International Wildcard All-Star 2015 Recap

ICW All Star 2015 LogoThe LoL IWC 2015 is the first ever tournament that will define which wildcard regions can take a team to the 2015 All-Star event to represent them. The League of Legends International Wildcard tournament was held in Melbourne, Australia and had 7 teams attending. The entire tournament is run on a points system where teams have to compete in 5v5s, 1v1s with all 35 players competing and a player voted game mode which, in this case, was an ultimate bravery game between Europe and Asia.

Teams – As this was an All-Star event the teams from each region were comprised of fan favourite players along with the best players from the regions. The competing regions are

  • Brazil
  • Latin America
  • Southeast Asia
  • Oceania
  • Turkey
  • Japan
  • Turkey

More information about the LoL All-Star 2015 tournament:

IWC 2015 – Day 1

Brazil vs Latin America

In the earlier stages of the game both teams pick up a quick kill each and continue to stay close in gold until 8 minutes where Brazil take their 3rd kill and follow up with a double kill in the bottom lane with some amazing decision making from their marksman BrTT. With Brazil in a 2k gold lead both teams spend the next few minutes trading kills and Latin America close the gold lead after taking the top lane turret by 13mins but just moments later there’s a party in the bottom lane where BR pick up 3 quick kills and take the first dragon of the game. BR are attempting to push their advantage but great map movement and decision making picks LA up a few kills and around 22mins they manage to take a team fight which closes out the gold gap significantly. At 31mins BR take a risky call and decide to finish the Baron that they’d started as LA took 2 middle lane turrets and cracked open the base of BR. Just past 34mins and BR are looking to take their 3rd dragon but LA quickly engage on the BR mid laner and quickly clean up 3 kills whilst only losing their jungler. 45mins as BR are finally pressing the forces of LA a fight breaks out in the mid lane where BR trade 2 kills for their mid laner but LA, after respawning, head to the baron and engage a fight at 48mins. BR with the 5th dragon buff loses 3 members of their team but phenomenal mechanics from BrTT assists him in picking up 2 kills of his own. Shortly after the fight both teams trade 2 inhibitors each but BR take yet another Baron around 50mins along with the game by 52mins. Brazil Victory.

South East Asia vs Oceania

Both teams start with aggressive map movements but to no prevail until a jungle invade from Oceanie goes wrong and nets SEA first blood, translating to a small gold lead. The game goes steady until 7mins where SEA turn aggressive and pick up a kill on the bottom lane whilst turning around a fight in the top lane with a teleport giving them a 3:0 kill score and a 2.5k gold lead by 8mins. 11mins and Oceania make a huge comeback as SEA engage a fight, they pick up 3 kills between their red buff and the Baron pit, opening up the game for them and helping close a lot of the previously 3k gold difference. Oceania go aggressive at 17mins and head into the enemy jungle to counter the blue buff, a fight quickly follows and OCE pick up a quick kill. Shortly after chasing SEA pick up 2 kills but OCE clean up and kill all 5 of their opponents. 20mins and OCE are occupied with Baron and SEA seizes the opportunity to siege the OCE base, breaking it and taking an inhibitor before retreating. A huge fight breaks out just outside the base of SEA and OCE manage to pick up 3 kills and take the middle inhibitor leaving only a 200 gold difference. SEA attempt to take Baron at 24mins and OCE engage to stop it but they’re turned on their heads as SEA pick up 4 quick kills and finish baron around 25mins. SEA manages to build an 8k gold lead by 30mins after taking a few objectives and with all members of their team farming ahead of their lane opponents. 32mins and SEA are attempting another Baron after their top laner distracts OCE however OCE quickly collect themselves and manage to steal the Baron and trade their jungler for 2 members of SEA, closing the gold difference to just 6k. OCE quickly follow up and take the middle inhibitor once again by 33mins. A fight break out shortly after as both teams attempt to abruptly engage, SEA manage to quickly pick up an ace and close the game out around 34mins. South East Asia Victory.

