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With the League of Legends 2016 World Championship drawing closer there have been many affiliated parties giving their opinions on the different regions strengths and weaknesses. Along with this there has been a published ‘breakdown’ of the game patch surrounding the World Championship. With this new information there has been sparked discussion on who will adapt quickly and which teams are more likely to benefit from the recent changes. This had become more apparent when betting odds had changed for the teams since the first release of outright winner odds for the 2016 LoL World Championship on September 6th.

Nearly every team has had their odds changed. For example, IMay were originally at 41.00 (Bet365 – 6th September) but are now at 51.00 (Bet365 – 29th September). Many teams have had a shift in their odds, some of which are drastic; INTZ and ANX dropped from 2001.00 to 1751.00. With this many changes being made you’ll want to examine them as often as possible!

LoL Worlds: Outright Winner – Betting Odds Changes*

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Outright Winner Odds – 29th SeptemberWinner Outright for the LoL World Championship 2016 Betting Odds on Bet365Outright Winner Odds – 6th September
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Outright Winner Odds – 29th September
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Outright Winner Odds – 11th SeptemberOutright Winner betting odds - LoL Worlds 2016 from Betwaycheck current odds at Betway >>

Some of these changes occurred due to individual players. There have been power ranking posts regularly popping up over the past week and each one could have made a change to the odds, with many high ranking official League of Legends personalities voicing their own opinions the crowds, and people outside of the more in depth information, are certain to follow so the odds have been swaying. Discussion have occurred over which players are more likely to adapt to changes, how their champion pools have been hit and how well they’ll be able to perform at a possible deficit in terms of patch experience. All of these points have directly related to increases or decreases in team odds.

The examples given were for the League of Legends 2016 World Championship outright winner, changes can occur in the other sections too so make sure you’re making the best bets you possibly can!

*Please notice! Odds shown might have changed in the meantime. Follow the links to take a look at the current betting odds.

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