LCK Spring Playoffs 2015 – Recap

LCK LogoLast month was the month of the spring split finals for various League of Legends Leagues. Continuing the streak, the LCK Spring season 2015 ended last week with the finals of the Playoffs. We are bringing you the stats starting from the Playoffs. The LCK Playoffs have not the usual format we are used too from LoL. The format beeing called “the gauntlet” features only 4 teams with the winner of the regular season already standing in the finals (or Round 3), and the runner up beeing already in the semi-finals (Round 2). The teams on place 3 and 4 of the regular season start in round 1 with the winner moving up the ladder to round 2 and son on. Like the other Spring Playoffs all matches were played best of 5. Besides the firts place prize of approximate $ 90,000 the winner morever gets a ticket to the Mid Season Invitational (MSI) 2015. And of course the teams were fighting for Championship points to qualify for LoL World Championship 2015.

Teams who made it to the Playoffs

  • CJ Entus
  • GE Tigers
  • Jin Air Green Wings
  • SK Telecom T1

LCK Spring Playoffs 2015 – Prize Money and Results:

  • 1st place:   SK Telecom T1 - LCK Team Logo SK Telecom T1 | 90 Championship points, $90,721 + Ticket to MSI 2015
  • 2nd place: GE Tigers LCK Logo GE Tigers | 70 Championship points and $54,519
  • 3rd place:  CJ Entus LCK Team Logo CJ Entus: | 50 Championship points and $27,221
  • 4th place:  Jin Air Green Wings | 30 Championship points and $18,146

Final MVP Winner: Easyhoon of SK Telecom T1 with the prize money of $4,630.70

Season MVP: Duke of NaJin e-mFire with the prize money of $4,134.57

Recap and Results of the LCK Spring Split Playoffs

Round 1:  CJ Entus vs. Jin Air Green Wings   3   :   0  

Quarterfinals or the Round 1

Game 1 CJ Entus (W) – Jin Air Green Wings (L)

CJ Entus gave a good start to the quarterfinals by securing a win in their first match against Jin Air Green Wings. CJ Entus got their noses in front in the first game that lasted for about 26 minutes.

Game 2 CJ Entus (W) – Jin Air Green Wings (L)

CJ Entus was in the driver seat in the quarterfinals by winning two consecutive matches. They got a strong hold on the series. To stay in the series, Jin Air Green Wings had to win their next two matches; otherwise CJ Entus will move ahead towards the Semis.

Game 3 CJ Entus (W) – Jin Air Green Wings (L)

Jin Air Green Wings’ bad dream turned into reality, and they lost their third match too. CJ Entus marched towards the semi-finals without losing a match in the quarter-finals. Their three wins at stretch saved their time of the fourth and fifth match.

Round 2 (Semi-Final) CJ Entus vs. SK Telecom T1   2   :   3  

The stage of semi-final was set for CJ Entus and SK Telecom T1 to decide, which one of the two teams will go in the finals of 2015 LCK Spring league.

Game 1 CJ Entus (W) – SK Telecom T1 (L)

CJ Entus was surely feeling confident after making a clean sweep to the semi-finals. SK Telecom T1 also gave a tough fight to them, and the match between these two teams lasted for about 43 minutes in which CJ Entus beat SK Telecom T1.

Game 2 CJ Entus (W) – SK Telecom T1 (L)

It’s a tradition of CJ Entus to win their first two games. They continued this tradition in the semi-finals too by beating the SK Telecom T1 in the second match also. This match didn’t last for long and finished in 31 minutes. SK Telecom T1 was in the same position as Jin Air Green Wings were in the quarterfinals against CJ Entus.

Game 3 CJ Entus (L) – SK Telecom T1 (W)

SK Telecom T1 was determined to not let go CJ Entus this easy. They made a comeback in the third game and proved that they are here for some serious business. This match ended just a little bit earlier than the previous one, making the SK Telecom T1 the winning team.

Game 4 CJ Entus (L) – SK Telecom T1 (W)

SK Telecom T1 let their opponents feel their presence again in the fourth match. They secured the victory in the fourth match and tied up the score with 2-2. This was by far the lengthiest match of the series that lasted for over 1 hour 10 min. duration. However, the result came out positive for SK Telecom T1.

Game 5 CJ Entus (L) – SK Telecom T1 (W)

It all came down to the 5th match – The Decider. Both the teams shared 2 wins each in Semi-finals. This was the game that decided who will move ahead in the finals and who will be relegated. Nobody had this in mind that SK Telecom will come from 0-2 score-line to 3-2 victory numbers. SK Telecom T1 secured their place in the finals with this win. Now, they will go one on one with GE Tigers in the finals.

Round 3 (The LCK Spring Finals) GE Tigers vs. SK Telecom T1    0   :   3  

The moment of Truth came. This 5 match finals decided the winner of 2015 LCK Spring season and who gets the ticket to the Mid Season Invitational 2015.

The teams were ready, and so does the fans to witness the final round of 2015 LCK Spring season. Let’s see which team held their head high at the end of the season.

Game 1 GE Tigers (L) – SK Telecom (W)

After a hard victory of SK Telecom over the CJ Entus in the semi-finals, SK Telecom made up their mind to not to lose this time as they have come so far not so easily. With clear intentions of a win in their mind, they did beat GE Tigers in the first match of the final fixtures.

Game 2 GE Tigers (L) – SK Telecom T1 (W)

GE Tigers fans were disappointed to see their team losing in the second match too in the finals. This loss made GE Tiger’s position very critical. They had to win the third match, or it will all be over for them. On the other hand, team SK Telecom T1 was going in the right directions. The stars were in their favour.

Game 3 GE Tigers (L) – SK Telecom T1 (W)

The fears of GE Tigers had come alive. Even after being the third game in the 5 match fixture, this became the deciding match of the series as the SK Telecom T1 won this match and the finals. SK Telecom didn’t give any chance to GE Tigers to come ahead or even tie up the series at any point.

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