IEM Cologne League of Legends Quarterfinal Preview

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IEM Cologne has already released its matchups for the LoL tournament on November 23 and November 24. And it turns out, some old-established pro teams will face the new pro teams in the making. Gambit Gaming will face their own with The RED while CLG will face TT Blue in Summoner's Rift. Read below for a complete preview on their matchups. Click here for more about the LoL tournament at the IEM VIII Cologne.

Game 1: RED vs Gambit Gaming

  • November 23rd
  • 17:00 UTC+1
  • best of 3

League of Legends Pro team Gambit Gaming all 5 membersThe RED is a Russian professional team in League of Legends who won the WCG Russian Qualifiers in September 1. The team consists of FIRees as Top, DimaJke and ZmeyGornish as Junglers, Fomko and Demade as Mid, NikSar as AD Carry, and Dimonko as Support. Not much is known for this newly minted Russian team but if they follow suit with Gambit, they are a team to watch out. Gambit Gaming on the other hand has always been known to come out on top. And it will be a tough battle to win for The RED. They need to carefully assess which champions they let through as Gambit has had a lot of practice considering Edward is back in their roster. The RED will need to expand their champion pools and master them before Gambit caughts wind of their strategy during the picking phase. If it happens, then it all boils down to getting objectives fast and remove the vision from the enemy to get ahead. If they can't, they will lose to one of the top teams in Europe.

Game 2: CLG vs TT Blue

  • November 23rd
  • 20:00 UTC+1
  • best of 3
LoL pro team Counter Logic Gaming all 5 members

CLG – Counter Logic Gaming

Team Turquality Blue has been around for quite some time. It was picked in 2005 as a FIFA team for Turkey but as soon as Riot opened an office in Turkey, they were relegated to a team for League of Legends after that. The team consists of Thaldrin for Top, Theokoles as Jungler, am3t as Mid, KillerEs for AD carry, and Tyresse for Support. TT Blue has had several achievements in Turkey like coming in second place after getting defeated by Dark Passage during the Season 3 Turkish Championship. They have also qualified for the Riot Turkey Spring and Winter Season Tournament last year. Although they might be experienced with professional tournaments, they will still face a tough battle with the more seasoned CLG from the NA Server.

Chances are, if they remain passive and defensive, CLG will know what kind of team they are and begin a full throttle of aggression and end the game so fast that they will not have any single moment to reconcile and plan a strategy to counter CLG's aggression. Doublelift has been known to be one of the world's top AD carries and TT Blue's carry. KillerEs will have a hard time putting the entire team on his back come the 40 minute mark.

These teams will face each other on the first day of the IEM Cologne Tournament. The winner of the match between The RED and Gambit will face Team Cloud 9 while CLG and TT Blue's matchup will face Team Fnatic. Both seeded teams have proven to be a tough match up for whoever wins the first match. All in all the Pro Tournament of the IEM Cologne will surely be an exciting tournament to watch. The Tournament will be casted by Riot's own shoutcasters with guest Krepo.

Betting on the IEM Quarterfinal

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