Brazil vs Japan

Methodical movements from the Brazilian jungler nets BR the first blood of the game but JP answer back quickly with a kill of their own in the midlane. Gold stays relatively even until 12mins where aggressive movements from BR set them into a 3:1 kill score with a 3k gold lead after killing Japan's bottom lane. BR take the first dragon of the game at 15mins but at 17mins quick reactions from the JP team land them their 2nd kill however they over extend and BR pick up 2 more kills leaving the kill score at 5:2 with a 4k gold lead in favour of Brazil. Japan engage around 24mins and find a fight but amazing mechanical play from the BR mid laner lets them trade nearly evenly as JP pick up 3 kills and BR take 2, avoiding any change in the gold difference. 26mins and Brazil find a fight of their own which they take by storm, picking up 3 quick kills and taking Baron, creating an 8k gold lead. By 28mins BR have accumulated enough of an advantage and are looking to siege, breaking the JP base by 29mins. Pushing their luck lets JP find a comfortable engage and they make quick work of 4 members of BR whilst losing 2 of their own team, leaving the kill score at 14:10 in favour of BR along with a 10k gold lead at 32mins. Brazil looks to take another Baron around 36mins but after its secured Japan pick up 4 kills, eventually 5 as they're sieging and even out the kill score 15:15. Japan get caught out in the river at 38mins and Brazil pick up 3 kills for 1 death and push the middle lane inhibitor giving them a 12k gold lead. JP look to deny the 5th drake from BR and start to burst it down but a phenomenal steal from BR's jungler gave them the 5th dragon; the following fight and the game by 41mins with a 23:17 kill score and a 16k gold lead. Brazil Victory.

Latin America vs CIS

After a slow paced start with some unsuccessful jungle movements first blood goes to CIS at around 10mins as their mid laner manages to kill the top laner of LA which pushes them into a 1k gold lead. LA answers back around 12mins and balance out the gold lead after taking a kill and the bottom lane turret. A huge fight erupts at 14mins and both teams throw everything they've got at their opponents and LA come out on top after picking up 3 clean kills giving them a 3k gold lead and a kill score of 4:1 by 15mins. LA engage at 16:30 and make a mess of CIS by picking up 2 easy kills and a 2nd tier turret giving them a 5k gold lead. At 20mins both teams trade 1:1 just before a fight breaks out, LA ace CIS losing no more team members and push a 7k gold lead with an 11:2 kill score before 21mins. 26mins and CIS stop LA doing dragon, picking up an ace and leaving the kill score at 15:9 in favour of LA but reducing the gold lead to just 4k. CIS push too deep at 29mins and LA pick up a clean ace with Baron pushing their gold lead to nearly 8k. After pushing 2 inhibitors after skirmishes a fight breaks out at in the middle lane at 37mins and LA pick up an ace along with the game by 38mins with a 29:12 kill score and a 12k gold lead. Latin America Victory.

Turkey vs South East Asia

5 mins and the bottom lane of Turkey are looking for a fight, they pick up 2 kills but at the loss of their Marksman, giving TR a 1k gold lead. Around 7mins SEA dive Turkey's marksman for a quick kill to even out the kill score and just a few moments later TR pick up an extra kill to balance out the gold, a completely even game by 8mins. Both teams continue to trade kills until 9mins where a fight breaks out and SEA find themselves 2 kills ahead of TR with a 7:9 kill score. 11mins and the fights continue as the kill score is balanced out once again with TR picking up 3 kills and 1 going to SEA, keeping the gold relatively even. After kills are traded over the next few minutes and SEA take multiple objectives they find themselves at a 5k gold lead. Around 24mins SEA engage and ace TR leaving the kill score at 13:20 and giving SEA an 8k gold lead after taking Baron at 25mins. TR look to fight at 26mins and pick up a quick kill followed by another 3 in the middle lane helped them stall out the game. SEA look to Baron at 32mins and quickly secure it as TR engages but the fight quickly gets out of hand and SEA pick up another ace, giving them a 10k gold lead and a 21:28 kill score in their favour at 33mins. After SEA look to take their 3rd inhibitor around 35mins TR engage and SEA make quick work of them by picking up 4 kills and finishing the game by 36mins with a 15k gold lead and a 21:32 kill score in their favour. South East Asia Victory.

