GPL (SEA) Regional Qualifiers for LoL Worlds

Teams from all over the world are slowly filling the list of contenders for the League of Legends World Championships this season. Europe has filled all three with Alliance, Fnatic, and SK Gaming while Turkey's Dark Passage finally landed themselves a slot after the first part of the Wildcard Tournament. Samsung Blue from Korea was the first team to qualify while former champions Taipei Assassins are the new addition to the teams. Now, the Southeast Asian (GPL) Regional Qualifiers is on its way to name the second and last slot for the SEA region.

GPL (SEA) Regional Qualifiers facts:

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  • 2 Tickets to LoL Worlds
  • Already qualified:
  • Azubu Taipei Assassins (Winner GPL Summer)
  • Second Worlds berth determined in Gauntlet modus
  • Gauntlet Semi-Finals: 08/23/2014
  • Gauntlet Finals: 08/24/2014
  • Gauntlet matches in best of 5 modus
  • Live stream for all matches

What happend so far in GPL:

The Taipei Assassins have finally returned to their old form after a disappointing stint last season wherein Gamania Bears and Mineski took their spot at LoL Worlds 2013. This time, TPA has regained their spot and is now one of the few teams to make a comeback this season. They are also the first team in the SEA region to qualify for Worlds this season. TPA has remained dominant the entire season after sweeping the 2014 competitive splits in the Garena Premier League. Now, with only one slot left for Worlds, the teams from Southeast Asia will once again duke it out. However, this year's qualifiers is different from last year. The second placed team, AHQ will get the number 2 seed while Taipei Snipers have gained enough circuit points to be placed in the number 3 seed despite not having to compete in the Summer Split after getting knocked out by Machi eSports. The fourth and fifth seed will be filled up by Saigon Jokers and Saigon Fantastic Five. Both Vietnamese teams have been on a mission to dominate the GPL but always come up short. This time, they are ready to take the Taiwanese teams to get a spot at Worlds.

During the first day of the Qualifiers, Saigon Fantastic Five made quick work of their Vietnamese counterpart and ended the matches in a fashion. They will then move on to face Taipei Snipers on August 23, 2014 6:00PM local time. The winner of the matches will then move on to face AHQ eSports Club on August 24, 2014 6:00PM local time for the final match.

Schedule | GPL (SEA) Regional Qualifiers  2014

Gauntlet Round 2:

  • 08/23/2014: Saigon Fantastic Five - OGN Team Logo Saigon Fantastic Five VS. Azubu Taipei Snipers - OGN Team Logo Azubu Taipei Snipers (3 : 2)
  • (Time: 03:00 PDT/ 06:00 EDT/ 12:00 CEST)

Taipei Snipers tried to shock SF5 with their unusual picks like top Kassadin and top Morgana and surprising picks like Amumu, Lux, and Ashe but SF5's supremacy in the current meta allowed them to work together very well and destroyed the Snipers in the best of five matches with 3-2 score.

Finals GPL Summer 2014

  • 08/24/2014: Ahq e-Sports Club - OGN Team Logo Ahq e-Sports Club VS. Saigon Fantastic Five - OGN Team Logo Saigon Fantastic Five (3 : 0)
  • (Time: 03:00 PDT/ 06:00 EDT/ 12:00 CEST)
  • Winner gets World Championship berth

The  they Taipei Snipers will be facing AHQ eSports Club who have been dominant throughout the entire split yet fell short of their spot at the GPL thanks to the revitalized Taipei Assassins. AHQ is known to play like the Assassins with their ability to be aggressive and defensive at the same time but SF5's underdog story the entire split has made them crowd favorites to take the second spot together with Taipei Assassins. SF5 should play carefully and pick the most defensive champions like Lulu, Morgana, Zilean, while slowly farming up gold to beat the Taiwanese team during the late game where they falter most of the time. With their great synergy as a team, SF5 would most likely be given the sweet second spot for Worlds. They have come a long way only to fall short from getting to the Worlds Stage this year. Matches start at 6:00PM Singaporean local time.

Prediction: SF5 wins 3-2

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Gauntlet Mode explained

The Qualifiers will have a gauntlet-style matchup wherein the fourth and fifth seed will fight it out first. The winner of the match will then move to fight the third seed and the winner will then move on to fight against the second seed. The winner will then be announced as the last representative for Worlds. This allows teams to be more careful with their circuit points and give the better team a chance to make an impact. It will be a tough ride for both Vietnamese teams as they will have to cannibalize each other first before they can fight all of the Taiwanese teams. This is why consistency matters in the regional playoffs.

Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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