Grand Finals and Match for 3rd | EU LCS Spring Playoffs 2016

G2 Esports were a fairly unknown team at the beginning of the spring split but they burst into the season with phenomenal style and managed to work their way to the top of the ladder, now they’ve worked their way to the finals of the playoffs where they will be facing last splits contending team, Origen. Origen have shown a large range of improvements but G2 have proven that they can hold their own in the most difficult of circumstances, who will come out on top and represent Europe at the MSI 2016? You’ll have to tune into the RiotGames live stream on April 17th to watch the games as they roll out and watch one of the teams crowned EU LCS Spring Split Champions!
Find the match schedule, starting times, team statistics, livestream and betting odds below. Preview and predictions will be added soon.

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LCS EU Spring Playoffs Finals | Facts:

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  • Date: 04/16/ – 04/17/2016
  • Start Time: 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST
  • 2 matches | One best of five match per day
  • Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Patch: LoL 6.6 patch
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  • Live stream for all matches
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  • Predictions and Betting Tips: Day 1 | Day 2
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Schedule and Results – EU LCS Spring Finals

The final round of the EU LCS 2016 Spring Playoffs is around the corner. On the last weekend (04/16/ – 04/17/2016) of the 2016 Spring Split the teams are leaving the League of Legends LCS studio in Berlin to travel to Rotterdam (NL) where the last two matches of the season will take place. On Saturday we will see the match for 3rd place between H2k and Fnatic, followed with the grand finals between Origen and G2 esports on Sunday.

Finals and Match for 3rd – EU LCS Spring Split Playoffs 2016

Match for 3rd place: H2K Gaming LCS EU Team Logo  H2K vs. Fnatic - LCS EU Team Logo Fnatic    2  3  
Start Time: April 16th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

Grand Finals: Origen - LCS EU Team Logo Origen vs. G2 Esports LCS EU Team Logo  G2 eSports    1   3  
Start Time: April 17th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

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Preview and Predictions | EU LCS Match for 3rd place

Match for 3rd place: H2K Gaming LCS EU Team Logo  H2K vs. Fnatic - LCS EU Team Logo Fnatic

Start Time: April 16th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST   Third Place EU LCS Playoffs H2K vs Fnatic

H2k had an unfortunate tumble against Origen in the semi-finals and now they’re playing for some championship points that will carry over into the next split in the 3rd place match against Fnatic. Fnatic were looking exceedingly strong in their quarterfinals match but were not able to capitalise and take their finals place. This will certainly be a phenomenal match-up between these 2 extremely talented European teams as both have a tendency to play their hearts out when they’ve got something to prove. Make sure you tune in on April 16th to watch the games live!

H2K Gaming LoL Team LogoH2K managed to take a victory off of Origen before losing the series and they played their victory to perfection, without giving up a single kill. They need to try and channel that style more; playing precisely without giving up too many small advantages or leads. Take their most confident shot calls and make sure they focus hard on their vision and objective control. Doing this should give them a safety net if they were to fall to any pressure from Fnatic early and will help them pick the pace back up and continue fighting for the win.

Fnatic LoL Team LogoFnatic are in a tougher situation here than H2k, in my opinion. I think they’re the weaker of the 2 teams but they have shown phenomenal improvement, I honestly thought they could take the series off of G2 but that didn’t end so well. They’re going to need to get an early tempo lead so I think they’re going to be taking lane swaps, this might set their top laner behind but if they apply enough jungle pressure they should be able to come out of it ahead of H2k. It’s going to be tough and H2k are an experienced team but Fnatic might have something in store for us.

H2k are likely to pick up Leblanc, Lissandra or Corki for the middle lane although I’d like to see a Ryze come out. Azir is also a contended middle lane pick at the moment. Their jungler has settled nicely for Lee Sin, Elise and Graves so any of those being picked wouldn’t be a surprise. Their bottom lane has been constantly picking up Sivir and pairing it with a tank when possible so a Sivir Alistar bottom lane focus wouldn’t be all too surprising. When they’re ready and on the rift they’re going to want to play slowly, losing any advantage at the start of the game Is only going to hinder them and they often lose hard once they start falling behind. If they take the lane swap they’re going to want to apply pressure in the middle lane and assist their top laner in gaining control over the opposing top laner. This opens up some of the map and a few objectives for them to take however taking the middle lane turrets will be a challenge unless they gain an early substantial lead. They’re going to want to play with their advantages around objectives to force Fnatic into making mistakes. They should be able to follow a similar style throughout the series to gain a lead.

Fnatic should aim for the Ekko top with a carry jungler alongside it. For example, if they paired an Ekko top, or even a Poppy top, with a Kindred or Nidalee they’re already prepared for skirmishing and even singling out opponents to take them down, threatening the back line during a team fight. A Lissandra, Zed or Kassadin in the middle lane are likely picks that have shown great strength this patch and the ability for them to roam could help a skirmishing play style. Their bottom lane is likely to pick a tank support such as Alistar, Nautilus or Thresh paired with a Sivir, to deny the pick from H2k. Once they’re in the game they’re going to take the lane swap like oh so many other teams and play it out, if they could get their jungler to pressure the middle lane and get a nice line of vision around the enemies’ jungle they should be able to rotate through the lanes and force skirmishes with the vision advantage. These skirmishes should open up opportunities for them and also give them a small lead that they can use to push or gain even more control of the map. Following a similar style of play throughout the series could set them up to contend the series but they’re going to have to change things up slightly to keep H2k on their toes.

