Day 1 – Group Stage | LoL – IEM Katowice 2016

IEM (Intel Extreme Masters) Season 10 - LogoThe Intel Extreme Masters League of Legends World Championship will begin with a group stage consisting of two groups of four teams and double elimination best-of-one matchups. The four best teams from the group stage will move on to the playoffs which will consist of best-of-three semi-finals and a best-of-five grand finale. The eight teams will battle it out for a minimum of US$100,000. The matches for Day 1 (Group A) will start on Friday 4th March so make sure you catch them live!

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Day 1 – IEM Katowice LoL Group A Facts:

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  • Date: 03/04/2016
  • Start Time: 03:30 AM PST / 06:30 AM EST / 12:30 CET
  • 5 Matches – all matches of Group A
  • Location: Katowice (Poland), Spodek Arena
  • Patch: LoL 6.3 (Karma disabled)
  • Live stream for all matches
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  • Hashtag: #IEM
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Schedule and Results – IEM World Championship 2016 – Day 1 Group A

Match #1: Ever - LoL Team Logo ESC vs. TSM - LoL Team Logo TSM    1   0  
Start Time: Friday, March 4th: 03:30 AM PST / 06:30 AM EST / 12:30 CET

Match #2: RNG - LoL Team Logo Royal vs. Origen - LoL Team Logo Origen    1   0  
Start Time: Friday, March 4th: 04:50 AM PST / 07:50 AM EST / 13:50 CET

Match #3 (Winners Match): Ever - LoL Team Logo ESC vs. RNG - LoL Team Logo Royal    0  1  
Start Time: Friday, March 4th: 06:10 AM PST / 09:10 AM EST / 15:10 CET

Match #4 (Losers Match): TSM - LoL Team Logo TSM vs. Origen - LoL Team Logo Origen    2   1     [Best of 3]
(Friday, March 4th: 07:30 AM PST / 10:30 AM EST / 16:30 CET)

Match #5 (Decider Match): Ever - LoL Team Logo ESC vs. TSM - LoL Team Logo TSM     0   2     [Best of 3]
(Friday, March 4th: 10:50 AM PST / 01:50 PM EST / 19:50 CET)

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Day 1 – Group A – Match #1: Ever - LoL Team Logo ESC vs. TSM - LoL Team Logo TSM

Start Time: Friday, March 4th: 03:30 AM PST / 06:30 AM EST / 12:30 CET

Team Solo Mid has been a middle of the pack team from North America that can often have great performances but also fall quickly when they’re pressured. ESC Ever is a Challenger team from South Korea who had a fairly rough start but they managed to surprise everyone when they had a phenomenal performance during the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup. This will be a clash between North America and South Korea, how well will they be represented?

Ever LoL Team LogoESC Ever: A rough start didn’t mean too much to Ever as they quickly built a reputation for themselves after their roster was reborn. They had a few player swaps, one of which has changed again, but ever since the changes they’ve been on a new level. They managed to surprisingly take down teams such as SKT T1 and CJ Entus previously and should continue to perform well.

Logo of LCS Season 6 Spring Split Team TSMTeam Solo Mid: Their ‘middle of the pack’ status is only in regards to how inconsistent they can appear to be. They’ve shown that when they’re on a good day they can perform well against teams that have a stronger track record than themselves and but they’re going to need to avoid falling early because they’ve had trouble coming back from dire situations.

I think ESC Ever have an advantage here. Their level of performance could be considered greater than that of TSM’s because they’ve got a strong track record of high level games and have been more consistent. They’ve been taking down teams that were considered ‘the best’ whilst being fairly unknown. They’re a South Korean Challenger team so their region of practice is considered the best for skill and growth. In comparison to TSM they seem to have an upper hand.

ESC Ever are going to want to play on the fact that TSM have a difficult time whilst playing from behind so picking up champions that can cohesively dominate a team. I’ll be looking for a tank support such as Alistar or Braum paired with a Lucian or possibly Kalista. A middle lane champion that is proficient at farming and can poke consistently such as Lux or Viktor and a jungler such as Lee Sin, Nidalee or Gragas are sure to make an appearance. Last but certainly not least we have the many options for the top lane where they can opt for a carry such as Fiora or Graves but the tanks are still holding onto the top lane so we could see a Nautilus or Poppy show up. Once they’ve drafted comfortably they’re going to want to aim to punish TSM as quickly as possible, a line of vision across the river to start will assist them in gaining pressure through their jungler and once their lanes start pushing out they can get a wall of vision across the jungle of TSM. After vision control has been gained and they’ve started to pressure objectives they’re going to want to set up bold engages where they can force advantages and take down TSM, after gaining a lead through such pressures they should be open to either split push or force team fights to continue pressing the lead.

