Fantasy LCS: What changed for the summer split

Daily Fantasy LCS allows you to build your very own dream team that features your favorite LCS players. You have a chance to show off your skills by battling your friends in head-to-head matches through each LCS split. If you created a dream team and paid close attention to other developments in last LCS split, you already know how wild it was. The 2016 LCS Summer split started on May 26 and we can definitely expect more excitement this time around, particularly due to new format changes. Let’s see what they’re about.

Why making changes in the first place?

Fantasy LCS League of Legends LogoThe very first thing you’d like to know is – why making these changes anyway? Alterations in EU and NA for 2016 Summer split format were announced a few months ago, in December 2015 to be more precise. The main reason for these changes is the desire of Riot Games to create a fair and entertaining league experience for all participants. According to the official statement, they wanted to create an experience wherein the highest level of League of Legends play is rewarded and showcased, but fun to watch at the same time.

New format aims to create immediate competitive value for players and teams. If you’re wondering why these changes couldn’t apply to Spring split since they were announced back in December, the reason is simple – both Riot Games and teams/players needed more time to adapt to new challenges that come with the new format.

You must be very curious to find out what format changes we can expect. They are listed below.

New daily Fantasy LCS scoring options

Summer split 2016 will feature two scoring systems: first-two-games and best game.

First-two-games scoring system is quite self-explanatory; it indicates that only the first two games played in each Bo2 (Best of 2) or Bo3 (Best of 3) match are worth fantasy points. The primary purpose of this new system is to establish balance between NA and EU regions as well as to reward players whose performances are consistent. At this point, both EU and NA players have the opportunity to score similar amount of fantasy points; which wasn’t the case before.
Fantasy LCS Summer Split 2016 - First Two Games

Best game scoring systems means that only the highest-scoring game for each pro in Bo2 and Bo3 match gets fantasy points. Unlike the first-two-games system, this one aims to reward only brilliant performances or the ones that make significant impact. Here, players from NA have higher chances to score more points.

Fantasy LCS Summer Split 2016 - Best Game

Here’s what else you should know about this scoring system:

  • When NA player’s match is ended after 2 games, this scoring system operates as the previous system
  • If NA player’s match extends to a 3rd game, it is ignored for the purposes of LCS fantasy

Fantasy LCS Summer Split 2016 - Scoring Points

Which system is right for me?

According to the official announcement of format changes, the default system is first-two-games scoring system. When starting a draft of a new Fantasy LCS league you’ll have the opportunity to choose the scoring system which that league will use. Before choosing the system, think about it thoroughly as you won’t be able to switch from one system onto another when you start the draft.

Improvements in league and drafts

Scoring systems aren’t the only changes you can expect in this year’s Summer split. For example, the commissioner is allowed to remove owners from their league before the draft happens. This change enables owners to be swapped out without rebuilding the league from scratch. Furthermore, the commissioner is able to perform a ready check to ensure everyone’s online and ready for that draft to begin once the owner lineup is locked.

If you were one of many people who felt like someone slowed down the process and made everyone feel frustrated, that won’t happen anymore as autopicking got significantly faster. In fact, autopicks happen in 8 seconds instead of 60. Of course, owners can turn autopicks on or off.

Bottom line

Riot Games announced format changes for Fantasy LCS league back in December which means that teams and players had enough time to adjust to new rules and more demanding nature of events. These changes aim to create more excitement, increase the quality of the game, and raise the standard of the league to a whole new level. However, there are mixed reactions to these announcements. Do you like new changes or you expected something else?

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