LoL All-Star Day 1 – Preview and Predictions

The All-Star Invitationals is just around the corner and the best teams from all over the world will set the stage on fire. Fnatic from the EU region, Cloud 9 from the NA region, OMG from China, SKT T1 K from Korea, and TPA from the Southeast Asian region will battle it out for four days in the All-Stars Invitationals 2014. For your overview: the All-Stars group stage will be a round robin best of one matches and the top four teams will proceed to the playoffs. Semifinals are best of three while the Finals are best of five. Right before the Invitational starts the All-Star Challenge takes place. You can find the complete schedule, as well as team info, livestream and more on our all-stars tournament overview page.

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LoL All-Stars Overview Day 1:

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Schedule and Odds – LoL All-Stars Day 1*

  • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM – All-Star Challenge #1 – U.R.F.
  • aprox. 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM –  Fnatic vs OMG
  • aprox. 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM –  SK Telecom T1 K vs Taipei Assassins
  • aprox. 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Fnatic vs Cloud 9
  • aprox. 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Taipei Assassins vs OMG
  • aprox. 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Cloud 9 vs SK Telecom T1 K

-> times shown in local tournament time zone: CEST

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Betting Tips | Predictions All-Stars Day 1

OMG vs. Fnatic  (07:00PST / 16:00 CEST)

OMG LogoFnatic LogoOMG has recently seen a resurgence in power in the LPL and considering they have been at the top of their game all split long it won't be a problem for the Chinese team to face their rivals. Fnatic is desperate in getting their wins and had a up and down spring split in the LCS EU. Fnatic have not faced OMG before although both teams played the LoL World Championship 2013 but they were in differnt groups. OMG loves to play aggressively while Fnatic likes to do a lot of counter ganks which can leave OMG a bit of a disadvantage. But, if they can time their ganks right and take objectives away from Cyanide then they won't have any problems later on in the game.

Prediction: OMG will take the game away from the tired and weary Fnatic.
Result: Prediction correct | Winner: OMG

TOP Game of All-Stars Day 1

TPA vs SKT T1 K (08:00PST / 17:00 CEST)

TPA LogoSK Telecom T1 LogoPeople are clamoring for the Season 2 World Champions to play a match against the Season 3 World Champions and they will surely get one in the first day of the All-Stars Tournament. But, will TPA beat SKT T1 K? TPA has had roster changes after their win in the Season 2 World Championships with Toyz leaving and other members transferring to their sister team. But, it does not mean that TPA is a subpar team that cannot bring something to the table especially when dealing with a hyper team like SKT. TPA seems to be in a very good spot at getting back to Worlds now that they have found their footing in the Garena Premier League. Will this match be a signal of their impending comeback to the Worlds Stage?

Meanwhile, SKT T1 K recently had a slump in the OGN. They have lost their chances at winning the Spring Split in the OGN after getting dumped by Samsung Ozone in the Playoffs. This goes to show that the team might not be invulnerable as people thought of them to be. This can really hurt them if TPA is able to do their homework. Nonetheless, SKT is still a top notch team with top notch talents and TPA will surely have rough time with them. Overall, it would still be a tossup between both teams as to who will win this match which makes this matchup all the more exciting. Here's to hoping both TPA and SKT would pick the same composition they had when they won their titles as World Champions along with their new skins.

Prediction: Toss up between the two.
Result: Wildcard | Winner: SKT T1 K

Fnatic vs C9 (09:00PST / 18:00 CEST)

Fnatic LogoCloud9 LogoFnatic has had a long running rivalry with two of the top teams in the NA region – TSM and Cloud 9. But when TSM failed to deliver during the finals at the Spring Split, Cloud 9 became the representative for the region. Cloud 9 has a limited experience playing international tournaments and this will come back to bite them. Their limited experience will surely be evident knowing that they have no other sources of information other than replays. Adding more insult to injury, their Midlaner Hai won't be able to play for the team as he had suffered a collapsed lung and is in need of surgery.(Source) Now, Link has offered his services for the team during the All-Stars tournament, but it will tough to play for Cloud9 against the battle hardened team of Fnatic with next to nothing experience playing international tournaments and a only a week time to practices with the new Midlaner.

Prediction: Fnatic wins this match.
Result: Prediction failed | Winner: Cloud 9

OMG vs TPA (10:00PST / 19:00 CEST)

OMG LogoTPA LogoOMG and TPA both hail from a Chinese speaking country and both will have a certain degree of similarity when it comes to playing the game. It will be a match to see who has the better pick and ban phase. Going through the team's history, TPA has a better understanding of the game knowing that they have been in the competitive scene for years. TPA has a good grasp of what works against certain compositions and certain lane strategies which is what OMG is also good at.

Prediction: TPA will take a game away from OMG.
Result: Prediction failed | Winner: OMG

C9 vs SKT T1 K (11:00PST / 20:00 CEST)

Cloud9 LogoSK Telecom T1 LogoIt would be very unfortunate for Cloud 9 to be faced with such a difficult team to beat in SKT T1 K. Expect a good pick and ban phase but it will be a very rough match for Cloud 9 as SKT will dominate the entire game. It seems that Cloud 9 will receive the raw end of the deal in this tournament but most likely they will learn a lot from this experience. Will Day 2 be a good day for them? Only time will tell.

Prediction: Edge SKT T1 K
Result: Prediction correct | Winner: SK Telecom T1 K

Total results: 50% (2 correct, 2 failed, 1 Wildcard)

*.) Odds may have changed by now – no guarantee!

Written by: Farley “fawli86” Ong

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