Team Solo Mid should aim to get their comfortable middle lane champion, Orianna or Lulu seem to be preferences at the moment and could assist the team with great utility. Their jungler is going to want to get a hold of Gragas and if it’s unavailable then Elise as a fall-back would be their safest choice. Their top lane is going to want to try and pick something in the moment, something that can assist the team against what the enemy team chooses, I expect to see the appearance of Nautilus, Quinn or Poppy as they’ve all been previously played and appeared to be quite comfortable choices whilst being preferences with the current meta. Their bottom lane is likely to contest the Alistar pick and will fall back to Braum if it’s available, if one of these is banned we’re likely to see another tanky support appear, this will probably be paired with Kalista or Caitlyn. Once they’ve drafted they’re going to want to hold a line of vision across the river, preferably with pink wards to keep the vision up and to assist in vision denial. Once they’ve got a safety net across the river they’re going to want to scale so stalling out the laning phase could handily assist them unless they want to play aggressively, in which case they’ll opt for the turret trading and tempo plays. They’re going to want to avoid risky decision and make plays that have a great reward for minimal risk, increasing their chances to win.

Prediction: ESC Ever Victory. It’s difficult to make a comparison between the teams because of the regions that they compete in however I think ESC Ever have proven to be an outstanding team with a highly skilled region of practice. Their track record shows that they can perform against the best teams in the world and I expect them to give TSM a hard time.

Day 1 – Group A – Match #2: RNG - LoL Team Logo Royal vs. Origen - LoL Team Logo Origen

Start Time: Friday, March 4th: 04:50 AM PST / 07:50 AM EST / 13:50 CET

RNG have a do or die strategy in which they heavily focus around Baron, this can either make or break them and doing a strategy like that against Origen is going to give them a free pass in the early game which is their weakest point in the game. This could be an extremely exciting match as RNG often avoid lane swaps and go for the farming lanes where junglers can pressure or scale into team fighting and skirmishes, which is a strong point for Origen also.

RNG LoL Team LogoRoyal Never Give Up: Their heavy focus around Baron has netted them a 100% winrate in the LPL if they are the first team to get baron, which is significantly better than their statistics if they’re the first team to get an inhibitor. This goes to prove just how effectively this team can use that objective and they’re certainly going to do their best to secure it. If they manage to then we could see them bring the EU team Origen to their knees.

Logo of LCS EU Season 6 Spring Split Team OrigenOrigen: With an implied free pass to the early game, which is known as their weakest point in the entire game, they’re going to want to focus on gaining the necessary amount of vision across the lanes and in the enemy jungle however as a middle tier European team this might not come too easily, they’re going to need to apply a lot of pressure before 20mins to open up enough room to move freely around the map, certainly a challenge for them.

I think RNG have an advantage here, they’re one of the best performing teams to ever play in the LPL, in my opinion, and have significant success rates that shouldn’t be underestimated. If they managed to get a hold of the buffs that they’re so heavily focused on then it could spell doom for Origen however we’ve seen their top laner adopt a split pushing style of play that could find great success here.

Royal Never Give Up are going to want to draft for the 20min mark, slow scaling doesn’t matter too much as they’re used to being at a deficit at 10mins. For their draft I expect to see their most comfortable champions that they’ve shown the best performances on. This will consist of a bruiser in the top lane, Poppy, with a versatile jungler who can either opt for damage or defensive stats which is likely to appear as Graves. Their bottom lane will try and focus on picking up Alistar as it’s one of their best performing champions on the team and it’ll likely be paired with a Kalista because of the phenomenal synergy those 2 champions have together, if it’s unavailable then it’s likely that we’ll see Lucian be picked. For their middle lane they’re likely to pick up a burst mage that has the potential to quickly take down an enemy champion so we could be seeing a LeBlanc appear for RNG or a different assassin such as Zed. Once they’ve drafted they’re going to want to stick with their style of play as it’s had great success for them, avoiding the lane swapping early has given them comfort before and they’re going to want an early focus on picking up the rift herald. Once they’ve pushed down the turret that the duo lane is occupying they’re going to want to take the closest objective, either drake or the rift herald and slowly move to the middle lane. Forcing team fights whenever it seems appropriate open up their options for securing the 2k gold lead at 20mins that they average, this will lead to the Baron that will more than likely give them the game.

Origen are going to want to draft carefully, the champion select portion is one of RNG’s weakest points and often pick for comfort over the current strongest champions in the meta so it shouldn’t be difficult for them to obtain a Gragas in the jungle with a Quinn or Fiora in the top lane, I expect to see either Ahri or Corki make an appearance in the middle lane for Origen as it could be a favourable match up for them and can assist in clearing waves against siege. Their bottom lane is going to want to deny the Alistar pick from RNG but if it’s already gone through then we could see a Tahm Kench or Nautilus show up in the bottom lane for Origen. Once they’ve got a draft they’re comfortable with they’re going to want to get their top laner rolling, if they stick with standard lanes they should have a lot of jungle pressure on that side of the map. Doing so would require them to obtain more vision on the bottom side of the map as to not give away objectives for free. Once their top lane is comfortably pushing they’re going to want to bait RNG into situations where they waste summoner spells such as teleport, at which point they can split push and make the lack of decision making from RNG be their downfall. If they can survive past 20mins without falling into a deficit they should be able to take control of the game.

Prediction: Royal Never Give Up Victory. They’re got a fairly safe early laning phase and often keep the gold fairly equal, it’s when it comes to the objectives that they really thrive, their ability to team fight and outplay their opponents is phenomenal and I think they’re going to be able to force Origen into situations where they feel like they need to fight. If they can secure the Baron then the game will fall uncontrollably into their favour.

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