Grand Finals and Match for 3rd | NA LCS Spring Playoffs 2016

Once again we’re left with 2 of the most popular league of legends teams going head to head in the finals of the NA LCS. Counter Logic Gaming will be facing off against long-time rivals Team Solo Mid and things couldn’t be tenser. The ex-CLG marksman, Doublelift, on a new roster is about to face off against the team that replaced him. Both of these teams have years of experience meeting in critical circumstances and with how much improvement they’ve made for the playoffs we’re sure to see some phenomenal games! Tune in live on the RiotGames stream on April 17th to watch the finals of the NA LCS Spring Playoffs and find out which team will represent North America at the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)!
Find the match schedule, starting times, team roster statistics, livestream and betting odds below. Preview and predictions will be added soon.

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LCS NA – Spring Playoffs – Semifinals | Facts:

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  • Date: 04/16/ – 04/17/2016
  • Start Time: 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST
  • 2 matches | One best of five match per day
  • Location: Las Vegas, USA
  • Patch: LoL 6.6
  • Tickets: Ticket info – Spring Playoffs
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Schedule and Results – NA LCS Spring Finals

After 2 exciting playoff weekends the NA LCS is finally heading towards the grand finals of the 2016 spring split. For the last two playoff days (04/16/ – 04/17/2016) the North American LCS is heading to Las Vegas (US). On Saturday we will see the match between Team Liquid vs Immortals for the 3rd place, followed by the big grand finals between Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team SoloMid on Sunday.

Finals and Match for 3rd – NA LCS Spring Split Playoffs 2016

Match for 3rd place: Team Liquid - LCS NA Team Logo Team Liquid vs. Team Immortals - LCS NA Team Logo Immortals    0  3  
Start Time: April 16th, 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST

Grand Finals: CLG - LCS NA Team Logo Counter Logic Gaming vs. TSM - LCS NA Team Logo Team SoloMid    3  2  
Start Time: April 17th, 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST

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Preview and Predictions | NA LCS Match for 3rd

Match for 3rd place: Team Liquid - LCS NA Team Logo Team Liquid vs. Team Immortals - LCS NA Team Logo Immortals

Start Time: April 16th, 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST

Third Place NA LCS Playoffs Team Liquid vs Immortals

Great improvements have been shown recently by Team Liquid however they weren’t able to snatch a place in the playoff finals. Immortals suffered an ‘upset’ loss to Team SoloMid who has taken their usual place by the top but between these 2 teams competing for 3rd place who can manage to take it? The reward is going to be a top place at the end of the split along with championship points that will carry on throughout the season to open up options to make it to the world championship. Make sure you tune into the 3rd place playoff game on April 16th!

Team Liquid LoL Team LogoTeam Liquid made their improvement obvious but it wasn’t enough to take a place in the playoff finals however now they’re going against Immortals whose weakness was very obviously shown to the world. TL have a phenomenal staff behind them that will assist the team in breaking through this weakness and with their individual skill and team synergy they should be able to come out on top but it’s certainly not going to come easy.

Team Immortals LoL Team LogoImmortals are still the top standing round robin team of the NA LCS Spring Split 2016 and they’re going to bounce back but will it be now or later? They made oh so many mistakes during their recent encounters and all of the small missteps opened up possibilities for their opponent and they fell under the pressure. They need to play precise and confidently to make sure that they stay on top and not get too cocky when they hold a lead. They don’t want to push too hard but play it controlled. This should give them an edge over TL.

Team Liquid is going to want to take the ever so strong Ekko in the top lane or possibly Poppy, this is likely to be paired with a Rek’Sai or Kindred. Their middle laner has played a variety of things on this patch but has favoured Karma; I’ll be looking for a Ryze or Corki. Their bottom lane has also played a very large range of champions but their marksmen has shown phenomenal skill on Caitlyn and Sivir so I’ll be looking for one of them to be paired with a Bard of flex pick Karma. Applying pressure to the top lane and just trying to take a single win against Immortals should be their aim. Immortals tend to crumble under too much pressure and their performances wain. Play safe during the early game and try and stay equal, small skirmishes will be fine but they’ll want to avoid any large fights until they have an advantage. Playing the map and out-rotating Immortals will be a key aspect to them taking victories in the series but if they can get ahead in tempo through lane swapping or jungle pressure then they’ll be in the driving seat to take the game.

Immortals took a rough hit against Team Solo Mid when they lost their best of 5 series in the first 3 matches. They made multiple small mistakes that all built up and turned their chances upside down. They’ll be looking for solid and confident picks and I hope their top laner wises up and takes the best current champions. I want to see an Ekko or even a Fiora in the top lane, despite the nerfs, because it’ll be better than the usual Graves, Gangplank and Lucian that were shown last week. Their jungler has been performing exceedingly well on Rek’sai and Gragas so I expect them to continue to show up and this will fit nicely with a Lissandra, Ryze or possibly Azir for the middle lane. Their bottom lane has been fairly consistent with their picking of Jhin as a marksman and I expect the trend to continue with a Karma, Soraka or Janna support. Once they’re in game they’re going to want to hit early power spikes and force skirmishes. Avoiding the lane swap might give their top laner an edge to stay on par with the rest of the people in the game so they can keep up the skirmishing, they want to avoid small mistakes so playing slowly might help them. I expect a lot of farming from them and some extensive team fighting but they should be able to come out on top as long as they can control vision and objectives around the middle stages of the game. Continuing a similar slow and methodical style throughout the series should set them up nicely to contend the series.

