The International Wildcard Tournament 2013

This year’s International Wildcard Tournament will feature five of the top teams from regions that do not have a League of Legends premier league. These teams will fight for a wildcard spot at the Season 3 World Championship in Los Angeles this September, The International Wildcard Tournament will be one of the three different League of Legends tournaments held at Gamescom starting on August 21, 2013 until August 25 in Cologne, Germany. The teams that will be in the International Wildcard Tournament are as follows:

1. paiN Gaming


3. Lyon Gaming

4. Dark Passage

5. Team Immunity

LoL bets - The International Wildcard

Each of these teams will play a round robin match in order to decide the top 4 spots. The top 4 teams will then battle each other for a spot at the wildcard seed in the World Championships. All of these teams have qualified and will represent their respective regions during the tournament. Get to know each and every one of them and for those who are keen on knowing their capabilities as a team, be sure to check out how they fare well with online esports betting statistics.

First is paiN Gaming. paiN Gaming will represent the Brazilan League of Legends region. Founded on January 15, 2012, the team has experienced different roster changes and began to join tournaments. They won third place at the Riot Season 2 Brazilian Championships as well as second place for the GeForce GTX League of Legends Invitational Brasil. They won first place at the Riot Season 3 Brazilian Championship. Venon plays for the Top laner, SirT as jungler, Kami for mid, brTT for marksman and Espeon as support. With their experience in the competitive scene, they are most likely garner the spot for the finals but there are other teams in the tournament that are bound to get away with it. is a Lithuanian team founded in late 2012. Nbs plays for top lane, Alunir for jungler, Mazzerin for mid, DeadlyBrother as marksman, and Inspirro at support. Although the team is barely new to the competitive scene, rival teams should not be complacent with their picks as they have been known to dominate early game. With having played together for over a year, they are known for their well-synergized teamwork which can help them win games.

Lyon Gaming was founded in early 2013 and had members from different countries in the region. The team was founded when the region needed a competitive team to join the League of Legends tournaments. Porky takes the top lane, h4ckerv2 takes the jungle, Uri gets the mid lane while Seeiya and NerzhuL heads down the bottom lane as carry and support. Even though they were just recent in terms of experience, Lyon Gaming is fairly decent with tournaments after rounding out several premier and major tournaments in the region. The team heavily focus on mid-game dominance as evidenced by their winning match during the qualifiers.

Dark Passage is the first ever professional eSports organization in Turkey. The organization formed the League of Legends team in August 2012. Their roster includes fabulous at top, ReostA at jungle, Naru at mid, Holyphoenix as carry and Holythoth as support. They first burst into the scene after winning the Riot Turkey Winter Season Tournament and went on to win the Spring and Summer Season tournaments as well. They have been competing with Copenhagen Wolves at the Dreamhack tournament but failed to take the win. They are currently a Challenger tier ranked team in the EU West server. But, Dark Passage will have a hard time in this tournament as Holyphoenix, one of the region's best carry, is too young to participate at Gamescom. The team will head down without their best carry.

Team Immunity on the other hand is from the other side of the world. The team was formed in late 2012 in order to create a competitive team for League of Legends to represent the Oceania region. Sipe3rR leads the team as top laner, Elysia as the jungler of the team, Heavenz as mid, raydere as carry and Rosey as the support. The team has had a huge number of achievements in the realm of eSports and are a huge crowd favorite. Several of the players are veterans of the NA server.

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