Last contestants in Worlds are joining the Fray

All contestants for Worlds are known. The new meat is joining the fray and the tournament is ready to begin. There is less than a month until the possibly most exciting Worlds so far. The table is set and we’re waiting for is the signal for the battle to begin. We have to arm ourselves with patience. In the meantime, let’s have a look at the last teams that made it to the World Championship.

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Who has taken the last spots at LoL Worlds 2015?

The teams that come from Korea are KOO Tigers, who achieved the highest championship points, and KT Rolster, who won the Regional Qualifiers. KOO Tigers were third in the playoffs and fourth in the split, but managed to achieve the highest championship points. KT Rolster had a bit of a better performance. They finished second, both in the split and playoffs. They also won the Regional Qualifiers, losing only a single game to JAG.

The additional representatives from China are Edward Gaming and Invictus Gaming. Both of them made it to the finals of the Regional Qualifiers. Edward Gaming were fourth in the playoffs, but they did relatively well in the Regional Qualifiers, losing only one game to IG. IG, themselves, did a little worse in the Regional Qualifiers, though they had a better position on the playoffs. The two teams are close, but Edward Gaming showed they were better prepared to take on their opponents. Still, both teams made it to Worlds and it’s going to interesting to see how they perform.

IWC Turkey was won by Bangkok Titans, who have ensured their ticket to Worlds. They are one of the teams that are coming to Worlds from the Wildcard regions and they have a lot to prove. Though The Chiefs eSports Club did better in the Group Stage, they were outplayed in the Bracket Stage and Bangkok Titans snatched the ticket to Worlds from right under their noses.

IWC Chile was won by paiN Gaming, who are going to World Championship. paiN Gaming won the best of 5 against KLG quite convincingly, without losing a single game. They also did a lot better during the Group Stage. The tournament was pretty much decided by that time. paiN Gaming just showed class and skill that couldn’t be matched by the other teams in the tournament, and even though they fought admirably, none could match the punishment paiN Gaming were dishing out.

These are the remaining teams that will go to Worlds. The stage is set. Now we wait for the opening ceremony.

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