League of Legends World Championship 2014 – Recap

Lights, camera and Summoner’s Rift! The 2014 League of Legend championships have been a giant success. Hosted in South Korea, the games were a dosage of thrill, suspense, excitement and non-stop packed action. Going over a month, the LoL World Championship attracted worldwide attention and a sold out house for its semi’s and finals. Live streams on Twitch, Azubu and other streaming sites covered the games while people all around the globe cheered their favorite teams on to success. Who won? The Koreans of course! (Samsung White to be specific)…

Starting from the group stages, (A, B, C and D), there were 16 teams in total out of which 8 progressed into the knock-out stages. The games were frantic, with lots of upsets and surprising results and revealed that the teams from small regions could also come up to the standards of the more popular regions and test them to the core. Here is the group breakdown:

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Group A:

GROUP A [completed]
1. Samsung White - OGN Team Logo Samsung Galaxy White 6
2. EDward Gaming - LPL Team Logo Edward Gaming 3
3. Ahq e-Sports Club - OGN Team Logo Ahq e-Sports Club 3
4. Dark Passage - Russian Team Dark Passage 0
GROUP A: Team Info | Roster | Matches | Results

Consisting of Edward Gaming, Samsung White, AHQ E-sports and Dark Passage; this group was considered a fairly easy reckoning for Samsung White, with Edward Gaming being favorites to take the next seed into the knock-outs. A tie-breaker was played to decide who gets the second seed into the knockout stages between AHQ and Edward gaming, with Edward gaming managing to squeeze a win through.

Samsung White finished 1st in the group, followed by Edward gaming, AHQ and by Dark Passage who lost all 6 of their games.

Group B:

GROUP B [completed]
1. Royal Club - LPL Team Logo Star Horn Royal Club 5
2. Logo of LCS NA Team TSM Team SoloMid 4
3. Logo of LCS EU SK Gaming SK Gaming 2
4. Taipei Assassins - GPL Team Logo Taipei Assassins 1
GROUP B: Team Info | Roster | Matches | Results

TSM, Starhorn Royal Club, TPA and SK gaming were the group participants. This was a fierce group, consisting of popular teams such as TSM (NA favorites), SHC (Last year world cup finalists) and TPA (Season 2 World champions). Even SK gaming was considered a worthy opponent by all 3 of these teams, who took the 3rd Seed from Euw. SHC took the first seed to the knockout stages from this group, accompanied by TSM while SK came 3rd and TPA 4th. The games were fairly evenly matched, and the group matches were interesting to watch.

SHC went 5 – 1 in this group while TSM was 4 – 2.

Group C:

GROUP C [completed]
1. Samsung Blue - OGN Team Samsung Galaxy Blue 5
2. OMG LPL Team Logo OMG 3
3. Logo of LCS NA Team LMQ LMQ 2
4. Logo of LCS EU Team Fnatic-32 Fnatic 2
GROUP C: Team Info | Roster | Matches | Results

The Death Group. Samsung Blue, OMG, Fnatic and LMQ; all fighting for a position in worlds, were the reason for the crowd’s merriment. Representing the 4 greatest regions in the world (NA, EU, Korea and China), the teams were the best of the best in their specific regions and were all set to give a deadly competition to anyone who dared to threaten their spot in the worlds. Alas, the fate was not with Fnatic or LMQ, who succumbed to the skills of Koreans and Chinese. The matches were enthralling, manipulating the emotions of the crowd as they progressed and the results stupefying,

Samsung Blue finished 5 – 1 in the group with OMG following at 3 – 3 and both Fnatic and LMQ tied at 3rd position.

Group D:

GROUP D [completed]
1. Najin White Shield - OGN Team Logo NaJin White Shield 4
2. Logo of LCS NA Team Cloud9 Cloud9 4
3. Logo of LCS EU Team Alliance Alliance 3
4. Kabum eSports - Brazilian Team KaBuM e-Sports 1
GROUP D: Team Info | Roster | Matches | Results

NaJin White Shield, Cloud 9, Alliance and Kabum were the group participants. While Alliance, cloud 9 and NaJin White Shield fought tooth and nails for their place in the knock outs, Kabum did manage to cause an upset for Alliance, by securing a victory against them and shattering their hopes of going into the quarter finals. Once again the Koreans proved dominant, as NaJin white shield secured the first seed into quarters while c9 followed close behind. The focal point of the group were the c9 – Alliance matches, since the rivalry between NA and EU has deep origins and both teams fought to preserve their region rights.

NaJin White shield progressed into the quarters with a 5 – 2 score, a tie breaker determining who gets the first seed. Cloud 9 followed them, with a 4 -3 score. Alliance came third at 3 – 3 and Kabum finished 1 – 5.

A summary of group stages:

The group stages are the point where everything is decided. Teams get to know which seed they need to aim for to avoid unpleasant opponents in the knockouts and as such, deliver their best to each and every match. We witnessed this in all groups, as teams scrambled for the number 1 seed in order to get matched with the number 2 of the opposing group.

The eight teams to make it into the knock outs were Samsung White who were matched against TSM, Samsung Blue who were going to face Cloud 9, Star Horn Royal club who were facing Edward Gaming and NaJin White Shield who awaited OMG.

