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League of Legends All-Stars 2014 LogoNow that all regions’ tournaments have slowly come to an end, the top teams have been chosen to represent their region at the League of Legends All-Stars 2014. The All-Star tournament will start on May 8. 2014 in Paris, France at the Le Zenith Arena. The main event will be the All-Star invitational that will bring all of the regional winners from the 5 big LoL regions together. This means that winners from the NA LCS, EU LCS, LPL from China, GPL from Southeast Asia, and the OGN from South Korea will come together to duke it out on the French stage. The winner of the invitational tournament will take the $50,000 prize.

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The following 5 teams will compete at the All-Stars 2014: Cloud 9 for the NA LCS, Fnatic for the EU LCS, OMG from LPL-China, SK T1 K from OGN-South Korea, and Taipei Assassins for GPL. Let’s have a deeper look:

Cloud9 LogoCloud 9 (LCS NA) – North America

Cloud9 PhotoCloud 9 has shown dominance over the region after taking out TSM in the finals of the NA Spring Split Playoffs. Cloud 9's superior pick and ban phase has been evident during their match against TSM. But, will they come off superior against other teams from all over the world? If we take into account their performance during the IEM finals in Katowice, there is not much to make out of Cloud 9. They were simply taken out of contention early on and it goes to show that the NA region is far from making it big in the center stage. But it also does not mean that they are subpar against other teams from other regions. They still have the ability to bring down a few teams but it will be a difficult task for them to do.

Fnatic LogoFnatic (LCS EU) – Europe

LoL All-Stars Team FnaticFnatic is a team that has been around since season 1 in fact, they were the World Champions in Season 1. They have been playing at the stage for a couple of years and have been against some of the toughest teams to beat. During their recent match against KT Rolster Bullets, they have shown some flashes of brilliance but the Korean team is just too much for them. How will they fare against powerhouse and Season 3 World Champions SKT K1? Fnatic will surely have a come from behind strategy that will either propel them to the top or drop at the Group Stage. Fnatic is still struggling from a few mishaps in the past but a weeks off from the stage and sharpening their strategies will help them by the time All-Stars come around.

OMG LogoOMG (LPL) – China

LoL All-Stars Team OMG from ChinaOMG showed greatness during the Season 3 World Championships. They were relentless when it comes to aggression and tower diving. This goes to show that they are out for blood and have great team synergy. In the LPL, they were a force to be reckoned with. They have learned a lot from their experience at the World Championships and have rode the momentum all this time. But, their aggression is still their greatest weakness. If a team is able to match their aggression, they revert to being a passive team and cannot fight back. This will be a problem if other teams can catch up with what they are planning to do in a match. OMG will surely be the team to watch at the big stage.

SK Telecom T1 LogoSK Telecom T1 K (OGN) – South Korea

All-Star Team SK Telecom T1All eyes will be on SKT K1 (playing in OGN)during the All-Stars Invitationals to see if they are still at par with their showing at the Season 3 World Championships. Recently, their co-representative back the World Championships, Samsung Ozone brought them down and even got to a point where SK T1 K did not have any kills against Ozone. SK T1 K is one of the strongest teams all over the world and it will be tough to beat them. The hype surrounding All-Stars have been around SKT and how they will fare against the strongest teams in the region. With their recent showing against Samsung Ozone, teams from other regions will have to watch the replay and see how they were able to beat the strongest team in the world right now. Faker and the crew will have to retread and study their weakness and see how they can prevent it from happening again especially against the best teams all over the world.

TPA LogoTaipei Assassins (GPL) –  Southeast Asia

LoL All-Star Team TPAThe dark horse of the competition. The Season Two World Champions will always be the dark horse of League of Legends. No one thought they would break through the Group Stage during the Season Two World Championship and no one would even have a sliver of consciousness that they would be the Season Two World Champions. After their stint, some of their team members retired or were replaced by other players but their legacy remained, worldwide or at least in the GPL league. They have remained the top team in the Southeast Asian region and have showed dominance over the tournament. Will TPA regain the spotlight away from SK T1 K? Their match against the Korean powerhouse will be a game to watch.


League of Legends All-Star 2014

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