LoL All-Star Semifinals – Preview and Predictions

Day 2 of the All Stars Paris 2014 was brutal. Teams clawed their way to seek a spot at the Semifinals and hopefully land the top prize as the Champion of the All Stars tournament. But for now, only four teams have settled in on the Semifinals round. Cloud 9 will be matched against OMG while SKT T1 K will face off with Fnatic. The Taipei Assassins have finally rested their cowl and went back to the shadows. How will these teams fare against each other after in this best of three series? We'll soon find out. Read our detailed preview and predictions below.

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LoL All-Stars | Day 3 – Semifinals:

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Schedule and Odds – LoL All-Star Day 3*

  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – All-Star Challenge #3 – Pick 10
  • 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM –  Semifinal #1 (best of 3) OMG vs. Cloud 9
  • 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Semifinal #2 (best of 3) SK Telecom T1 K vs. Fnatic

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Betting Tips | Predictions All-Stars Day 3 | Semifinals

Cloud 9 vs OMG (May 10, 2014 05:00 PDT/ 08:00 EDT/ 14:00 CEST)

Cloud9 LogoOMG LogoCloud 9 seemed to be the weaker team coming in to this tournament. Everyone was telling them that there would be no chance that they would come out of the group stage of the tournament. But, here they are waving their glorious flag at the semifinal round. And once again they will face against the Chinese team. This time though they now know how to defeat the indomitable Chinese team. After their last game where they dominated OMG, Cloud 9 would surely want to grab hold of some of their previous champions in order to deal with the hyper aggressive team. Sneaky would surely want that Twitch once again while Meteos have always been good at Elise. Cloud 9 should also try to contain Xiyang just as what SKT did to them during their match.

On the other hand, OMG needs to find a new strategy against Cloud 9 and the best way to do this is to keep it in the laning phase. They need to avoid lane swaps as much as possible. They should either take out Twitch right from the start of the pick and ban phase and target ban Sneaky as well as Link. By targetting their champion pool, they will surely have to adapt in real time in order to get ahead of the lane. OMG needs to excel during the laning phase and be able to commit thoroughly to tower diving and execute them perfectly. If not, Meteos will be able to countergank and destroy the rest of the team. If this does happen, it will be game over for OMG has Cloud 9 will surely end the laning phase once they get ahead. The bottomline is, OMG needs to prolong the laning phase and get some lane advantage. Once they are able to farm up and subdue their lane opponents, they can easily take objectives left and right to win the games.

Prediction: It would be a hard fought battle between the two but OMG will come out strong especially in best of three matches. OMG takes 2 wins and a single loss.
Result: Prediction correct | Winner:OMG

SKT T1 K vs Fnatic (May 10, 2014 08:00 PDT/ 11:00 EDT/ 17:00 CEST)

SK Telecom T1 LogoFnatic LogoAnother hard fought battle for Fnatic but they surely made their way out of the group stage once more. This is the time when Fnatic truly shines as a team. They get down and beaten but at the end of the day, they always find a way to get back in shape just in time to blindside the opposing teams at how well they truly are. This time, it will be another hard fought battle in this best of three series for Fnatic. During their previous match against SKT, they somehow were able to get ahead during the early phase but SKT took control and punished them for their mistakes. If Fnatic wants to win the series, they need to lessen their mistakes. SKT often loves to wait for their enemies to make mistakes and punish them hard for making them. Playing against SKT means playing the matches perfectly but that would be very difficult to do for Fnatic. Their only hope is to counter gank thoroughly well with Soaz and xPeke getting teleport. Korean teams are usually reliant on their top laners using teleport but not with the midlaners so it will be easier for Fnatic to be in sync if Fnatic decides to use a more teleport heavy composition.

SKT has been blowing it out of the park this tournament. Gaining a lead of 4 games against all the other team, they were able to easily sneak through the group stage and into the semifinals. They are the most hyped about team to win this tournament and rightfully so. They have played miraculously well considering how they were kicked out of the OGN Spring split. What SKT needs to do now is to be patient and play what they normally do and save their best for the final round. But, considering they are facing against an older well-experienced team, they should not be laxed. SKT still needs to bring their A game on or else Fnatic will surely snag a win from under their nose and tarnish their record.

Prediction: SKT will run Fnatic to the ground with a 2-0.
Result: Prediction correct | Winner:SKT T1 K

*.) Odds may have changed by now – no guarantee!

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