LoL Finals – IEM World Championship Katowice 2015

Intel Extreme Masters World Championship 2015 Katowice - LogoThe 3rd day of the IEM Season IX – World Championship is here and that mean that the League of Legends Finals will be on its way. Two teams have made their way to the top and will battle it for a chance to take home the grand prize of $108,414 and be named as the IEM Season IX World Champions. Who will reign supreme? Will it be Team SoloMid or the unexpected Team World Elite? This matchup will surely go down in history! Welcome to the Finals of the IEM World Championship 2015 in Katowice!

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Finals – LoL IEM Katowice 2015 facts:

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  • Date: 03/15/2015
  • Start Time: 10:00 AM PDT/01:00 PM EDT/06:00 PM CET
  • Location: Katowice (Poland), International Congress Centre
  • Best of 5
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  • Patch: 5.4
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Preview and Predictions Grand Finals IEM Katowice 2015

Grand Finals: Team SoloMid Team Logo - IEM World Championship 2015 Katowice - small TEAM SOLOMID vs. Team WE Team Logo - IEM World Championship 2015 Katowice - small TEAM WORLD ELITE
(March 15th, 10:00 AM PDT/01:00 PM EDT/06:00 PM CET)

Team SoloMid has been consistent throughout the tournament, defeating teams such as CJ Entus, and yoe Flash Wolves. Moreover TSM already defeated Team WE in the Group Stage. Their games against yoe Flash Wolves proved that they deserved to be in the finals.

Dyrus was impressive with his Lulu in their 3rd game against yoe Flash Wolves and so was Bjergsen on LeBlanc, but their key player here was Santorin’s Vi. His rotation was outright phenomenal, turning Spirit’s gank on their favor. Lustboy’s work on Annie was also great, surviving an early gank by Spirit and saving his teammate WildTurtle.

Team World Elite on the other hand was moved to the losers’ bracket when they were defeated by Team SoloMid in the group stage. From there, they moved through the competition and strongly bounced back, defeating Gambit Gaming and CJ Entus.

Their semifinals match was against GE Tigers, a team just like Team SoloMid who defeated every team they faced in the group stage. GE Tigers was predicted to win this whole thing because of their performance at the 2015 LCK, not dropping a game since the start of the season while Team WE is currently on the very bottom of the LPL standings with. But Team World Elite showed them that they are not to be underestimated.

Besides their only for the IEM subbed in mid laner and ADC,  Spirit was their key player especially in their series against yoe Flash Wolves. Spirit’s rotation was precise, securing an early kill against kurO in their 3rd game against GE Tigers. This was the major upset of the tournament (or even League of Legends eSports history as some of the casters stated – at around 1:17:40 in match 3 of the semi finals) as many have thought that the IEM Grand Finals 2015 will be Team SoloMid vs. GE Tigers series but Team World Elite did what many have thought is impossible – defeat the #1 Korean team while beeing the weakest team in the LPL Spring Split! The two subs really paid off!

PREDICTION: Team SoloMid defeated Team World Elite in the group stage, outperforming them in the early stage of the tournament. But Team World Elite strongly bounced back after that defeat, and slowly improved as the tournament progresses. Their biggest achievement was the defeating GE Tigers and scoring the biggest upset in this tournament.

This match is a best-of-5- series and this will give Team World Elite ample time to study the moves and teamplays of Team SoloMid. It would be wise for them to take their 1st game slowly and learn from their mistakes in the group stage otherwise Team SoloMid may become confident and take the series away.

This series can go either way especially since Team World Elite has proven themselves as the team that defeated GE Tigers but Team SoloMid has been very consistent and may be the one to win this whole thing.

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