LCS Team LogoOn December 18th, 2015 a press release announced that NBA legend Rick Fox has bought the LCS spot of Team Gravity. The new team is called Echo Fox. Further information on the new roster have not been released yet. Update January 5th 2016: Echo Fox revealed the full roster:

  • Top Lane – KFO
  • Jungle – Hard
  • Mid Lane – Froggen
  • Support – Big (formely known as Baby)
  • Marksman – Keith

Team Dignitas

Logo of LCS NA Team DignitasOn November 17th Team Dignitas announced their new roster for the upcoming season.

  • Top Lane – SmittyJ
  • Jungler – Kirei
  • Mid Lane – Shiphtur
  • Marksman – Apollo
  • Support: – Kiwikid

That wraps it up for current changes; As the World Championship is reaching the finals, players are becoming available as teams are looking for players so we should all expect to see a new few faces pop up from the vast talent pools from each region.

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