Changed format for NA and EU LCS in Summer Split 2016

Fans will see a changed format for NA and EU LCS in Summer Split 2016. The change in format for Summer Split 2016 comes as no surprise as certain changes to improve the gaming experience for players and fans were previously discussed. In the next season NA and EU LCS will play on double Best-of-3 and double Best-of-2 format respectively. However, Spring Split 2016 will be played on Best-of-1 format as earlier. (Read more about the Format and rules changes for the 2016 Spring Split here) These changes have been carefully deliberated based on the factors of previous season. Find out more about the schedule, teams and various game changes at the recent team roster changes or the LCS 2016 overview page.

The reasons behind changed format for Summer Split 2016

LCS format along with its schedule is reviewed every season to ensure that fans get to enjoy fiercely competitive and entertaining games. In the last season LOL fans witnessed Super Weeks elimination and extended playoffs instead of the regular weekend clash.

The last season’s LCS Bo1 format was carefully reviewed to check if the game format was enough to test the skills of the players to make the league exciting, competitive and entertaining. The goal of the league is also to test the abilities of the players and teams in order to prep them up for competitions at an international level. The changes are going to be implemented to ensure that fans and players get to experience the best ever league of legends that is highly rewarding and entertaining.

Bo1 Format

Bo1 format was instrumental in the growth of League as the fans watched their favourite team brands every day. It also helped the teams’ visibility when they were honing their skills. Bo1 format is predictable and fans are aware of any particular game in the league. In Bo1 format the fans need not wait longer to catch an interesting showdown as the format has a fixed schedule. When it comes to entertaining Bo1 format is quite exciting as fans can watch every team battling it out to win on a daily basis.

As entertaining as it may sound, Bo1 format includes shorter series of games in the league that fans may not enjoy. Extended series are better from an entertaining point of view as they maintain the suspense for victory and long fought victory is more enjoyable. Another drawback of Bo1 format is that the players lack regular practice in competitive playoffs affecting their ability to adjust mid-series, LCS post-season as well as in the elimination phase of MSI and worlds. Bo1 is time consuming between tournaments as teams go through a transitional (to or from) phase. In the next season fans will see a decrease in time between the matches. Players will benefit from the evident competitive value that is gained by focussing on Bo2 and Bo3.

Bo2 Format (EU LCS)

LCS EU Logo Season 6 | 2016Though Bo2 is predictable with a fixed schedule like Bo1 format, it offers flexibility to players and teams to adjust between matches and this will assist the teams to compete better in the international event.

  • Each squad battle on each side once
  • All teams will play same number of games
  • Players can score points with each game and strong teams will need to consistently acquire points for them to be recognized in the rankings.
  • 1-1 ties are a possibility

1-1 ties can add to the suspense of the game but fans may feel disappointed about such ties in regular season.

Double Bo2 for EU LCS

  • Bo2 format has been proposed for EU LCS as the region’s sports culture understands and accepts the concept of 1-1 ties.


  • Regular season games would be scheduled for two days in a week (Thursday and Friday)
  • There will be a two stream broadcast. However, fans can catch any of their favorite matches as the games will be featured concurrently

The discussions with the Ops teams in both regions have led to the proposed change in format for Summer Split 2016 as both the regions feel that Bo1 does not serve the purpose of the league. AT this point, the best format cannot be predicted and the implemented formats will be reviewed at the end of 2016.

The proposed changes cannot be implemented in this season as the implementation process will include planning, some prep-ups and a hectic schedule for teams and players given the nature of the number of games.

Bo3 Format (NA LCS)

LCS NA Logo 2016Thanks to the sheer number of games, in Bo3 format players and teams can practice competitive playoffs and prep their skills to compete in the international event. Fans can catch their favourite squads in action and there will be a clear winner at the end of the series. However, the number of games in Bo3 is overwhelming and fans may feel that the format is unfair due to the number of matches on each side and total number of tournaments. Both Bo2s and Bo3s can end up with not so popular squads or uninteresting playoffs for longer period in the series.

Double Bo3 for NA LCS

  • The Double Bo3 format for NA LCS will have the players experience an action packed schedule.
  • Due to the format and number of games in the series there would be more broadcasts
  • As 1-1 ties are not received well in the region, Bo3 format has been assigned to NA LCS


  • The broadcast will be spread over a period of 3 days from Friday-Saturday-Sunday
  • Friday, there will be two Bo3s on a single stream
  • On Saturday and Sunday fans can catch two streams running simultaneously.
  • Second stream games are hosted on a separate stage.

Support for the additional games in the series

More number of games in Berlin and Los Angeles means more resources in terms of on-air and off-air talents. The implementation of the proposed changes is going to bring a lot more to the table in terms of entertainment and competition. Hence, to support hectic broadcasting schedules there are many plans being drawn.

The proposed changes are based on feedback from players, teams and the community. Fans can hope that the new format for NA LCS and EU LCS in the Summer Split 2016 will provide great value in terms of competition as well as entertainment. More details about the schedule for NA LCS and EU LCS will be given out soon.

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