LoL All-Stars Ticket Info

League of Legends All-Stars 2014 LogoTickets for the League of Legends All-Stars were sold out within less than 24 hours. Although the prizes for the Le Zenith Arena were a lot higher than for normal LCS matches (read more about LCS EU tickets here / LCS NA tickets)  the contingent was sold out very fast. Thus Riot Games announced that there will be a second contingent of tickets available in a couple of weeks. We will keep you updated as soon as new tickets are available!

!!!There will be a last contingent of tickets available on Monday 04/28/2014!!!

Ticket Prizes for the LoL All-Star 2014

There are 3 different seating categories to choose from:

  • CAT 1: € 55,-
  • CAT 2: € 38,50
  • CAT 3: € 22,-

Tickets grant you access to all matches of one day. You have to choose a certain day before placing your order.

Where to buy tickets?

You can order tickets online at: ticketmaster

How can I pay for tickets?

Ticketmaster accepts the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Carte Bleue

All-Stars Location / Adress:


211 Avenue Jean Jaurès Parc de la Villette

75019 PARIS



Further LoL All-Stars Info:

LoL All-Stars 2014