Prediction: Immortals Victory. I think they’ll take control of the series in the earlier stages but possibly give up a game early in the series. Coming out on top with a 3:1 is my prediction because although they’re an extremely skilled team they can slip up from time to time, I think they’ll have looked over their mistakes and improved to come out on top here.

Preview and Predictions | NA LCS Grand Finals

Grand Finals: CLG - LCS NA Team Logo Counter Logic Gaming vs. TSM - LCS NA Team Logo Team SoloMid

Start Time: April 17th, 12:00 PM PDT/ 15:00 PM EDT/ 21:00 CEST

Grand Final NA LCS Playoffs CLG vs TSM

We are faced once again with a rivalry nearly as old as League of Legends itself. TSM and CLG have had many head to head matches and the overall head to head is nearly 50/50. Both teams have put on strong performances recently and have surprised us all, especially TSM. A lot of people, including some casters, thought it would be an IMT vs. TL finals but now we’re looking at a TSM vs. CLG where the winner will not only be the Spring Split Champion for the NA LCS but they’ll also take an invitation to the Mid-Season Invitational Tournament where teams from all over the globe will face off. Make sure you tune into the series as it’s bound to be phenomenal, it goes live on April 17th!

Team SoloMid TSM LoL Team LogoTeam SoloMid made huge improvements when they got their sports psychologist in and the team has started to finally repair their problems. When they went against IMT they took the series extremely cleanly and went 3:0. Not dropping a single game to the round-robin spring split winners is an amazing achievement and I’m sure TSM have more in store for us.

Counter Logic Gaming CLG LoL Team LogoCounter Logic Gaming had a bit of a rough time against Team Liquid but managed to take the series with a few risky plays along with some extremely smart moves. They’re going to need to pull out everything they’ve got but it could be an extremely close game against TSM if they knuckle down and bring out the CLG that used 2 teleports on a single ward to surprise TL. It’s absolutely within their skill range to be able to win this series if they play on point.

Counter Logic Gaming are likely to pick a tank in the top lane but haven’t favoured Ekko like many other teams so a Maokai or Poppy seem likely but the Ekko is still possible for their top lane. Their jungler has taken Kindred often and has fallen back on Elise; although their jungler is limited he’s very skilled on these 2 picks. Their middle lane has a lot of options but a Ryze, Anivia, Azir or even Lissandra could be good for them and they even have the option to flex pick Ekko. Their bottom lane has been questionable but they’ve had a few Tristana bans against them, if it’s not banned then I expect it to make an appearance at some point along with Lucian and Caitlyn paired with a Soraka, Morgana or Braum. Once they’re on the rift they’re going to want to take the lane swap and avoid the 2v2 bottom lane because the individual skill levels on the laners could cause issues. If they rotate their lanes properly they should be able to gain a tempo advantage and use it to get vision in their opponents’ jungle. With this vision they should be able to pressure the middle lane without the risk of a flank or pick off opponents in small skirmishes. With how CLG have played previously I expect them to pick off opponents and skirmish often to build a lead. Holding a similar style throughout the series could net them a few wins but they’ll need to switch things up so things don’t get stale and easy to counter.

Team Solo Mid threw out some dominating performances and have shown some extremely good improvements, taking down IMT 3:0 and in clean fashion was phenomenal as was partly due to their strong compositions. A tank in the top lane is definite so I expect a Maokai, Gragas, Poppy or Ekko which are all fairly contested picks and it’ll be paired with a jungler like Graves, Lee Sin or Nidalee to create pressure in team fights and to assist in sieging, we could also see a Kindred as the play style also fits. Their middle lane has shown an extremely large variety of picks that range from assassin to control mages; I’ll be looking for another Zed appearance along with an Azir or Ryze. Their bottom lane has favoured Kalista over the other marksmen so I think it’ll show up in the bottom lane along with a Braum or Alistar. When they make it onto the rift they’re going to want to try and find standard lanes, if they can then they will come out on top if they apply enough jungle pressure. Their middle laner should roam when possible and continue to apply pressure so they can contest the outer turrets of their opponents’ lanes as soon as possible. Doing so could build a sizable lead but they’ll either need to avoid or join skirmishes which could end badly. If they’re on point during laning they should come out slightly ahead and will be able to pressure objectives with their composition, it’s extremely strong at taking objectives and pressuring teams. A heavy focus on vision throughout the series along with rotating through the lanes and controlling tempo should give them an advantage during the series but CLG are phenomenal at skirmishing and picking off opponents and that can really throw off a lead.

Prediction: Team SoloMid Victory. I think they’ll take the series 3:1. Their staff has been phenomenal recently and the entire roster has stepped up and made some huge improvements. The individual skill level of the players on TSM slightly out-does that of CLG and I think TSM have a slight advantage for the series. It’s going to be tough and they’ll hit some hiccups but I think they will ultimately take the series.

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