Grand Finals and Match for 3rd | NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2016

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It has been decided! Teams were recently facing off for a position to climb through the NA LCS 2016 Summer Playoff Finals, now we’re heading into the finals and we’ve got some extremely exciting games ahead of us. We’ll be able to watch two ex-lcs champion teams face off for the title. Cloud9 managed to work their way through a thrilling series against Immortals and although there were a few close calls they had proven themselves to be a dominating team. They’ll be facing off against Team Solo Mid who had an extremely convincing series against an improved Counter Logic Gaming so we’re bound to see a lot of excitement in this Team Solo Mid vs. Cloud9 best of 5 series! Make sure you catch it like on Sunday, August 28th!

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LCS NA – Summer Playoffs 2016 – Finals | Facts:

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  • Date: 08/27/2016 – 08/28/2016
  • Start Time: 12:00 PM PDT/ 03:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST
  • Format: 2 matches | One best of five match per day
  • Location: NA LCS Studio – Toronto, Canada
  • Patch: LoL 6.15
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Schedule and Results – NA LCS Summer Finals

NA LCS Grand Finals and Match for 3rd of the League of Legends Summer Split Playoffs 2016 take place on Saturday 08/27/2016 and Sunday 08/28/2016. Again 2 exciting best-of-five matches await in the Finals of the North American LCS Playoffs. The semi-finals will be played at patch 6.15 like the rest of the LCS 2016 Summer Playoffs.

Finals – NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs 2016

Match for 3rd place: Immortals NA LCS Team Logo LoL Immortals vs. CLG NA LCS Team Logo LoL CLG    3  2   
Start Time: August 27th, 12:00 PM PDT / 15:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CEST

Grand Finals: Cloud9 NA LCS Team Logo LoL Cloud9 vs. TSM LoL LCS NA Team Logo small Team SoloMid    1  3  
Start Time: August 28th, 12:00 PM PDT / 15:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CEST

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Preview and Predictions | NA LCS Summer Finals

League of Legends Icon NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs – Match for 3rd place:

Immortals vs Counter Logic Gaming NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs 2016 Third PlaceMatch for 3rd placeImmortals NA LCS Team Logo LoL Immortals vs. CLG NA LCS Team Logo LoL CLG

Start Time: August 27th, 12:00 PM PDT / 15:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CEST

As teams were heading to the top a few encountered too much to handle, these teams will now be battling it out for the 3rd and 4th places, some people would consider these to be less relevant but the rewarded Championship Points could push teams into a position ready for the 2016 World Championship. The teams battling for 3rd place are Counter Logic Gaming vs. Immortals; make sure you catch the series on Saturday, August 27th!

Immortals look to be at an advantage even if they lost their series to Cloud9, it was a relatively close series and the team had shown great potential. Hopefully they’ll be full of less surprises heading into this series as Counter Logic Gaming are full of perfected and difficult to manage strategies. I also came to this conclusion as CLG lost their series against TSM drastically however if Aurelion Sol is available during this series things could be looking up for them.

Counter Logic Gaming NA LCS Team Logo LoLCounter Logic Gaming were struck with a bit of back luck when one of their most comfortable and notable champions was banned across the games they played, all because of a recurring and unfixed bug. Hopefully they’ve got to the bottom of the issues and Aurelion Sol is available once more because CLG have had significantly better performances when able to utilize that champion; if it’s not then a Syndra or Taliyah could still be high impact. The top lane of CLG has played a fantastic Gnar and has often disrupted team fights or yielded the team great opportunities, if it’s not available then Ekko could be a good choice as a second option. These solo lanes will be assisted during the earlier stages of the game by a Gragas or possibly an Olaf, they should be able to create a lot of pressure around the top side of the map and through the top side river; this could give them create control to cover their lanes. The duo lane of CLG has had some diverse picks however I think they’ve had more convincing performances when on Sivir and pairing it with a slightly aggressive picks such as Bard or Karma. Once they’ve made their way onto the rift they’re going to want to set up an adaptable line of vision across the river, they should consider some defensive warding on the bottom side of the map. If they’ve come to a decision and are going to try to propel their top laner or equalise the top side of the map then they should try to get some deeper vision into their opponent’s jungle. This will let them pressure more confidently and rigorously, it will also open up opportunities for them to skirmish before heading into the middle stages of the game. When they’re entering those stages of the game where they’re confident in their fighting potential they’re going to want to be controlling the side lanes, manipulating the minion waves can be difficult but if they’re looking to systematically work through this series they’re going to need to find advantageous fights and that can take time. CLG are going to want to stall any enemy engagements whilst gaining control of side lanes and then using that opportunity to flank for their own engagement, they should be able to do this on multiple occasions and it will give them the time they need to gain objective advantages and siege their way into the opposing base. This is how they’ll be able to open up the series and take their first victory.