The atmosphere was tense, the teams ready, the fans wild and the emotions fluttering. All that remained to be seen were the quarter-finals…

The Quarter Finals:

LoL World Championship Quarter Final 2: Samsung Blue vs. Cloud9 - Match Teaser LoL World Championship Quarter Final 4: OMG vs Najin White Shild - Match Teaser LoL World Championship Quarter Final 3: Star Horn Royal Club vs Edward Gaming - Match Teaser LoL World Championship 2014 Quarter-Final 1: Samsung White vs TSM - Match Teaser

Welcome to the best of 5s. The quarter finals were the turning point of the Championship, from here you either went to semi’s which was good enough for many of the teams or you went home, which meant giving up your dreams and the hard work of a year.

Unlike the group stages, the quarters required the teams to prepare a long term strategy since the win was based over 5 separate games and as such, the true merit of all participants was tested. Spawning over 4 days of pure joy, each match was covered over a single day, giving enough time to prepare the teams for each match.

The first quarter finals match was between Samsung White and TSM, with TSM managing to drag on the best of 5 series to the 4th game. Overall, Samsung White managed quite a convincing win, however, they did drop their 3rd game to TSM. The 4th game was hard carried by the White’s Mid laner, Pawn, who crushed TSM with his Yasuo pick.

The second match, between Samsung Blue and C9, also consisted of 4 matches. Cloud 9, starting the day with a win against Samsung Blue, slackened in their following matches which gave Samsung Blue an opportunity to strike back in the game. They went on to win consecutive 3 matches and ended the series with a 3 – 1 in their favor. Dade and Deft being a major factor in this win.

The third match was between Star Horn Royal Club and Edward gaming. This was the first game in the quarters to spark interest from the crowd, since it took all 5 games to decide the winner. Not only were the games evenly matched and drawn out, but the comeback of Edward Gaming from being 2 – 0 down to drawn at 2 – 2 also coyed with the crowd. In the last match, SHC managed to squeeze through a win after a tough match and secured their spot in the semi-finals.

The 4th match was between NaJin White Shield and OMG. OMG dominated NaJin, with a 3 – 0 victory. The games were drawn out, but OMG played decisively and with patience, managing to win each of their games to secure a spot in the semi – finals. OMG’s top laner, GoGoing, was the main factor behind the team’s success.

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The Semi – Finals:

LoL World Championship Semi-Final 2 Star Horn Royal Club vs OMG LoL World Championship Semi-Final 1 Samsung Blue vs Samsung White

Things got real quite fast for the 4 teams who progressed into the semis. Success was an inch away from them, yet they knew they may never taste it. The semis were a source of heated discussion, as fans all around the world argued over who will win and placed their bets on their favorite team. The sister teams, Samsung Blue and Samsung White were going to face each other, and both the team members knew that only one of them was going to progress forward. On the other hand, SHC had managed to secure a spot in semifinals once again, and having tasted being second last season they were determined to take the trophy home. As for OMG, they had every plan of getting into the finals to take some acclaim for themselves and their region.

The first semifinal was between Samsung Blue and Samsung White, and ended in a shocking result. Samsung White decimated Blue, going 3 – 0 and managing to do this in record time. They beat their own average game time record as well! Pawn on Jayce, Mata on Jannah and Looper on his Akali showed fabulous performances, which lead to White’s annihilation of Blue.

The second semifinal, between Star Horn Royal club and OMG, was much more intense and action packed. This match carried on to its full extent, and it took Royal Club full 5 games to prove their superiority over OMG. The first game was won by OMG, the following 2 by royal club, the 4th by OMG again and the final was finally won by Royal Club. In the final match, Royal Club’s bot lane really put their foot in, as Uzi went 11/1 on Lucian and Zero 0/3/23 as support Thresh. Insec also shined on Pantheon, going 10/3/10. Even Corn and Cola were not far behind them in KDA.

All in all, the semifinals delivered their side of action as promised. They left some fans despaired, while some jubilant. What matters most is that they paved the way to the finals – The Grand Stage. The moment was here…

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The Finals:

LoL World Championship Finals: Samsung White vs Star Horn Royal Club - Teaser Image

Seoul’s World Cup stadium; full of life with more than 40000 people, Imagine Dragons performing live, fan arts on display, $1 million on the line and 2 teams ready to decide their fate.

Riot really outdid themselves on the preparation for season 4 finals. From the performance of Imagine dragons, to the performance of players, everything was done brilliantly. The crowd, the plays, the games – all enthralling and breathtaking. It was Samsung White vs Star Horn Royal Club, both world class teams, consisting of top notch players and managers but one was going to lose…..

Samsung White started with winning the first 2 games, Pawn’s Jayce and Imp’s Twitch being the contributing factors in the first 2 games. SHC fired back with a win, a must needed one to stay in the game. The 3rd match was a drawn out game, however SHC managed to close it out due to Cola’s performance on Maokai and Uzi’s on Tristana. The 4th match ended with White being proclaimed the World Champions, Mata showing once again why Janna is banned against him and Pawn shining on Orianna as well.

The finals were packed with action, the eyes of more than 40000 live people on it. They did not disappoint, the players showed brilliance and gave a reason for why they are called Pro’s.

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A summary of the League of Legends World Championship 2014:

All in all, League of Legends 2014 World Championship was amazingly organized, going through without any flaws or hitches. The games were packed with action – as they were exciting to watch and ponder over. The plays made by the players were breathtaking and exhilarating while the performance of Imagine dragons polished the finals with a gold coating, leaving no space for anything else to be added on.

Well done, Riot!

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