ARAM – All Random All Mid

With patch 3.6 Riot Games introduces a new game mode to LoL called ARAM – All Random All Mid. The new game mode also got an exclusive new map, called The Howling Abyss, which is basically a long bridge where all players gather in the middle. In the new mode there is no laning phase but team fights right from the beginning. The new map consists of 2 towers, one inhibitor and two more towers in front of the nexus on each side. Like usual the goal of the new mode is to destroy the enemies nexus.

ARAM-all-random-all-mid-the howling-abyss

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 ARAM: What does that mean in detail?

All Random All Mid is played 5vs5. Because there is only one way to the enemy base you will see a lot of action and teamfights. Another variation to the classic LoL game is that you cannot visit the vendor during the game or regain health on the summoners platform. Items can only be bought at the beginning of the game of after a death, what makes items with lifesteal probably the best choice. Another new thing is, that characters are choosen randomly.

All Random All Mid Facts:

  • Amount of gold at the biginning trippled
  • Start with lvl 3
  • Random Champion selection
  • New map The Howling Abyss
  • More action, less tactic
  • 5 vs 5
  • No ladder system yet