LoL All-Star Finals – Preview and Predictions

Day Three of the All-Star Paris 2014 went out with a bang. (Read more here about Day 3 here) Cloud 9 faced off with OMG while Fnatic went against SKT T1 K. As valiant of an effort it was for the western teams, both Chinese and Korean teams were victorious without even breaking a sweat. Cloud 9 was immediately eliminated from the round once OMG was able to dominate them in both games. Meanwhile, it was a pure stomp from SKT who faced a severely distraught Fnatic in the second match of the day. Now, the stage is set for the Finals of the All-Star tournament and once more, it will be the Koreans facing the Chinese.

LoL All-Stars | Day 4 – Finals:

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Schedule and Odds – LoL All-Star Day 4*

  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – All-Star Challenge #4 – 1 vs 1
  • 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Finals (best of 5) OMG vs. SK Telecom T1 K

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Betting Tips | Predictions All-Stars Day 4 | Finals

SKT T1 K vs OMG (May 11, 2014 05:00 PDT/ 08:00 EDT/ 14:00 CEST)

SK Telecom T1 LogoOMG LogoLast year in the World Championships, SKT faced off against Royal Club and a lot were dismayed at how Royal Club seemed to simply faced the music against a tougher competition. Most were disappointed by the matches and now, it may seem that is not the case. SKT will be facing one of their toughest competitions in the international scene with OMG. One can argue that Faker can easily carry the team for SKT but with the combined efforts of OMG's Pomelo, San, Xiyang, Allen, and Gogoing they are the dark horse of this tournament. During the first match of the tournament, both SKT and OMG clashed immediately and brought us one of the best matches of the tournament. The game was back and forth for both teams but a mere advantage for SKT was all it takes for the Korean team to win the game.

However, OMG was not disheartened by their first loss. They easily wrecked TPA and Fnatic but lost to Cloud 9. OMG was not yet out of contention but the ground was shaky for them. They instantly got their morales up when OMG was paired against Cloud 9 and got their revenge on the American team with a clean 2-0 sweep in the Semifinals. Now, as they face SKT they will surely need to bring out the big guns as Pomelo has stated during an interview. It will clearly test their mettle. For OMG, their only problematic lane would be the mid lane. Xiyang's international experience as well as his champion pool is still quite limited unlike Faker. His Ziggs during their game against SKT's Orianna was far from superior. Faker was able to dodge almost all of his skillshots left and right. The analyst desk was able to pronounce it as nerves but with a small champion pool Xiyang is very uncomfortable playing without Syndra or Lulu. If they are unable to pick Syndra for at least one match, Pomelo will have to step it up with his ganks at the mid lane. OMG also needs to quickly ban out Twitch and Vayne from Piglet but it also leaves a single ban for Faker which might not be a good thing. OMG needs to have a proper strategy against Piglet's Vayne or Twitch if they want to survive the late game.

SKT has had no problem this entire tournament. They haven't even dropped a single match but that would not be too farfetched knowing that OMG has what it takes to defeat the Korean powerhouse. Most of their games have been back and forth which goes to show that OMG can have a lead on SKT but they just do not know how to build from it. With that in mind, SKT's plan would be fairly simple. Take an advantage and ride it until the end. That is what it will take for SKT to win this entire tournament.

Prediction: OMG makes a good effort but overall, SKT is the better team. I expect a 3-1 series with SKT taking the trophy.

*.) Odds may have changed by now – no guarantee!

Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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