Group Stage Draw – LoL Worlds 2015

League of Legends World Championship 2015 - LogoThey qualifiers are over and start of the League of Legends World Championship on October 1st, 2015 is drawing closer – it’s time for the 16 teams to be drawn in the 4 groups for the first stage of LoL Worlds 2015. The group stage is happening on September 12th at 1:00 PM PDT/ 03:00 PM EDT/ 22:00 CEST. The group draw will be broadcasted live and you can watch it right here on the live stream below – just make sure you are around at the right time. If you miss it you can take a look how the teams have been placed in the 4 groups in the group stage overview. The placement of the teams will be determined by random draw. As you might know the 16 teams are drawn into the 4 groups according to their seeding order. At first the winners of the Summer Playoffs of NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK and LPL will be drawn into 4 different groups. The next two spots in each group will be filled with the 8 teams in pool 2 of the group draw. Pool two is containing the rest of the teams from the leagues above plus the two teams from the LMS. The only exception are the third seeded teams from NA and EU LCS which are drawn from the third pool which is moreover containing the two Wildcard teams. (Take a look at the grapic below to find out more about the 3 pools for the draw). To get the regions mixed up properly no team can be drawn in to one single group with another team form the same region/league.

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Group Draw Live Stream

To watch the draw of the LoL Worlds groups live make sure to be around on September 12th! Just click play when the stream is live and tune into the broadcast!

This are the 4 groups:

Groups - LoL Worlds 2015

The groups have been drawn: View the 4 groups at LoL worlds 2015

LoL Worlds Group Draw – Pools Overview

League of Legends World Championship Group Draw structure overview

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