Japan vs Oceania

A simple over extension from the JP jungler gives OCE first blood at 4mins, giving them a small gold lead. After both teams sit on 2 kills until 15mins JP find a kill in the top lane and shortly after OCE dive the bottom lane turret but it doesn't work out too well, after they pick up a quick kill JP pick up another 2 giving them a 5:3 kill score and keeping the gold relatively even. A huge fight erupts at 24mins as OCE engage, JP pick up an ace whilst losing 2 team members and push their kill score to 12:6 giving them a 3k gold lead. Shortly after 28mins OCE seek another fight and quickly find one but JP are too far ahead at this point and make quick work of OCE by picking up a clean 4 kills and a 29min Baron, giving them an 8k gold lead. OCE find the fight they're looking for at 30mins and pick up 4 kills but trading for 3 of their own, leaving the kill score at 20:10 in favor of Japan. JP look to siege at 35mins and OCE dive in only to be quickly aced, giving Japan the game by 36mins with a 26:11 kill score and an 8k gold lead. Japan Victory.

Turkey vs CIS

TR take an earlu lead after acquiring first blood against CIS around 5mins and push this lead even more as they take their 2nd and 3rd kills in the bottom lane before 8mins, giving them a 2k gold lead early on. CIS close the gold lead by taking a kill of their own in the middle lane nearing 10mins along with a 2nd kill at 13mins in the bottom lane, the kill score standing at 3:2 in favour of TR but only a few hundred gold separates the teams. 24mins and TR are looking for a fight, they find one around the middle lane and make quick work of 2 members of CIS and take a 6:2 kill score and a 2k gold lead. CIS close this lead after rushing down the middle lane and picking up 2 kills along with 3 turrets, giving them a 1.5k gold lead regardless of the kill deficit. Shortly after a 28min dragon TR are running from an aggressive CIS and nearly lose their jungler but they turn around the fight and pick up a kill, CIS unhappy with this set up a trap and pick up 2 kills of their own around 30mins, setting the kill score to 7:6 in favour of TR and keeping the 2k gold lead in favour of CIS. Baron is started at 35mins as CIS look to secure it but TR get a phenomenal engage and take an ace along with a 36min Baron giving them a 12:7 kill score and a 3k gold lead by 37mins. Turkey start to siege around 39mins and pick up a few kills shortly after, allowing them to push into the base of CIS and finish out the game by 40mins with a 16:7 kill score and a quickly accumulated 9k gold lead. Turkey Victory.

IWC 2015 – Day 2

Latin America vs Oceania

Latin America take first blood shortly after a gank gone wrong by Oceania and quick reactions from the LA top lane around 9mins, shifting the gold lead slightly in favour of LA. 11mins and LA find a good gank picking up another kill in the middle lane but quick reactions from Oceania allow them to trade for a kill of their own setting the kill score 1:2 in favour of LA. Over aggression from OCE just past 12mins gives LA their 3rd kill and secures their 3k gold lead after 2 turrets are taken simultaneously but at 14mins OCE even this out after equalizing the kill score in the bottom lane, taking a turret along with the first dragon of the game. 16mins and LA turn on the aggression picking up 3 kills in the top lane and pushing the tier 2 turret giving them a 5k gold lead. With a bit of luck around 20mins LA manage to pick up another kill along with the bottom tier 2 turret, securing a 6k lead. OCE catch out the Latin American marksman around 24mins but fail to secure it, LA take the fight by storm and pick up a clean ace, giving them a 4:12 kill score in their favour along with an 10k gold lead after they secure Baron. Oceania attempts yet another engage around 25mins but LA turn it around for another 2 kills and the middle inhibitor by 26mins. Shortly after the 29th minute OCE go for yet another engage and LA turn it around for 4 kills and the game around 30mins with a 7:19 kill score in their favour and a 14k gold lead. Latin America Victory.