Immortals NA LCS Team Logo LoLImmortals have been under a lot of pressure as they were originally presumed to be one of the top contenders; they’re now facing a possible 4th place ending to the split so they’re going to want to bring their best. Immortals have shown great use of a Gangplank in the top lane but it’s also been their most risky lane, if they’re not going to take a tank in the top lane then they should consider bruisers or duellists, a Rumble or Irelia haven’t been seen in a while and could still give good results. The middle lane of Immortals is going to want to lock in for some wave-clear and team fighting potential; this comes easily from a Viktor or Taliyah however I’d like to see them pick up a Vladimir or Malzahar during the series. These solo lanes are extremely likely to be assisted by a Reksai during the series with an Elise as a fall back option. The Immortals duo lane has made great use of both Taric and Trundle and I expect them to continue their appearances, along with the Jhin and Ashe options they’re set up for strong engagements but a Sivir could go a lot way if they’re in trouble. Once they’ve made their way onto the rift they’re going to want to get some aggressive vision on the top side of the map and should choose to utilize it quickly, going for a few aggressive invades during the earlier stages of the game could really throw off CLG’s early aggressive movements and will also give Immortals exactly what they need to punish the top lane of CLG. This will set them into a good pace as they enter the middle stages of the game where they will be looking for regular soft engagements, they’ll be able to capitalise on these if they find the right picks. Immortals could quickly snowball this game if they find those engagements around the middle stages of the game and it’ll make easy work of both objectives and structures. They’ve got some pretty unique compositions that can create huge advantages in small amounts of time and then use those to continue to relentlessly pressure, this is how they could find themselves on top of a game and in the driver seat to taking the series.

Prediction: Immortals Victory. I think Counter Logic Gaming are going to put up a pretty convincing fight during this series but after they lost so drastically to TSM I think Immortals are going to be the stronger team here. They’ve had a more convincing split and have also put on stronger performances during the playoffs, I expect this to show during the series.

NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2016 Third Place Immortals vs Counter Logic Gaming

League of Legends Icon NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs – Grand Finals:

Team SoloMid vs Cloud9 NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs 2016 Grand FinalGrand Finale: TSM LoL LCS NA Team Logo small Team SoloMid vs. Cloud9 NA LCS Team Logo LoL Cloud9 

Start Time: August 28th, 12:00 PM PDT / 15:00 PM EDT / 21:00 CEST

We’re at the final stretch, this is the final series and whoever manages to come out on top will take the title along with many other rewards. We’ll be watching Cloud9 take on Team Solo Mid. Cloud9 had a few rough spots during the summer split but news has quickly spread about their quick improvements and they’re a favourite for many to come out on top but can they bring down the TSM titans who were reigning over the summer split? Make sure you catch the finals as they go live on Sunday, August 28th!

I’d still give TSM the advantage here. Team Solo Mid had an extremely convincing win against their semi-final opponents, Counter Logic Gaming, but the players are saying that Cloud9 have great odds here. Cloud9 have shown drastic improvements but we’ll have to wait and see if it’ll be enough to take down the team that was a favourite for the duration of the summer split.

