Changed Rules for 2016 Callenger Series Qualifiers

The impending CS has some exciting news for LCS fans. There’s going to be some young blood in the upcoming Challenger Series. The LCS eligibility criteria are changing for good. Though initially it was planned for LCS worthy teams to have the entire CS split, this set up was limiting in some ways. Instead, young players are going to be in for a surprise in the upcoming season, as there are plans to include them on the teams. It is an amazing opportunity for the younger lot to hone their skills and get to the next level.

Fans can expect an immediate amendment of rules in 2016, as teams will have up to 2 young players (under 17). However, the rules remain same for teams to schedule the roster with 3/5ths LCS eligibility. This means that a big chunk of qualifying teams would be LCS worthy. Though the roster requirement does not change for the team, they would be free to fill their final two spots with younger players.

This season is not only about the inclusion of younger players in the teams, but also the ways teams are going to qualify for the CS 2016. Open Qualifier Matches and National Leagues (Europe) are going to be modified. Eligibility for Challenger Series teams will not be decided on ranked teams, but rather through qualification matches.

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CS Qualification Matches

The qualifiers for CS will decide the competing teams and pros solely based on the results of Qualifier Matches.

CS Open Qualifier (NA and EU)

Teams need to battle it out in the Open Qualifiers through League of Legends Battlegrounds. The results of the qualifiers will determine the battling teams for CS. Once the teams have finished their enrollment for the Open Qualifiers for CS, the teams will be put into a bracket to compete in their regional CS.

  1. Europe National Leagues

The winners of the respective national events will be given a spot to compete in the CS qualifiers. The new season is going to bring more cultural diversity as the proposed changes are being discussed with ESL Meisterschaft – Germany, ESL Mistrzostwa Polski – Poland, and LVP’s Divison de honor – Spain.

The proposed reward plan is going to help amateur players as they get to play at a semi-professional level. The teams can proudly represent their countries and make their fans beam with pride. Such teams will stand a high chance of being considered to join LCS during the Summer Promotion Tournament.

CS Qualifiers

The teams will enter the 2016 Spring Challenger Series after the Open Qualifier Matches and National Leagues in Europe.

The Format

NA Teams

  • Two lower tier CS teams from the 2015 Summer Split will compete with the top two teams from the NA CS Open Qualifier Tournament.
  • The CS team in 5th place can pick their competitor from the NA Open Qualifier.
  • NA Qualifiers Finals will have the best of five and each of the winners in each final will be guaranteed a spot in the 2016 NA CS split. NA’s format will be similar to NA LCS.

EU Teams

  • The two lowest CS squads from 2015 Challenger Series Summer split will compete.
  • Three National Leagues winners.
  • Three squads from EU CS Open Qualifier Matches will have winners from


-One-off match- EUW vs. EUNE, 2nd place seeds.

  • The teams will be divided in to two knock-out brackets consisting of four teams each.
  • There would be random seeding into the brackets, however, each of the top teams from EUW and EUNE as well as two CS teams will be put into different brackets.
  • The EU CS Qualifiers in the bracket stage will be a best of 3 and finals will be best of 5. A chance to compete in the 2016 EU Spring CS will be guaranteed to the winners from each bracket.


Qualification Matches

  1. Dates for Open Qualifier (NA and EU): 12-10-15 to 12-18-15 and 01-04-16 to 01-10-16

The ending dates of EU National Leagues:

  • 12-06-15- LVP
  • 12-06-15- ESL DE
  • 10-04-16-ESL PL

CS Qualifiers Dates: 01-12-16 to 01-20-16

Signing up to participate in the CS Qualifying Matches

Check eligibility, sign-up, and schedule information for the National Leagues in Europe on

Open Qualifier

  • More information can be found on League of Legends Battlegrounds – visit website
  • Sign-ups are open for a week: 12-01-15 to 12-08-15

Individual players

  • An active Solo Queue ranking of a minimum of Diamond 3 is necessary for a player to participate in this tournament.
  • Younger players under 18 years of age need to present a signed authorization from their parents or legal guardians to take part in the tournament.
  • Information about eligibility and registrations will be shared with fans on 11-30-15.

It is mandatory for CS eligible teams to form organizations or join one. These organizations should meet the LCS team responsibilities and expectations. Along with the inclusion of younger players, the teams also need to schedule a standard roster. All teams should comply with the Interregional Movement Policy. Fans can expect more information on future changes, schedules, and formats on the LCS and CS in December.

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