Japan vs South East Asia

A fiery start to this game as Japan pick up first blood before 4mins but South East Asia answer back by 5mins with a kill of their own to equalize the kill score and gold. Both teams trade kills for the next few minutes where JP find themselves in a lead with a 4:2 kill score and a small gold lead before 10mins. Action finds itself in the bottom lane just after 12mins as both duo lanes fight and trade kills, setting the kill score to 6:5 for JP after the top laners trade kills just shy of 14mins. Both teams pick up a few stranded kills over the next few minutes and as 21mins passes a fight breaks out where SEA even out the kill score 9:9 and take a 2k gold lead. Japan secures a 24min Baron whilst deterring SEA and claims the gold lead as their own, sitting just a few hundred gold ahead of their opponents. Japan take the 2nd tier middle turret of SEA as a fight breaks out around 28mins and SEA take 4 kills for only 1 death, giving them the 12:14 kill score lead. JP engages at 31mins and trade 3 kills for 2 deaths, helping secure their 2k gold lead. After a short Baron dance around 35mins JP pick up a quick kill on the top laner of SEA and follow up with a Baron before 36mins, equalizing the kill score. Approaching 37mins and JP siege the inhibitor turret of the SEA mid lane as a fight breaks out, JP pick up 4 kills along with the nexus, giving them the game by 38mins with a 20:17 kill score and a 6k gold lead. Japan Victory.

Brazil vs Oceania

3mins into the game and things start to get wild as Brazil pick up first blood but Oceania quickly follow up with a double kill, keeping the gold equal. Brazil keep up the pressure and pick up a 3rd kill at 4mins swaying the gold slightly in their favour. After BR take a 4th kill at 5mins they're in a comfortable 1k gold lead with a 5:1 kill score which swiftly turns to 6:1 at 6mins. 8mins and Oceania pick off a kill in the top lane but quick reactions from BR allow them to trade evenly and keep their gold lead. After BR pick up their 8th kill OCE manage to pick off their 3rd after an amazing hook in the middle lane by their support player, keeping their gold deficit to 1k. Just as 11mins passes BR over extend and OCE pick up a quick triple kill on their marksman and take a 1k gold lead, setting the kill score to 8:6 in favour of BR. Just shy of 14mins BR look for a fight and quickly lose their top laner, trading for the enemy jungler. Both teams trade kills for the next few minutes and at 25mins OCE turn on the aggression and pick up a double kill in the bottom lane to equalize the kill score 11:11 and taking a 1k gold lead. Oceania look for an engage at 31mins but Brazil turn it around and take an engage of their own however this leads to OCE trading 1 death for 3 kills and a 32min Baron along with a 4k gold lead. 34mins and BR engage under their top lane tier 2 turret but OCE take a quick clean ace and push for a 35min victory with a 12:19 kill score in their favour and a 9k gold lead. Oceania Victory.

Latin America vs Turkey

Turkey go for some bottom lane action nearing 7mins but it goes sour as the Latin American jungler and support are quick to reacting, giving LA first blood and a small gold lead. As we head to the 10min mark a fight erupts near the dragon pit and phenomenal kiting minimizes damage with only 1 kill occurring, giving LA a 2:0 kill score and the first dragon of the game. LA rack up a few kills for the next few minutes and sit on a 4:0 kill score and a 2k gold lead as a fight approaches around 17mins, both teams trade a kill before disengaging giving TR their first kill of the game. Moments later closing in on 18mins and LA are taking their second dragon but TR engage and 2 kills for 1 death after LA secure the 2nd dragon, at this point LA are sitting on a gold lead slightly shy of 2k and the kill score sits at 6:3 in their favour. 19mins passes and the over extending from TR gives LA an easy kill but the members of TR pursue the stranded members of LA and pick up their 2nd kill of the skirmish, turning the kill score to 7:5 still in favour of LA but nearly equalizing the gold. 29mins and TR find an engage they like, picking up 4 kills for 1 death and securing the Baron along with the 5th kill, this pushes TR to a 3k gold lead and a 9:11 kill score advantage. 34mins and TR are in pursuit, picking up an ace just a moment later and pushing for the win by 35mins with a kill score of 10:17 in their favour and an 8k gold lead. Turkey Victory.