Team SoloMid NA LCS Logo LoLTeam SoloMid has shown comfort on many champions in many different roles and I expect these champions to show up over the finals. We’re likely to see more Gnar and Gangplank in the top lane with assistance from the jungle, their jungler has locked in Reksai with great confidence and if they’re unable to find that champion then a Gragas will fill the position nicely. Their middle lane has worked comfortably on both Lissandra and Cassiopeia which I think will work extremely well in TSM’s more common compositions, especially when combined with a Sivir and Braum in the bottom lane. Once they’ve made their way onto the rift I think TSM will benefit with aggressive warding, gaining vision close to their opponents jungle, or even throughout portions of it, will notify them of any incoming issues but it will also open up opportunities for them to take a few early skirmishes. TSM often thrive through a few early skirmishes and then converting that small lead into a controlling style of play in which they gain reign over the map. This can occur quickly after skirmishes around drake and then rotating to take turrets, this works well for their tempo and can throw their opponents into disarray. This well then work in their favour when working through the middle stages of the game as they have the tools to take many and multiple engagements in close succession, this will crack open huge opportunities for them to siege relentlessly or to gain control over the larger and more dangerously contested objectives on the map such as Baron or higher tier turrets. Team Solo Mid could quickly find themselves in a strong position but they’ll need to keep up deep and aggressive warding whilst doing this, if they slow down at any point they’ll give their opponents chances to scale up and start turning the game around; this is often where TSM have fallen in the past and if they’ve learned from their mistakes, which is likely from their performances over the split, they should be able to capitalise on their advantages quickly. This will give them great opportunities to work their way through the game and even through the series.

Cloud9 NA LCS Team Logo LoLCloud9 haven’t got the best match-history, at least over the course of the summer split, but they’ve found their groove. On a few specific champions they’ve been performing with great success and I expect those same champions to make more appearances during this very important series. Their top lane has shown great use of Ekko however his Gnar is formidable, it has multiple mentions throughout caster conversations and is often a key point to C9 taking control of fights. Their jungler has shown more comfort on Gragas than other jungle champions however if TSM decide to pick him away then Reksai will fit comfortably as well as reduce TSM’s options. Cloud9 have shown great diversity in the middle lane so they’re able to fill the position with great versatility; a Lissandra could be great as C9 have shown mastery of that champion previously and it takes a choice away from TSM however I’d assume they’re more comfortable on the likes of a Syndra or Zilean. The C9 bottom lane has shown near perfect mastery of Jhin and I expect him to show up during the series with a Tahm Kench or Braum but I think they’ll have better chances throughout the series if they take hold of Sivir or Ashe instead. After loading into the match I think they’re going to want to set up some easily adaptable vision, the early skirmishes that are likely to arise could easily sway the speed of this game and C9 are going to want to be able to work through it regardless of how It goes. If it works out for them and they manage to take an advantage they’re going to want to quickly build a strong line of aggressive vision, doing this before team fighting starts will assure that they’re able to maintain some control as well as get some advantageous positioning for the middle stages of the game. During the middle stages of the game they’re going to want to make sure that they’re the aggressors, if they’re holding stronger positioning they should be able to avoid TSM whilst being able to find their own engagements; this also comes from them holding the more dominant vision and denying TSM’s vision in preferred areas. C9 should be able to use their champion’s utility to worm their way into fights and stall through them with consistent damage, this will let them come out on top with minimal loss. Fighting in this particular way can be difficult but has high reward, C9 will be able to push with significant speed or take down objectives with relative safety. This particular composition and style of play scales extremely well into the middle and later stages of the game too, it’s able to keep the players alive and mobile; it lets them quickly reposition to find advantages whilst the fight is occurring. This is how they’re likely to come out on top of a few fights and work their way into an advantageous position, quickly translating into a game and a step forward in the series.

Prediction: Team SoloMid Victory. Although I like C9’s chances here I think TSM will come out on top. They’re experienced at playing against all types of teams with all types of styles, because of this I think they will be able to quickly adapt to their opponents and either work around them or work through them. This will give them significant advantages throughout the series and I think they’ll come out on top, not after running into some trouble though.

NA LCS Summer Playoffs 2016 Grand Final Team SoloMid vs Cloud9

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