LoL Group Stage – IEM World Championship Katowice 2015

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2015 Katowice - LogoMarch 13th is drawing near and so is the Group Stage of the League of Legends IEM Season IX – World Championship. With the talents of professional teams across the globe, this tournament will surely attract summoners to visit Spodek Arena in Katowice. Can Team SoloMid defeat the other contenders and take home the grand prize or will a team from Korea dominate the scene once again? But wait, SK Gaming and Cloud 9 are in the tournament too and surely will have a say in who is going to be IEM World Champion 2015!  Hang on to your seats and witness one of the greatest moments in League of Legends history as the Group Stage of the IEM World Championship in Katowice draws closer by the minute.

>>> IEM Katowice 2015 – League of Legends overview

Group Stage- LoL IEM Katowice 2015 facts:

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  • Date: 03/13/2015 – 03/14/2015
  • Location: Katowice (Poland), International Congress Centre
  • 8 teams
  • 2 Groups (double Elimination)
  • 5 matches in each group (W / L Bracket with Decider match)
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  • Patch: 5.4
  • Live stream for all matches
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Preview and Predictions Group Stage IEM Katowice 2015

Group A | Match #1: Cloud 9 Team Logo - IEM World Championship 2015 Katowice - small CLOUD9 vs. GE Tigers Team Logo - IEM World Championship 2015 Katowice - small GE TIGERS
(March 13th, 05:00 AM PDT/08:00 AM EDT/01:00 PM CET)

Cloud9 is regarded as one of the strongest teams in North America along with Team SoloMid. C9 Sneaky dominated IEM San Jose and became the Tournament MVP while C9 Meteos is a consistent player in the jungle position.

Although GE Tigers was created recently, there are veteran players in the team such as PraY. Their current standing, 10 wins and 0 losses, in the LCK proves that they are a strong contender in this tournament.

PREDICTION: Teams from Korea have always been thriving in competitions like this one, evidently with how many Korean teams have won the World Championship. Cloud9 is the underdog in this matchup even though GE Tigers is a newly created team, but as a Cloud9 fan (especially how C9 Hai plays the middle lane) I would like them to win. Sneaky against PraY is an interesting matchup to watch, we will see how the marksman of North America fares against the marksman of Korea.

Group A | Match #2: SK Gaming Team Logo - IEM World Championship 2015 Katowice - small SK GAMING vs. yoe Flash Wolves Team Logo - IEM World Championship 2015 Katowice - small YOE FLASH WOLVES
(March 13th, 06:10 AM PDT/09:10 AM EDT/02:10 PM CET)

Yoe Flash Wolves is from League Master Series (LMS), a newly created league that comprises teams from Taiwan, Hongkong, and Macau. They are the only team that will represent LMS and because of that, they are regarded as the underdogs In this tournament.

SK Gaming is dominating the 2015 NA LCS Spring Split, sitting atop the league with a current record of 11 wins and 0 losses. Players of SK Gaming, such as nRated and FORG1VENGRE, are stepping up and improving really fast.

PREDICTION: I vouch for SK Gaming in this matchup as this will be the first time for Yoe Flash Wolves to battle top teams from other regions. This stage will not only show the abilities of Yoe Flash Wolves but will also show the level of competency of the LMS.

Group B | Match #1: Gambit Gaming Team Logo - IEM World Championship 2015 Katowice - small GAMBIT GAMING vs. CJ Entus Team Logo - IEM World Championship 2015 Katowice - small CJ ENTUS
(March 13th, 09:40 AM PDT/12:40 PM EDT/05:40 PM CET)

CJ Entus has a good roster when it comes to names: Shy was a prominent player back in season 2 when he almost won the LoL World Championship 2012 with Azubu Frost but got defeated by the Taipei Assassins. Ambition came to prominence at the All-Star Shanghai 2013 where he played as Twisted Fate and dominated the China LPL team. At the moment CJ Entus is on 3rd place in the LCS Spring Split.

Although Gambit Gaming won the IEM Cologne 2015, they have been performing poorly in the frst weeks of the 2015 LCS Spring Split but got back one track in the last couple of weeks and currently are on 4th place with a record of 8 wins. After H2K ended Gambits winning streak in EU LCS Week 7  the Russians got to find their rhythm again if they want to advance to semifinals.

PREDICTION: Both teams are performing mediocre at their local leagues (Gambit Gaming at EU LCS Spring Split and CJ Entus at LCK) and this matchup will give them a fresh new start. Diamond will be facing the former mid-laner Ambition in the jungle while Betsy will be up against CoCo in the middle lane. Although CJ Entus is a Korean team, I will have to put my trust in Gambit Gaming as they are always good for a surprise.

Group B | Match #2: Team SoloMid Team Logo - IEM World Championship 2015 Katowice - small TEAM SOLOMID vs. Team WE Team Logo - IEM World Championship 2015 Katowice - small TEAM WORLD ELITE
(March 13th, 10:50 AM PDT/01:50 PM EDT/06:50 PM CET)

Team World Elite was a strong team back in 2011 but those days are long gone. Their current performance at 2015 LPL shows that they have a lot of buildups and training to do. Their opponent is no joke either as Team SoloMid is a top contender in this tournament. To cope with their recent problems Team WE has decided to bring in two new players to the IEM World Championship. Xiye wil replace Ninja in the mid lane while “Mystic” is coming in as new ADC for Styz. We will see how this roster changes play out.

Team SoloMid is currently holding the 1st place in the 2015 LCS NA Spring Split and their members comprises some of the top players in the NA region.

PREDICTION: Team SoloMid may have the easiest matchup against other teams but Team World Elite is still the IEM Shenzhen winner and this proves that they will put up a fight.

Can’t wait for the upcoming League of Legends IEM Season IX – World Championship? You can watch the live stream here and even share it to your friends! Never miss this chance as this will be one hell of a week for us summoners.

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