CIS vs Brazil

An over aggressive Brazil gives up first blood at 6mins allowing CIS to take a 1k gold lead. CIS take their 2nd kill shortly after 7mins with a risky tower dive and Brazil even out the kill score going 2:2. 14mins in and CIS pick a fight quickly taking 2 kills and securing their 2k gold lead. 20mins passes and BR engage and pick up their 5th kill of the game to even out the gold, setting the kill score to 4:5 in their favour. Around the dragon pit at 27mins and CIS make quick work of BR by killing 4 of their members and converting their advantage into a Baron by 28mins, pushing their gold lead to nearly 3k. 30mins approaches and CIS have cracked the base of BR as a fight erupts; both teams trade 2:2 setting the kill score to 10:9 in favour of CIS along with them holding a 5k gold advantage. CIS attempt to siege the bottom side of the BR base but BR send the clean-up crew and take 4 kills, slightly closing the gold gap and altering the kill score to 10:13 in their favour. 36mins approaches and the BR marksman was caught out of position giving CIS a 5v4 advantage which allowed them to take 2 inhibitors, securing their 7k gold lead. 37mins and a fight breaks out, BR engage but CIS press their advantage and take 2 clean kills and opening the 3rd inhibitor. Shortly after 38mins BR go for a desperate Baron which they manage to secure at the cost of 3 team members. CIS take the 3rd inhibitor by 40mins. After CIS secure all 3 inhibitors by 42mins BR engage but after CIS take down 3 of their team members they push for the win with a kill score of 19:16 and a 5k gold lead. CIS Victory.

Turkey vs Japan

As 5mins approaches the action kicks off with a team fight where Turkey get first blood but Japan walks away with 2 kills in their pocket along with a small gold lead. 9mins on the clock and JP take a risky gank which gives TR 3 kills, propelling the kill score to 4:2 in favour of TR. Methodical rotations and a quick kill in the bottom lane equalize the gold for Japan around 12mins. 19mins and Japan engage but the numbers are in favour of TR as they execute 4 members of JP and take the top lane turret and tier 2 netting them a 4k gold lead to reflect their 9:4 kill score. Turkey's aggression turns on them nearing 22mins as they engage but JP pick up 2 kills and their 2nd dragon of the game. Closing in on 24mins and TR dive in, pushing the middle lane inhibitor after picking up 3 kills. This pushes them to a 7k gold lead as they hold a 12:7 kill score. 27mins and both teams are poking but JP go for an engage which is quickly turned around as TR take an ace and the game by 28mins with a kill score of 17:8 and a 9k gold lead. Turkey Victory.

CIS vs South East Asia

A 1v1 in the middle lane nets South East Asia first blood shortly after 4mins, pocketing a few hundred gold for the lead. Once again in the middle lane at 8mins and SEA take another kill in a 1v1, pushing close to a 1k gold advantage. 14mins in and SEA dive for a kill in the middle lane and CIS counter engage to pick up a kill of their own, setting the kill score to 1:4 in favour of SEA along with a 2k gold lead. Shortly after 22mins SEA erupts into aggressive plays and pick up a kill in the top lane shortly followed by 3 more in the middle lane however CIS pick up 2 of their own which propels the kill score to 3:8 in favour of SEA along with their sudden 5k gold lead. CIS pick up a few stranded opponents over the next few minutes and start Baron at 32mins which they secure along with 4 kills to equalize the gold. CIS siege the middle lane at 34mins and make quick work of the turret as they take the 2nd inhibitor of South East Asia. 36mins approaches and CIS are working the bottom lane as SEA engage, SEA pick up 3 kills and deter the pushing. 38mins and CIS are taking a 2nd attempt at the bottom lane where they find a fight of their own by trading 3 kills for 2 deaths, giving them a comfortable 3k gold lead and setting the kill score to 14:15 in favour of South East Asia. With SEA having 3 inhibitors down CIS take a 40min Baron followed by them picking up 4 kills at 41mins and pushing for the win with an 18:16 kill score and a 5k gold lead. CIS Victory.

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