Prediction: Fnatic Victory. Fnatic managed to take a perfect game from G2 Esports which shouldn’t go unnoticed. H2k have been in their own spot of trouble for a while now and it doesn’t look like it’s breaking so Fnatic should be able to capitalise on their small mistakes and build enough of a lead to take games and even the series, I’ll be looking for a close 3:2.

Preview and Predictions | EU LCS Grand Finals

Grand Finals: Origen - LCS EU Team Logo Origen vs. G2 Esports LCS EU Team Logo  G2 eSports

Start Time: April 17th, 08:00 AM PDT/ 11:00 AM EDT/ 17:00 CEST

Grand Final EU LCS Playoffs Origen vs G2 Esports

G2 Esports have shown that they are most definitely a top European team and they have risen from the challenger series to be dominating and formidable. Origen are certainly going to have their hands full during this series but to take hold of that Mid-Season Invitational position they’re going to need to come out on top as it’s only given to the winners. I’ll be looking for a lot of surprises during this series so makes sure you tune in to the live matches on April 17th!

Origen LoL Team LogoOrigen has been a strong team since their formation and now they’re finally using their 2 players for the middle lane to change things up. I think this gives them a slight advantage throughout the series as a whole but the individual skill of the players is going to be tested. Against H2k they really put on a show and have proven that they’re ready to take a seat at the top but with how dominating G2 has been Origen are going to need to give it everything they have.

G2 Esports LoL Team LogoG2 Esports have shown variety, great skirmishing and the ability to capitalise on any significant lead. They can use all of this and more to whittle away Origen and take the larger and more contested objectives but they’ll need to work around Origen in a similar fashion to how they took down Fnatic. Through quicker reactions and very clear rotations, capitalising on a tempo advantage is something teams don’t do often enough but G2 Esports are rapidly getting the hang of it.

Origen will want the Ekko in the top lane if it’s available and are likely to fall back on Maokai or Poppy if it’s not, their jungler has shown proficiency on champions that can impact team fights so a Gragas or Kindred seem likely for them. Their middle lane is where things get tricky because it changes depending on who is playing for them at the time but they’ve both taken champions with a lot of utility recently such as Lulu, Karma and Orianna so I wouldn’t be too shocked if they make another appearance. Their bottom lane has heavily favoured Lucian paired with a Braum or Alistar and I don’t think that’d have changed. Once they’re on the rift they’re going to want to take the lane swap and use their jungler to apply pressure in the lane that’s being pushed at the time, if there’s not an opening for it then stalling the opposing team’s duo lane during the lane swap could give them an important tempo lead. They’re going to want to rotate often and keep a safe line of vision throughout the river so they can move without the risk of a skirmish or being flanked. They should aim to get ahead during the lane swap and quickly rotate to the middle lane however if it’s not possible to siege then forcing their opponents around an objective could assist them. Origen have great team fighting as long as they’ve prepared for it so making sure they’re the ones engaging and taking them is important. Focusing on the use of their tempo and jungle pressure will be of great importance during the series but if G2 start to wise up they might want to swap around the middle lane players and mix things up.

G2 Esports have been using strong top laners that have the ability to bully opponents so a Trundle, Ekko or Poppy are likely to show up for them and this will be assisted by a Graves or Kindred if possible. Their middle lane has quickly adapted to how strong Ryze currently is and has favoured it along with Lissandra as a fall-back option. The bottom lane of G2 Esports has picked Thresh at nearly every opportunity and paired it with either a Kalista or Lucian so seeing that combination once again wouldn’t be too surprising for the bottom lane. Once they’re in game they’re going to want to try and find standard lanes so their picks can get to work, they’re going to want to bully their lane opponents as often as possible and get vision in their opponents’ jungle. This will open up opportunities for their jungler to invade, gank or even start a skirmish; all of which can open up a lead for them. Depending on who is in the middle lane for Origen they might want to pressure it heavily with their jungler or focus on the other solo lane. Once they’ve been able to push out opponents they’re going to want to focus on sieging and taking objectives which they should be able to do relatively safely. Another good option for them would be to gain a small advantage through numbers or after blowing cool-downs of their opponents and then attempting to force more fights and small skirmishes to contest objectives. Holding onto a very skirmish oriented play style throughout the series could give them huge leads but it comes with a risk, G2 are going to want to adapt throughout the series but I think their individual skill will be able to handle a lot of things thrown at them.

Prediction: G2 Esports Victory. I think they’ll take the series 3:2. There could be some close games but G2 Esports have been ahead of the curve for an extended period of time. I think the individual skill levels of their team are slightly better than that of Origen but they’re going to be set with some extremely difficult situations as Origen has a lot of things up their sleeves. Expecting a few close games but for G2 to come out on top at the end and earn their ticket to the MSI tournament.

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